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Season 1 - End of Season Recap

Player Development

Of the 25 players that I recruited in this first season, they have posted a total point accumulation of 909 points for an average of 36.36 points of total growth. The 25 upperclassmen (who have lost attribute points up until my take over, presumably due to no training plan set) that I have on the roster who were all SimAC signed players for a human (abandoned) coach also show an average of 36 points growth this season. So it's good to see that upperclassmen are working and recovering what they had lost in previous seasons. That doesn't really help for the Sr.s and Jr.s on the team, but perhaps the So.s can grow in to decent backups by the time they are Sr.'s. who knows.

3 players topped the list with each one of them showing a 54 point gain across attributes.  All 3 of them are DBs, and only one is a starting Frosh with the other 2 being backup So.s.

Least amount of growth: 22 points for a starting Frosh punter. Too be fair, he lost 9 points due to me not training attributes like BLK, TKL, and ELU. The next least growth posted was a tie between a Frosh starting RB and a Junior benched DB showing 25 point growth across all attributes. 

Highest growth (in a trained upon core) attribute: A back up Jr. Kicker with 8 points of growth in GI. Which puts his GI total at 24 and it was 19 when he was signed as a Freshman. So it is nice to see that the upperclassmen are getting back to, if not improving upon, their original core attribute numbers. Granted, they were all SimAC signed recruits, so their cores weren't good at all to begin with, but..... There is never any reason that horrible has to regress any more than it started it. 

Highest Rated (Guess) player: Fr. RB @ 46.33 and started out with a rating of 44.04
Most Improved (Guess) player rating: Fr. DB (CB) Billy Chandler going from 40.77 to 45.41, a gain of 4.64 in his rating for ........ Safety..?! I'm going to have to readjust my roster. 
Least Improved (Guess) player rating: Jr. DB Matthew Tanner gaining only 2 points of total growth in both CB and S position to become 22.47 and 23.25, respectively.

Class Structure:
Fr. - 25
So. - 7
Jr. - 8
Sr. - 10

I had no redshirts this year, so my class size will be pretty much the same next year, except I am going to opt to cut 3 So.'s at the end of this season to make next years class sizes look like this:
Fr. - 13
So. - 25
Jr. - 4
Sr. - 8

I guess I should start laying out a plan of how I am going to work out my class sizes. I saw a posting where some folks advocate 22-3-22-3 as the most effective. I have never tried that, but would be interested to see the results it puts forth, so I may make that my goal. 

Regardless on how I decide to structure the class, in only 2 seasons I will have 38 of my own recruited players on the roster, over 3/4's of the total team. They may not be very good due to my limited vision, and some would say my recruiting ability, but they will beat the heck out of SimAC recruited ones. 

One bright note as the season closed on my 2-11 record, my Freshman QB was voted as conference rookie of the year! There may be hope for him yet...........

9/24/2012 4:12 PM
Final WIS rank for the year: 214

breaking a 2 season consecutive final ranking of 228 (dead last). whohoo......... Abysmal ranking, but progress.

Now to get ready for pi$$ poor vision to recruit the next 13 victims, uh.... superstars to hitch this wagon too.

ohh! I did the calculations and it is going to take me 7 seasons to get the 22-3-22-3 class distribution I want to try. We'll see how that works. 
10/2/2012 5:44 PM
Outstanding read and great work with the team. Good luck with them this next round!     
10/3/2012 2:01 AM
Thanks, sawedoff! Good luck at CG this season too.
10/4/2012 10:07 AM
Thanks. It's just exhibition but that was a solid win against Carthage. Wouldn't have had that when you took over.     

I see we both took Muhlenberg and Pomona-Pitzer for punching bags. 

