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This Thread will post the Available Rookies & Cuts for the 2001 Draft.

Rules for determining draft order:

The draft order is determined by first generating the order for the first round. That order is based generally on each team's regular season record, with the exception of the two Super Bowl contestants, who are placed at the end of the draft order. Tiebreakers and specifics are as follows:

1. The winners of theSuper Bowl are given the last selection, and the losers the second to last selection.

2. Teams that made the playoffs are then ordered by how they performed in the playoffs. The conference championship losers receive the third and fourth to last selections. Next are the four teams who lost in the divisional round, followed by the four teams who lost in the wild card round. Each team is ordered within this primary order by their regular-season record.

3. Teams that did not make the playoffs are ordered by their regular-season record.

4. Remaining ties are broken by strength of schedule. For draft order, a lower strength of schedule results in an earlier pick. If strength of schedule does not resolve a tie, division and/or conference tiebreakers may be used. If the tie still cannot be broken, a coin toss is used to determine draft order. (Note: Strength of schedule is the combined records of a team's 16 opponents, including games played against the team in question, and counting divisional opponents twice. Because of this, each team's opponents' combined wins and losses—counting a tie as a half-win, half-loss—will add up to 256, so a team whose opponents had more combined wins has a better strength of schedule.)
8/18/2012 4:35 PM

Defenses (10):

D Arizona Cardinals NFL Cut $20,456,000
D Atlanta Falcons NFL Cut $15,539,000
D Carolina Panthers NFL Cut $17,771,000
D Cincinnati Bengals NFL Cut $24,670,000
D Cleveland Browns Rookie $25,550,000
D Detroit Lions NFL Cut $17,775,000
D Indianapolis Colts NFL Cut $14,407,000
D New Orleans Saints NFL Cut $18,790,000
D Oakland Raiders NFL Cut $23,507,000
D Seattle Seahawks NFL Cut $22,854,000
10/11/2012 11:19 AM (edited)

Offensive Lines (7):

OL Arizona Cardinals NFL Cut $3,805,250
OL Atlanta Falcons NFL Cut $2,358,000
OL Baltimore Ravens NFL Cut $3,177,000
OL Carolina Panthers Rookie $3,543,000
OL Cleveland Browns Rookie $2,170,000
OL Detroit Lions NFL Cut $2,106,500
OL Seattle Seahawks NFL Cut $3,137,500
8/18/2012 5:01 PM (edited)

Special Teams (11):

ST Cincinnati Bengals NFL Cut $2,743,000
ST Cleveland Browns Rookie $2,707,000
ST Denver Broncos NFL Cut $3,949,000
ST Green Bay Packers NFL Cut $1,600,000
ST Indianapolis Colts NFL Cut $2,686,000
ST Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Cut $3,166,000
ST Kansas City Chiefs NFL Cut $2,800,000
ST Minnesota Vikings NFL Cut $2,560,000
ST New Orleans Saints NFL Cut $3,433,000
ST New York Giants NFL Cut $1,600,000
ST San Diego Chargers NFL Cut $3,748,000
10/8/2012 3:50 PM (edited)
Franchises (7):

F Atlanta Falcons
F Carolina Panthers
F Cleveland Browns
F Denver Broncos
F Jacksonville Jaguars
F New Orleans Saints
F Seattle Seahawks
8/18/2012 5:02 PM (edited)

Rookies (13):

QB Bouman, Todd  St. Cloud State $485,511
QB Brady, Tom  Michigan $4,363,563
QB Brown, Travis  Northern Arizona  $325,000
QB Carter, Quincy  Georgia $690,021
QB Craig, Dameyune  Auburn $325,000
QB Feeley, A.J.  Oregon $325,000
QB Jackson, Jarious  Notre Dame $325,000
QB Lytle, Matt  Pittsburgh  $325,000
QB McMahon, Mike  Rutgers $538,902
QB Pennington, Chad  Marshall $325,000
QB Stoerner, Clint  Arkansas  $325,000
QB Vick, Michael  Virginia Tech $325,000
QB Weinke, Chris  Florida State $3,973,891
10/13/2012 9:25 AM (edited)

