Thanks to all of you that have committed so far...

spread the word
9/4/2012 4:36 PM
Got a league number???
9/4/2012 6:29 PM
Alrighty... Much appreciation sincerely---> Please follow :

The definitive source of reference,-simply-, comes from
w w w . h o c k e y - r e f e r e n c e . c o m  (& make sure
that U type the "dash")...

@ the banner across the top, it'll show "Coaches", & it'll
give U both the entire NHL/WHA "Register of Coaches".

That's decent the new Forwards allowed, ---yet not quite
the (G) AL ROLLINS question?... Sincerely again, -this's
in the interests of helping 2 fill this league w/ those here.

Thanx, richard97...
9/4/2012 8:16 PM
As amended anyone who coached is eligible.

I'll get a league # up tonight once the kiddies go to bed.
9/4/2012 8:24 PM
Like 2 also type this 2 ya'... Kinda' sorta lotsa' ironic,
in a 'sense-of-humor' kind-of way... Consider this ? :

If there's anything that is violating the TRUE spirit of
the wild World-Hockey-Assoc., --- it'd hafta' B that '1'
skater, SO offensively known & awarded, --- will now
show-up in this league (here @ WiS), as possibly 1
of it's BEST defensive forwards... Ewww... A waste...

MarcTARDIF, oh my... If they only knew what he could
do back then, in those arenas... Now, a 90 d-rated 'F'.
9/4/2012 9:29 PM
I had considered a true WHA league with a goon factor but alas there are enough caveats already....
9/4/2012 10:26 PM
League #28579.
9/4/2012 10:38 PM
where is everyone???
9/5/2012 2:41 PM
If this goes, I'll take the Indianapolis Racers
9/5/2012 3:19 PM
Posted by steveajolie on 9/5/2012 2:41:00 PM (view original):
where is everyone???
R U ask'n, ---in general, 2 the public @ large here ???...
Or, ---is it a question that should B re-direct'd 2 Admin.?

The league-founder may hafta' fork-out another $10mil.,
as additional 'salary-cap' incentive 2 gain more signee's.

Hmmm... A "SIM-Lock-Out", complete w/ on-going further
negotiations ???... Wow... Did anyone see THAT coming?
9/5/2012 7:18 PM

I'll take the New England Whalers

9/6/2012 12:04 AM
Winnipeg Jets
9/6/2012 1:19 AM
thanks guys
9/6/2012 7:27 AM
quebec nordiques. 75m cap was good.
9/6/2012 10:38 AM
thanks kite
9/6/2012 5:26 PM
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