10/8/2012 1:02 AM (edited)
I didn't look at any ones record, I just grabbed 3 sim teams to get practices in for my players as soon as I could. Don't usually put stock in exhib games, but it has been nice to see some points scored and defense played by my team. Also been trying out some different game plans.
10/8/2012 2:15 PM
kila sounds like you're making some headways, keep it up and you'll get there quicker than you think... GL this season!
10/8/2012 6:47 PM
Yeah, as soon as I said that, I wake up to find I lost to Muhlenberg by 2. I didn't expect to be too competitive though, I started all of my Sophomores to give them some game time. 
10/8/2012 9:32 PM
Posted by rwings1927 on 10/8/2012 6:47:00 PM (view original):
kila sounds like you're making some headways, keep it up and you'll get there quicker than you think... GL this season!
Thanks rwings, it's going to be slow going but chipping away at it. GL to you too!
10/9/2012 8:43 AM
Posted by sawedoff on 10/8/2012 9:32:00 PM (view original):
Yeah, as soon as I said that, I wake up to find I lost to Muhlenberg by 2. I didn't expect to be too competitive though, I started all of my Sophomores to give them some game time. 
Muhlenberg might be the team to beat this season. I lost to them by 6 in the exhib game. oh well.
10/9/2012 8:45 AM
Season 2 - Catholic Rebuild Project - Recruiting and Exhib games.

Recruiting - Not going to talk to much about this because signings haven't happened yet and I found myself in a battle. Which is weird because my vision is worse than $h!t and I'm not sure why anyone would want the guys I have my sights on, let alone come in on them late in the cycle. But, it takes all kinds I guess. The important thing is that I will fill all my schollies (13) and they will be my crappy recruited players and not the SimAC signed recruits that the team was full of. Completing this season will put me at having 38 of my own players in only 2 seasons coaching the team. I'll list my target playing positions and targeted players after I have filled my class.

Exhib Games - I don't really care if my freshmen signees get an exhib game before the season officially starts, so I tend to just schedule 3 Exhib games against the SimAI to work on some game planning and get my upperclassmen some practices to start the seasons growth. In my other teams, I try to schedule one Exhib game against a team that is a Division higher, but didn't see the point in that with this team. yet. The good news is that we generated some offense in all 3 games and I got to play with some game plans to see which fits best with the personnel I have as opposed to recruiting people specifically for the game plan. I just don't have that luxury since I'm confined by keeping in a close distance and [email protected] vision. I also don't put a lot of stock into Exhib games as a season predictor but they do show a little about how your players are developing.

Ex Game 1 - Carthage - Spread: +8.5 - Result: W  27-3 
Not only did we beat the spread, we generated some offense with 338 Passing yards and 57 rushing yards. My QB is developing somewhat and he went 24/39 4TD 0INT.... Yes, 0 INT!!! that is a victory in itself since he tossed 25 picks last season to only 16TDs. We held them to only 3 points and 254 yards total offense with only 97 in the air. Our Defense played decent by getting 2 sacks, forcing 2 fumbles, and making 2 interceptions. Unfortunately, we kept our trend up by allowing them to sack us 4 times and giving up 1 INT (from the punter who came in to relieve the one and only QB on the team). My kicker went 0fer3 on FG and 3/4 on XP, while my punter booted it 7 times for a 45.3yd average.

Ex Game 2 - Pomona-Pitzer - Spread: -18.5 (seriously) - Result: W 30-3
Another good showing of offense and containing defense. Pomona-Pitzer may be the team that takes CUAs place at the bottom of the barrel. Seems that they were abandoned too and have an all SimAC signed players. Sucks for them, good for me. 
Total Offense: 464yds, 187 passing with 1 TD and 277 rushing for 2 TDs. 
Total Offense allowed: 358yds, 261 passing and 97 rushing.
Turnovers: 1 INT, 3 FUM
Takeaways: 1 INT, 3FUM
Sacks: 2 but also had 6 Tackles for losses
Sacks Allowed: 1 and had no tackles for losses.
My Kicking: 3/4 FG and 3/3 XP, while punting 8 times for a 44.3yd average

So we gave up alot of yards but only a Field Goal. The line played a little better and only gave up one sack. But my running game seemed to have found some success. As long as I play abandoned teams, I should be all right this season!

Ex Game 3 - Muhlenberg - Spread: +3.5  Result: L 20-27
A close loss, something iffy with this game plan since I gave up 10 points in both the 2 and 4th quarters and only scored 3 in each of them. 
Total Offense:  291, 221 passing on 2 TDs, 70 rushing with no TD
Total Offense Allowed: 344, 231 passingon 2 TD, 113 rushing with no TD.
Turnovers: 1 INT, 2 FUM
Takeaways: 1 INT
Sacks: 1 wtih 4 tackles for a loss
Sacks allowed: 3 abd 1 tackle for a loss
Kicking: 2/2 FG and 2/2 XP with 8 punts for 43.0yd average

So glaring deficencies is that I need a better team. Baring that, I need my QB to develop and to work on his completion rate. This probably can be attributed to poor O-Line and not very good targets along with the aggressive settings I was playing with in the game plan. My rushing game seems to be on track, but it was against a pi$$-poor opponent, so I can't really judge it accurately. I do know it is going to be another long season but I should show some more improvement in trying to get this train back on track. Next up: player development reports and hopefully soon, the new recruit class.
10/9/2012 9:47 AM
Well, you're doing better than you were. Hey, look on the bright side, you're not the only one that lost to Muhlenberg. They surprised me. 

