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Hello All,

It has been some time since I posted anything or even participated in any leagues. I know a lot of you guys and had really had a lot of fun playing in the theme leagues. I am disillusioned though as to why everybody keeps settling for the status quo from WIS on SIM hockey and a dynasty league. At one time this was a great site but I have felt for some time now that Sim Hockey was the bastard stepchild of WIS. I had seen very little improvements in the SIM and with the dropoff in participants it just seemed to get stale to me. I see a lot of the same owners winning the XX # of cups and wonder if it is just a small group of people keeping this thing alive. I would love to know how many different owners still participate in Sim Hockey. I would also like to have an honest update from WIS on where SIm Hockey is going. Is it something that will never be improved on? If that's the case then at least we would know what we have.

I say all of this not to start any arguments or instigate anything. I ask these questions with all due respect for all of you owners who have continued to play hundreds if not thousands of leagues here. What do you guys see for the future? Why do you continue to support this if it's not getting any better or fresher?

If I thought WIS was really doing something new with Sim Hockey I would come back in a nanosecond, but before I start commiting money again I want to hear from WIS and a few of you HOF owners. Like I said I really enjoyed playing and the comraderie with you all, and I did win 1 cup but have not seen the entertainment value in some time.

My best to you all. I hope this post finds you in good health and good fortune.

8/28/2012 2:01 PM
Hi nowales, I can say that actual SLH play is one of the least things I'm concerned with here now.  Frankly it's kind of a habit, and I've won enough Cups now that every now and then I get a little bonus bump and the monetary cost isn't preemptive to keep it up.

I'm in several leagues which are ongoing progressive/regressives, so I have teams which I've invested some planning into and wish to see them continue.  Moreover, I continue to support the commissioners and other owners in those leagues by maintaining my commitment.

I have found this to be a decent online community to be a part of.  Owners treat each other with respect for the most part.  Yes, I even feel like I have made some friends who I've never met.

But you are correct in that the actual gameplay is stale.  Around the last time they updated the game and the database, they kind of got it right and more tinkering wouldn't do much; a reboot and rewiring of the system would be the only thing that would really change things up and make owners have to learn the game again.  Which might be the last straw in driving away the oldtimers.  

And yes, the oldtimers, many of my old colleagues are gone or play in only limited fashion now.

And I've finally just gone and developed something with my new love interest, Hardball Dynasty.  

8/28/2012 5:10 PM
Thank you Damag. I appreciate your reply. I am not much into any of the other SIMS on WIS. Hockey is my favorite. I am hopeful for some changes soon so I can jump back in. The progressive leagues are such a committment and I am not quite ready to do that. I would not want to bail on an owner after a couple of seasons if it wasn;t right to me. I never want to put an owner in that position. I did see a couple of theme leagues that were intriguing though.
8/29/2012 12:19 PM
The comments damag made pretty much sums up everything in a nice, neat package nowales. He sums up all of the feelings of the other veteran owners as well. Personally, I have cut my teams that I have running in half or less. I am in some progressive and minor league dynasty leagues, but I have cut my participation in open and theme leagues back. WIS is one of my favorite hobbies, which is why I keep playing. We have all been patiently waiting for a hockey dynasty, which is on the "higher ups" at WIS back burner. I have heard it said that they won't develop a hockey dynasty until more people come back and start playing sim hockey again. I liken that comment to a restaurant owner saying he isn't going to spend money to hire a better cook until more people start eating there again. So where is sim hockey going? Probably the same place it has been for the past few years will be the same place it will be in the next few as well. FOX executives feel that there are other more profitible things to develop and change than a hockey dynasty. Kind of like the way hockey is viewed in the U.S., as a second class sport not worthy of prime time. Do we agree? No. Do we like it? No. Is there anything we can do short of leaving the site? Nothing that I can think of. My personal pet peeve is that admin. will not even be honest with us about the prospects for a future hockey dynasty, despite our repeated efforts calling for some (or any) information pertaining to one. I know for me, I enjoy the comradery and getting to know some of the other owners. I have even met a few outside of this site, and am privileged to call many of the owners in here friends. I have found that hockey fans are the most passionate and fiercely loyal sports fans on the planet, and most are really good people as well. That is why I stick around. And when the day comes (if ever) when there is a hockey dynasty, I know my teams will (at least) double again to where they used to be, and I know several old owners who will jump back in and participate just like the days of sim hockey in its prime.

Hope that sheds a little more light on your questions.
8/30/2012 10:38 AM
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Sorry, but the Edmonton Oilers are still around.  But that's ok, you can just put Atlanta Flames/Atlanta Thrashers in there.
8/30/2012 2:34 PM
Thank you Shobob. I appreciate your comments. and the questions mark was very creative. I might add the Kansas City Scouts, Cleveland Barons, and Colorado Rockies to the list as well.