Cuts (6):

QB Detmer, Koy  NFL Cut $325,000
QB Detmer, Ty  NFL Cut $661,707
QB King, Shaun  NFL Cut $325,000
QB Mitchell, Scott  NFL Cut $325,000
QB O'Donnell, Neil  NFL Cut $325,000
QB Rypien, Mark  NFL Cut $325,000
10/12/2012 7:54 PM (edited)
Running Backs:

Rookies (31):

RB Barlow, Kevan  Pittsburgh  $3,002,565
RB Bennett, Michael  Wisconsin $3,694,343
RB Brookins, Jason  Lane  $2,500,903
RB Buckhalter, Correll  Nebraska $2,935,759
RB Canidate, Trung  Arizona $2,603,990
RB Cason, Aveion  Illinois State $509,627
RB Chapman, Doug  Marshall $1,458,586
RB Cook, Jameel  Illinois  $738,384
RB Droughns, Reuben  Oregon $614,411
RB Gay, Benjamin  Baylor $1,027,922
RB Goings, Nick  Pittsburgh  $1,215,065
RB Green, Mike  Houston $880,518
RB Hambrick, Troy  Savannah State $2,777,825
RB Henry, Travis  Tennessee  $3,519,266
RB Jackson, James  Miami (FL) $2,356,795
RB Jackson, Terry  Florida $1,204,372
RB Johnson, Bryan  Boise State $594,093
RB Jordan, LaMont  Maryland $1,709,663
RB Joseph, Elvis  Southern $1,998,308
RB McAllister, Deuce  Mississippi $1,143,339
RB Minor, Travis  Florida State $2,291,777
RB Morrow, Harold  Auburn $948,238
RB Murphy, Frank  Kansas State $530,114
RB Rhodes, Dominic  Midwestern State $5,469,824
RB Smith, Maurice  North Carolina A&T  $3,638,557
RB Stecker, Aaron  Western Illinois  $862,453
RB Thomas, Anthony  Michigan $5,184,832
RB Tomlinson, LaDainian  TCU $5,952,892
RB Washington, Damon  Colorado State $694,416
RB Williams, Moe  Kentucky $2,163,436
RB Zereoue, Amos  West Virginia $2,487,839
10/11/2012 11:20 AM (edited)
Running Backs:

Cuts (8):

RB Bennett, Donnell  NFL Cut $891,761
RB Coleman, Karon  NFL Cut $511,277
RB Gash, Sam  NFL Cut $563,949
RB Hetherington, Chris  NFL Cut $932,346
RB Kirby, Terry  NFL Cut $728,969
RB Shelton, Daimon  NFL Cut $615,565
RB Thomas, Robert  NFL Cut $563,283
RB Warren, Lamont  NFL Cut $2,162,391
10/11/2012 7:56 AM (edited)
Wide Recievers:

Rookies (39):

WR Anderson, Scotty  Grambling State $486,033
WR Bannister, Alex  Eastern Kentucky $325,000
WR Batteaux, Patrick  TCU $325,000
WR Bennett, Drew  UCLA $856,430
WR Berlin, Eddie  Northern Iowa $325,000
WR Black, Avion  Tennessee State $325,000
WR Chambers, Chris  Wisconsin $1,813,307
WR Cole, Chris  Texas A&M $337,002
WR Coleman, Chris  North Carolina State $325,000
WR Coleman, Fred  Washington $325,000
WR Davis, Thabiti  Wake Forest $325,000
WR Dawson, JaJuan  Tulane $776,934
WR Gardner, Rod  Clemson $1,686,097
WR Germany, Reggie  Ohio State $465,986
WR Hall, Dante  Texas A&M $325,000
WR Houshmandzadeh, T.J.  Oregon State $688,785
WR Insley, Trevor  Nevada-Reno  $472,305
WR Jackson, Arnold  Louisville $325,000
WR Johnson, Chad  Oregon State $944,611
WR Kasper, Kevin  Iowa $325,000
WR King, Andre  Miami (FL) $384,915
WR McCareins, Justin  Northern Illinois $325,000
WR McCord, Quentin  Kentucky $325,000
WR Minnis, Marvin  Florida State $1,257,470
WR Mitchell, Freddie  UCLA $754,736
WR Morgan, Quincy  Kansas State $1,080,103
WR Moss, Santana  Miami (FL) $325,000
WR Rambo, Ken-Yon  Ohio State $325,000
WR Robinson, Koren  North Carolina State $1,398,998
WR Scott, Gari  Michigan State $325,000
WR Smith, Steve  Utah $388,037
WR Sutherland, Vinny  Purdue $325,000
WR Swayne, Kevin  Wayne State (NE)  $480,946
WR Swinton, Reggie  Murray State $325,000
WR Terrell, David  Michigan  $1,162,868
WR Thompson, Derrius  Baylor $325,000
WR Wayne, Reggie  Miami (FL) $932,498
WR Williams, James  Marshall $469,597
WR Wynn, Milton  Washington State $325,000