Good luck this year.      
10/9/2012 11:19 PM
Season 2 - Taking stock of player development after 3 exhib games:

Team average growth: 8 points
Highest gainer: 18 points (So. DB that I recruited)
Lowest gain: 0 (So. DB that I recruited, the same slow developer from last year. I recruited him too)

Players I signed: 25
Total point growth: 219
Average gain: 8.76
My signed Players with double digit gains: 11
Highest gainer: 18 points (So. DB that I recruited)
Lowest gain: 0 (So. DB that I recruited, the same slow developer from last year. I recruited him too)

SimAC signed players: 12
Total point growth: 92
Average gain: 7.67
SimAC signed player with double digit gains: 3
Highest gainer: 12 (Sr. K, benched)
Lowest gain: -1 (Sr. DB)

Total point growth (Team): 311
Average Point growth (Team): 8.40

Highest Rated (Guess) player: Fr. RB @ 46.33 and started out with a rating of 44.04
Most Improved (Guess) player rating: Fr. DB (CB) Billy Chandler going from 40.77 to 45.41, a gain of 4.64 in his rating for ........ Safety..?! I'm going to have to readjust my roster.
Least Improved (Guess) player rating: Jr. DB Matthew Tanner gaining only 2 points of total growth in both CB and S position to become 22.47 and 23.25, respectively.


Highest Rated (Guess) player: So. RB @ 47.57, started at 44.04 and ended the season at 46.33
My Most Improved (Guess) from start of last season: So. DB @ 47.34 started @ 40.77 for 6.57 in rating growth
Overall Most improved (Guess) from start of last season: Sr. K @ 31.15, started at 23.85, for 7.3 in rating growth
My Most Improved (Guess) from the start of last season: So. DB @ 47.34 with 6.57 in rating growth
Overall Most Improved (Guess) over the 3 exhib games: Sr. K @ 31.15 with 2.15 Guess rating growth
My Least Improved (Guess) from start of last season: So. RB @ 47.57 with only 3.53 points in ratings growth
Overall Least Improved (Guess) from start of last season: Sr. DB @ 24.68 with only 3.43 points of rating growth
My Least Improved (Guess) over the 3 exhib games: So. DB @ 41.32 with only 0.75 rating growth
Overall Least Improved (Guess) over the 3 exhib games: Sr. DB @ 24.68 with only 0.89 rating growth.

Team Average rating (Guess) after 3 exhib games this season **not including incoming freshmen**: 40.01
Team Average Rating (Guess) start of last season: 34.38
Team Average Rating (Guess) Difference: 5.63

10/11/2012 12:40 PM
Season 2 - Recruiting round up

Well, I failed to follow my most basic advice that I give noobs asking about recruiting. FILL ALL OF YOUR OWN SCHOLLIES!!!!  

That being said, I engaged in an expensive and protracted recruit battle almost from the start. I don't know if it was hubris or just fun as the reason why I did it, but I miscalculated some recruiting actions and had to fend off a late cycle poach from a different coach than the one I was battling. In the end, I spent a good chunk of $$ and lost the recruit early on the last (or next to last) day. I was able to find a back up who I was able to put an AC Scout and a Scholarship offer on. He never turned green on me and in the end decided to pass up the scholarship. I knew better than to do what I was doing, but......... eh. I'll have to keep my head about me next season so that I can stay on target. Anyway, here is how I ended up for the recruiting:

Of 13 Scholarships available, I filled 12 and took one SimAC signed recruit. blah.
My targets were QB - 3RB - 3WR - TE - OL - DL - LB - 2DB and I missed on the 3rd WR and took a [email protected] extra QB. I did however manage to sneak a 4 Star and two 5 Star recruits into this class.