I am disappointed though but just the same may possibly play a league or 2 to get a fix. I haven't put a team in in at least 2 years and truthfully haven't thought about it since, but it was very fun and t=some of the owners had such funny comments. I really enjoyed it. I also remember when I stared quite a few years back that there were a lot of HOF's that really helped me out by answering my questions, making suggestions, etc... Really good guys.

For the record I have played under Nowales and SS1211 in the past. Hopefully some of you remember me. I made some nice acquiantences here.
8/31/2012 12:39 PM
nowales, & shobob --->>> 4 the record...

Actually - actually - actually, (&, in fact), ---my above-upper comments,
were regarding another (as yet 2 B fulfilled) promise of the immortals
@ WiS, who need 2 take an eternity to deliver new stuff 2 the current
database of skaters...

Yuppp on that Edmonton Oiler thingy, as there were a few teams that
came into the NHL, from the old World Hockey Association, way back
in the 70's... That same team was originally founded as the ALBERTA
Oilers... Their name changed after their inaugural season... Alot of the
great NHL'rs jumped leagues back then, & the NHL did what it had 2,
bringing back their old "marquee" star skaters... They did so by letting
some teams from that league join-up w/ the NHL... What a league !!!

Anyways, all the 'holes' that U see in great careers, -such as GHowe
& his sons, were only created here, when WiS needed the O.K. from
the NHL, ''licensing-wise'', 2 B able 2 use actual NHL names... Like
the great baseball career of Ted Williams, his name doesn't appear
in the database during the seasons where he fought in World War 2,
during the 1940's... Now, such NHL affiliation is no longer exclusive
here, therefore, they R now free 2 explore the use of W.H.A. skaters.
Yeah, they were also promised, just like the 'Dynasty' issues, which
R also located in the "UN-FULFILLED-DEPT." there @ WiS...

Just thought eye'd let ya' BOTH know, ---that those other teams U'd
posted here were NHL teams ONLY... The Winnepeg Jets, also an
original World Hockey Assoc. team, & the Quebec Nordiques came
to the NHL, after the W.H.A. folded, & went defunct...

Small history, eye know... Even the "Baseball Sim" here has access
2 many pitchers & hitters from the old Federal Leagues of the early
1900's... Yawn, yawn, yawn (waiting), tick-tock-tick, W.H.A. skaters ?

8/31/2012 2:29 PM
Thanks for the explanation.  It was informational and educational to be sure.
8/31/2012 2:44 PM
Just another footnote 4 ya'...

The W.H.A.'s New England Whalers also joined the other 3 teams, in
being invited to join the NHL... Obviously, they started in Hartford, CT... 
8/31/2012 4:16 PM
I knew that I was pretty much done with sim hockey when I could no longer take any interest in drafting my players for my progressive leagues. The turnovers were becoming too long and every offseason I would fear that the league would go belly up, as had happened with a few of my progressive and regressive league. I'm a WIS player who enjoys building teams over a long term and watching them become sustainable for long periods of time but its too risky to do with the current state of the hockey sim.

Hence why, like Damag, I switched over to HBD. It is easier to track my players progress and keep track of who I have on my team (Once I forgot to put one of my staple players on my keeper list and I lost him). and I can actually plan for long term without worrying about the league going belly up.

I had considered for about a month or so notifying WIS that this is the prime time to start advertising and upgrading Sim League Hockey as it looks like we are going to be headed for a hockey lockout. If you look at my profile I joined WIS right before the last lockout...... no the two are not a co-incidence. Hockey fans will look for something else to fill their winter to get their hockey fix and, for me, durring the last lockout, Sim Hockey was the perfect substitute.

I know WIS won't take advantage of this gem and this will be a prime oppertunity missed by all for lack of motivation.

Its quite sad really.
9/4/2012 12:53 PM
That's right.  I got into WIS after the last lockout and was surprised to read about the virtual season that was played out... the admin at that time had a TON of activity going on.  I suppose it was really the high water mark for SLH, as all the owners who I looked up to when I was a noob were still here and very active.

I'm not one to dump on corporate ownership... I consider it a necessary evil... despite the fact that I am a victim of corporate restructuring by a soulless monolith bent on reshaping an entire industry in its own vanilla penny-grubbing vision... but really, it's sad to see that all the doomsayers who freaked out when WIS was acquired by Fox Sports have been proven correct for the most part.

9/4/2012 3:59 PM
I'm with you Damag. That was the end of Sim Hockey for sure. Fox Sports doesn't support hockey in real life, why do it here? Also, does Mike Welch even bother with these forums anymore?
9/6/2012 5:22 PM
Quite frankly, I gave up on sim hockey ages ago.  Playing the same game with the same players with the same remaining 20 owners year after year is boring, pure and simple.  But what really galls is the absolute lack of communication from Fox or even the slightest effort to keep the customer interested or satisfied.  It is a bad product, WIS is letting it die on the vine, so screw'em.  Not another dime from me.

Will the last one please turn off the lights so this miserable rip-off can be put to rest.
10/2/2012 7:14 PM
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