With only having four teams to choose yes.
I'd feel bad for Louisville, but their schedule is incredibly weak, especially when compared to those 4.
I'd like to see at least 8 and ideally 16, but with a 4 team playoff, yeah I'd staunchly stand behind those 4 this season.
11/8/2012 3:57 PM
That would be a poor choice.   While ND could certainly win against any of the following, they are not "better":

GA, FL, SC, LSU, FSU, Clemson

I've got a friend who's a big ND fan so I've watched almost all of their games.   They are slow on both sides of the ball.  The SEC teams would maul them from the defensive side of the ball and the ACC teams would put 50 up. 
11/8/2012 4:10 PM
I didn't include OSU(haven't watched them play), USC(who I think will handle ND just fine), Lousville/Oregon State(I think that's ND's "class"). 

But, then again, I'd have take OK all day and we saw how that turned out.  I don't think ND would beat them in a rematch.
11/8/2012 4:19 PM
A playoff (and for that matter the NCG) doesn't necessarily mean the 4 best teams, it means the 4 most deserving teams with all things considered.  Ideally the 4 most deserving are going to be the 4 best, but it certainly doesn't have to be that.

If those 4 finish unbeaten they will clearly be the 4 most deserving and might actually be the 4 best.  With just 2 teams, I think you could easily say 2 highly deserving teams will be left out, but I believe in most people's eyes the 2 best (Oregon and Alabama) will be playing in the game.

Oh and Alabama is the #1 team in the BCS computers, not just the human polls, so I'm not sure why anyone would think they wouldn't be #1 if not for the preseason.  Also, by the end of the year Oregon might very well be #2 in the computers. 
11/8/2012 4:38 PM
Clemson's SOS is bottom half. FSU's is even weaker.

I thought OK would have handled ND easily also. But the fact remains they didn't. In Norman no less. There just isn't any case to be made that OK is better than any of the 4. 2 of the 4 beat them head to head at their home field. Case closed. Period.

Hard to argue against The 4 SEC schools, but they've all lost on the field and as such have eliminated themselves when there remains 4 unbeaten BCS schools.

Like I said I'd go 16 and every team you mentioned could make the field, but with only 4 it would be very hard for someone to make a legitimate case for any team other than Louisville belonging in the conversation with the Top 4.

11/8/2012 4:42 PM
By default, all but 1-2 SEC schools will have one loss.

Clemson and FSU are so fast they'd run circles around ND.   My buddy called me an ******* for saying it but it's true.   ND would not be able to score with them.
11/8/2012 7:06 PM
Are you sure they don't just look extra fast by comparison to the dreck in the ACC?   I don't put a ton of stock into bowl results, but FSU hardly ran circles around ND in their bowl last year, hard to believe the gap has really grown that much in a year.  I'm talking more about D, I don't have confidence that the Irish can score consistently on anyone.
11/8/2012 7:27 PM
Is Oklahoma THAT slow? I don't think so. I think AlCheez makes a fair point.
11/8/2012 7:41 PM
That could be possible.  Clemson has been billed as "fast" for a few season.  SC handles them pretty well.    But Clemson/FSU look fast when compared to ND.    They looked in slo-mo against Pitt.
11/8/2012 8:02 PM
FSU didn't look fast against crappy *** Virginia Tech last night.  I think you are making up stupid **** because you don't like ND.
11/9/2012 10:31 AM
I'm indifferent towards ND and FSU.   But I've watched almost all of ND's games and they are midwest slow. 
11/9/2012 10:40 AM
The team that just about beat ND is getting their a$$ handed to them by UCONN halfway through the 2nd quarter.
11/9/2012 9:04 PM
Pitt is also midwest slow.
11/10/2012 9:34 AM
Louisiana Lafayette.  Really.  I mean even if Florida wins that is an embarrassing game.
11/10/2012 3:27 PM
On par with Pitt-ND?
11/10/2012 3:37 PM
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