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Any smart guys out there that could explain this?
8/28/2012 4:20 PM
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So kind of like how Frankenstein's monster was brought to life?

Doesn't the The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics deny the plausability of this?

Basically order deriving from chaos is very unlikely.

I have heard some argue that since we get energy from the Sun, somehow we are immune to that law.

If that were true, let me ask what was it that used the energy from the sun? It had to be a complex system or else it wouldn't have been able to use that energy. So still at some point you are left with the fact that some intelligence had to go into the design of whatever mechanism you posit came along to utilize the sun's energy.

Either that or we just magically are immune to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

It is virtually a mathematical impossibility in any type in/ type out dynamic that enough compounds got together in the correct order and formed a system with sufficient complexity to harness and convert energy.

Let's say it may be possible for two or three, hell, even four parts of a chain to come together by random chance, but they will fall apart at a greater rate than they would come together. IOW chance can only form low equilibrium complexity which would not be sufficient to convert energy into complexity.

To put this in more simple terms. If you took a box of a 500 piece puzzle and started shaking vigorously. It is VERY unlikely that the puzzle will come together by itself. You might get two correct pieces to join together, maybe even three or four (which is amazing), but as you continue to shake the box these start to fall apart again rather than stay together until all 500 pieces are in the right place.
8/28/2012 8:31 PM (edited)
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This post has a rating of , which is below the default threshold.
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They do not want to have an adult discussion about this topic.

They want the "Conversation to be over" as VP Gore stated about another left wing sacred topic.

10/3/2012 5:46 PM
Abiogenesis? Topic

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