believeit  Nomar Garciaparra, Ivan Rodriguez, Willie Wilson, Dennis Eckersley, Randy Jones, Ron Guidry
bheid408   Fred Lynn, Eric Davis, Ted Simmons, Bob Knepper, Bob Ojeda, Bert Blyleven 
bigkochman   Kenny Lofton, John Tudor, Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux, Kevin Brown, Brett Saberhagen 
csrb1980  Ted Simmons, Robin Yount, Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Roger Clemens, Ron Guidry 
deer454  Greg Maddux, Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, Kevin Appier, Roger Clemens
dlchow Jason Giambi, Kevin Brown, Hideo Nomo, Keith Foulke, Tom Niedenfuer, Brett Saberhagen 
Randy Johnson, Ron Guidry, George Brett, Rod Carew, Rickey Henderson, Kirby Puckett
Ted Simmons, Willie Wilson, Dave Parker, Frank Thomas, Randy Jones, Brett Saberhagen
Rod Carew, Jeff Kent, Mike Piazza, Randy Jones, John Denny, Mark Fidrych
Ivan Rodriguez, Cal Ripken, Andruw Jones, Pedro Martinez, Kevin Millwood, Fernando Valenzuela
Barry Larkin, Tony Gwynn, Kevin Brown, Kevin Appier, Kevin Millwood, David Cone
Mickey Tettleton, Jay Bell, Hideo Nomo, Larry Gura, Bob Tewksbury, Darryl Kile
Joe Morgan, Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, Tim Raines, Barry Bonds, Dennis Eckersley
Bernie Williams, John Olerud, Mike Piazza, Dwight Gooden, John Tudor, Ron Guidry
Will Clark, Howard Johnson, Kevin Mitchell, Lonnie Smith, Bret Saberhagen, Mark Davis (P)
Jason Giambi, Paul O'Neill, Kevin Brown, David Cone, Doug Drabek, Steve McCatty
George Brett, Tony Gwynn, Jimmy Key, Kevin Appier, Tim Burke, Todd Frowirth
Mark McGwire, Manny Ramirez, Mike Schmidt, Mark Eichhorn, Mariano Rivera, Mike Scott
Larry Walker, Tony Gwynn, Ken Caminiti, Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Ron Guidry
Rick Wilkins, Alan Trammell, Danny Jackson, Bryan Harvey, Mark Fidrych, John Montefusco
Frank Thomas, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux, Ron Guidry
George Brett, Joe Morgan, Larry Walker, Chris Hoiles, Nolan Ryan, Dave Righetti
Larry  Walker, Todd Helton, Mike Piazza, Kevin Millwood, Orel Hershiser, Jose Deleon
Rafael Palmeiro, Vinny Castilla, Alan Trammell, George Foster, Richard Hidalgo, Brady Anderson
8/27/2012 3:56 PM (edited)
Anderson, Brady Appier, Kevin
Bell, Jay Blyleven, Bert
Bonds, Barry Brown, Kevin
Brett, George Burke, Tim
Caminiti, Ken Carlton, Steve
Carew, Rod Clemens, Roger
Castilla, Vinny Cone, David
Clark, Will Davis, Mark
Davis, Eric Deleon, Jose
Foster, George Denny, John
Garciaparra, Nomar Drabek, Doug
Giambi, Jason Eckersley, Dennis
Gwynn, Tony Eichhorn, Mark
Helton, Todd
Henderson, Rickey
Fidrych, Mark
Hidalgo, Richard Foulke, Kevin
Hoiles, Chris Frowirth, Todd
Johnson, Howard Gooden, Dwight
Jones, Andruw Guidry, Ron
Kent, Jeff Gura, Larry
Larkin, Barry Harvey, Bryan
Lofton, Kenny Hershiser, Orel
Lynn, Fred Jackson, Danny
McGee, Willie Johnson, Randy
McGwire, Mark Jones, Randy
Mitchell, Kevin Key, Jimmy
Morgan, Joe Kile, Darryl
Olerud, John Knepper, Bob
O'Neill, Paul Maddux, Greg
Palmeiro, Rafael Martinez, Pedro
Parker, Dave McCatty, Steve
Piazza, Mike Millwood, Kevin
Puckett, Kirby Montefusco, John
Raines, Tim Niedenfuer, Tom
Ramirez, Manny Nomo, Hideo
Ripken, Cal Ojeda, Bob
Rodriguez, Ivan Righetti, Dave
Schmidt, Mike Rivera, Mariano
Simmons, Ted Ryan, Nolan
Smith, Lonnie Saberhagen, Brett
Smith, Ozzie Scott, Mike
Tettleton, Mickey Tewksbury, Bob
Thomas, Frank Tudor, John
Trammell, Alan Valenzuela, Fernando
Walker, Larry  
Wilkins, Rick  
Williams, Bernie  
Wilson, Willie  
Yount, Robin  
8/26/2012 9:37 PM (edited)
Hideo Nomo should be bolded on dlchow's list.
8/26/2012 2:07 PM
Obviously somebody did NOT get the memo i was taking Barry Bonds in the first round....
8/26/2012 2:49 PM
Rickey Henderson went to georgedeer and isn't on the alpha list.
8/26/2012 4:19 PM
Csrb1980 only has 5 people listed
8/26/2012 6:27 PM
Gotta love steroids:

3391 PAs, .315/.390/.624, 12.4 AB/HR
8/26/2012 7:40 PM (edited)
Alpha list and CSRB1980 updated. 
8/26/2012 9:38 PM
I went back to SpotSell's Pick 6 League 1980-99 draft back in April.  (I'm sure I was not the only one.)  All of my 1st round picks in this draft were 2nd or 3rd round in April's draft except Eckersley, and he was picked by only 1 owner in the 1st round.  Yet, I only got 1 of my 6.  And 4 of my 1st round picks in April's draft who I did not get were rostered in this draft.  Go figure.

8/26/2012 11:04 PM
I know what you mean... When I saw the results I thought I went 5-6 (VERY valid picks that should have flew) instead I went 1-6?  Most of the guys I picked were 2nd or 3rd round picks!  Simmons & Thomas should have been LOCKS to be on my team?  Still there are certain 1st round picks still out there, I hope that they are doubled up in the 2nd round, cuz I avoided them?
8/27/2012 9:30 AM
Waiting on 1 owner.  No one skunked yet.
8/27/2012 1:44 PM
While we're waiting, I want to get your guys's take on a question.  So far, if someone lists a player taken in a previous round, I give them the ability to re-pick.  The alternative is to leave that as a dead pick.  What do you guys think?
8/27/2012 3:04 PM
ability to re-pick since that happened to me last time.
8/27/2012 3:19 PM
Agreed with repicking. Everyone makes mistakes occasionally.

However, if it becomes a recurring issue, I think commissioner discretion comes in.
8/27/2012 3:29 PM
Posted by marlowe on 8/26/2012 6:27:00 PM (view original):
Csrb1980 only has 5 people listed
So does believeit.  Ron Guidry should be listed.

8/27/2012 3:34 PM
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