Guess Class rating: 20 - so I still pulled a top 25 recruit class, guess without 3 full seasons under my belt to establish vision, I get the benefit of the doubt. Last years class rating had me at 47th overall. 
Guess Class Average rating: 39.57 not bad and higher than last years average of 38.37 

Here is the class breakdown:

Name Primary
Rating Secondary
Rating Overall
Class Rank
Class Rank
Frank Andrews RB 43.81 FB 33.65 4662 RB561 103 RB29  
Wayne Jackson WR 43.49     4892 WR712 125 WR32
Richard Ellison OL 42.98     5259 OL863 163 OL13
Danny Campbell DT 42.78 DE 37.84 5389 DT1006 178 DT39  
William James CB 42.35 S 39.81 5655 CB333 236 CB6
Tony Mack WR 41.43     6253 WR896 374 WR81  
John Smith S 41.27 CB 38.16 6374 S530 401 S24  
Corey Wright RB 41.00 FB 31.41 6553 RB704 448 RB80  
Robert Ryan RB 40.44 FB 33.74 6907 RB737 566 RB96  
Troy Scott ILB 40.31 OLB 35.83 6997 ILB626 609 ILB72  
Danny Jones TE 38.89     7945 TE431 1040 TE44  
Martin King QB 34.73     10002 QB529 2303 QB10  
William Maddox QB 20.92     11350 QB846 3033 QB208

So with the exception of 20.whatever SimAC QB, it is a fairly decent class. For me and the Catholic University. 
3 recruits in the top 10 of their position.
8 recruits in the top 50 of their position.

Overall highest rated class came in at 44.48 and a top recruit at 48.48, far higher than my top one at 43.81

The addition of these recruits and the growth of last years players has moved the team up from 226 overall team rating last season (228 the year before that) to 207th. 


Overall Offense : D
Rush Offense : C-
Pass Offense : D

D D N/A D D D-



Overall Defense : C-
Rush Defense : C-
Pass Defense : C-

N/A D- N/A D+ D- D+

The team report card is showing improvement of all F's across the board last year in each position and each offensive/defensive category. So there is improvement there.   

10/16/2012 4:38 PM
Season 2 - Game 1

Wilkes @ Catholic  Spread: Catholic -14.5

Wilkes - 5
Catholic - 30
A season opening win for CUA and a covering of a pretty sizable spread.

Wilkes looks to have been one of "those" schools who went through a few coaches who abandoned them and they have spent the last few seasons under the SimAI Coaching and having a horrible record. I'm glad I scheduled them, getting the season off right with an opening patsy (this time the patsy isn't my team) and building from there.

1st Downs - 23
Yards - 486
Passing - (2QBs combined) 19/33, 295yds, 8.9yd/pass, 3 TD, 1 INT 
Rushing - (7 Runners combined) 41 att for 191yds, 4.7yd/rush, 1 TD, 2 Fum/1 Lost, 2 runs @ 20+ yds 
Kicking - 1/1 FG, 3/4 XP, 5 punts @ 44.2 yrd avg
Sacked - 2 times for 9 yds lost (one gave up 2 points as a safety)
Penalties - 6 for 55yds

OFF Allowed:
1st Downs - 11
Yards - 197
Passing - 11/32, 106yds, 3.3yd/pass, 0 TD, 3 INT 
Rushing - (3 Runners combined) 33 att for 91yds, 2.8yd/rush, 0 TD, 1 Fum/1 Lost, 1 run @ 20+ yds 
Kicking - 1/1 FG, 0/0 XP, 10 punts @ 41.1 yrd avg
Sacked - 2 times for 18 yds lost
Penalties - 6 for 35 yds

So I picked on a SimAI team as my season opener and it worked out for me. I'm still running a balanced OFF as my primary, but I have a balanced passing attack that was thrown in there for some of the game. As long as I play cupcakes, and my schedule is all SimAI except for one conference game against a human, I should post a fairly decent record. I know that a couple of the sims will beat me but hopefully I can post a winning record this season. I intentionally scheduled cupcake SIMAI teams in my OOC to give me a better chance of more wins. My philosophy on this is to build wins to improve vision to recruit better players to make the team better and more competitive down the road. Getting into the playoffs is not a short term goal of mine.  
10/17/2012 12:29 PM
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