this progressive started with the most awesome draft ever

24 teams, 25 roster positions, rookies only, the entire history of baseball

12,000 players to choose from, 1885 to 2010, David Aardsma to Dutch Zwilling

mainly everyone went for long term studliness, but also there was the lust to win now

now here we are eight seasons later and we just lost an owner

so do history a favor and adopt this orphan
9/25/2012 2:45 PM (edited)
League Rules:

1. you draft someone, you draft his rookie season

2. you cut someone, he is gone forever from this league

3. provided rules 1 and 2 are followed, you can draft any player from any year

4. you keep someone from last year, you play his next available year. meaning if he skipped a year, you skip on ahead too. no IR/DL like most progressives have

5. you want to draft a guy you have to cut a guy. no keeper list like most progressives have

6. no collusion & no tanking. oh sure, they all say that. here's how we do it: no trades & champ drafts first

7. 24 team open-league style schedule. Alignment random so you don't get stuck behind that Cy Young Babe Ruth team every season

8. no DH, AAA, or WW. no $, PA, IP, position, or stadium restrictions. Like the mad scotch says when they're scotching his nards, Freedom!

9. i will need a real life email address to send you a whitelist / blacklist spreadsheet every season around playoff time

10. just , baby
9/17/2012 5:07 PM
franchise 4 roster

Elton Chamberlain 1893 Cincinnati Reds SP $8,175,225
Dean Chance 1969 Minnesota Twins SP $2,007,388
Tommy John 1964 Cleveland Indians SP $1,753,285
Silver King 1893 Cincinnati Reds SP $2,678,043
Doc Medich 1973 New York Yankees SP $5,746,310
Earl Moore 1908 Philadelphia Phillies SP $667,066
Howie Pollet 1950 St. Louis Cardinals SP $5,881,545
Anibal Sanchez 2006 Florida Marlins SP $3,168,290
Jack Stivetts 1893 Boston Beaneaters SP $8,950,617
Tim Burke 1992 New York Yankees RP $404,203
Vicente Romo 1971 Chicago White Sox RP $1,861,380
Tony Pena 1985 Pittsburgh Pirates C $4,264,648
Mark Salas 1985 Minnesota Twins C $3,325,310
Lou Gehrig 1932 New York Yankees 1B $7,726,362
Jimmy Collins 1902 Boston Americans 3B $5,008,694
Casey McGehee 2010 Milwaukee Brewers 3B $4,158,551
Pablo Sandoval 2009 San Francisco Giants 3B $5,492,985
John Valentin 1999 Boston Red Sox 3B $2,974,916
Ray Boone 1951 Cleveland Indians SS $3,399,357
Moises Alou 1995 Montreal Expos OF $2,475,654
Rocky Colavito 1963 Detroit Tigers OF $5,476,136
Mike Greenwell 1991 Boston Red Sox OF $3,899,172
Lefty O'Doul 1934 New York Giants OF $1,519,038
Tip O'Neill 1892 Cincinnati Reds OF $2,722,406
Jackie Robinson 1954 Brooklyn Dodgers OF $3,658,105

now you can keep these guys, advancing them one year, or you can cut some in the draft and replace them with 1st year players from an 11,000 player list i will email you
9/17/2012 5:12 PM
Still looking for an owner? I will play.
10/7/2012 9:42 PM

sitemail me your outside email address, i will send you the whitelist spreadsheet

we are drafting now but you can take your time, there are thousands of guys to choose from and we will wait for you to get up to speed
10/8/2012 8:52 AM

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