10/14/2012 10:19 AM (edited)
Wide Recievers:

Cuts (21):

WR Anthony, Reidel  NFL Cut $450,853
WR Chiaverini, Darrin  NFL Cut $332,764
WR Douglas, Dameane  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Dunn, David  NFL Cut $325,000
WR German, Jammi  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Gibson, Damon  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Hatchette, Matthew  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Jeffers, Patrick  NFL Cut $432,253
WR Jett, James  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Johnson, Charles  NFL Cut $426,274
WR Johnson, Patrick  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Jones, Reggie  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Lewis, Jermaine  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Mcgarity, Wane  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Metcalf, Eric  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Moore, Herman  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Poole, Keith  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Sanders, Chris  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Simmons, Tony  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Thomas, Chris  NFL Cut $674,556
WR Wilson, Robert  NFL Cut $749,147
10/13/2012 9:26 AM (edited)
Tight Ends:

Rookies (21):

TE Crumpler, Alge  North Carolina $898,977
TE Cushing, Matt  Illinois $325,000
TE Dearth, James  Tarleton State $325,000
TE Dominguez, Matt  Sam Houston State $325,000
TE Heap, Todd  Arizona State $570,303
TE Huggins, Johnny  Alabama State $325,000
TE Johnson, Eric  Yale  $1,240,287
TE Jones, John  Indiana (PA)  $325,000
TE Lucky, Mike  Arizona  $375,717
TE Manumaleuna, Brandon  Arizona $325,000
TE Martin, David  Tennessee  $446,331
TE McMullen, Kirk  Pittsburgh $325,000
TE Meier, Shad  Kansas State $325,000
TE Mitchell, Tywan  Mankato State $758,140
TE Moreland, Jake  Western Michigan $325,000
TE Rackley, Derek  Minnesota  $325,000
TE Rivers, Marcellus  Oklahoma State $325,000
TE Stachelski, Dave  Boise State $325,000
TE Stewart, Tony  Penn State $325,000
TE Tuman, Jerame  Michigan  $325,000
TE Williams, Boo  Arkansas $640,066

10/13/2012 9:26 AM (edited)
Tight Ends:

Cuts (8):

TE Broughton, Luther  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Crawford, Casey  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Davis, Tyrone  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Jackson, Sheldon  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Jones, Damon  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Jordan, Andrew  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Rutledge, Rod  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Swift, Justin  NFL Cut $325,000
10/13/2012 9:27 AM (edited)

Rookies (8):

K Arians, Jake  Alabama-Birmingham $2,069,142
K Conway, Brett  Penn State $3,174,540
K Cortez, Jose  Oregon State $2,407,290
K Feely, Jay  Michigan $3,104,790
K Graham, Shayne Virginia Tech $1,430,790
K Gramatica, Bill  Florida State $3,104,790
K Hall, John  Wisconsin $3,104,790
K Seder, Tim  Ashland $2,477,040
10/14/2012 10:10 AM (edited)

Cuts (4):

K Christie, Steve  NFL Cut $2,965,290
K Edinger, Paul  NFL Cut $2,686,290
K Hollis, Mike  NFL Cut $1,859,892
K Richey, Wade  NFL Cut $1,919,040
10/8/2012 12:22 PM (edited)
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