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CVAC-Heartland challenge #4. (to be scheduled during season 59, and played during season 60)
Season 4:
all even seasons:
Heartland teams 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 all play on the road
Heartland teams 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 all play at home.

Week 5
#12 Anderson at #12 Lincoln (soon to be coached by the great detfirecat)
#11. N Alabama at #11 Lees-McRae
#10 Mt. Olive at #10 W. Alabama

Week 6
#9 Ok. Panhandle St. at #9 Queens (NC)

Week 7
#8 St. Andrews Presbyterian at #8 W. Florida

Week 8
#6 Barton at #6 Montevallo
#5 Valdosta St. at #5 Belmont Abbey

Week 9
#4 Coker at #4 Incarnate Word
#3 Drury at #3 Erksine

Week 10
#7 Rockhurst at #7 Limestone (moved for scheduling conflict) (also known as the "Battle of the Stones")
#2 St. Edwards at #1 Longwood
#2 Pfieffer at #1 St. Mary's (TX)
9/25/2012 8:12 PM
Stats for the previous three CVAC - Heartland Challenges so far.

Total Series Won - CVAC 3, Heartland 0
Total Games Won - CVAC 24, Heartland 12

Series 1 - CVAC 6, Heartland 6 - CVAC wins on Tiebreaker
Series 2 - CVAC 10, Heartland 2
Series 3 - CVAC 8, Heartland 4

Stats for performances in Tourney Games

CVAC Team Stats     W-L          Average Team Rank
Belmont Abbey           3-0          2.67
Limestone                   3-0          3.67
Longwood                   2-1          1
Erksine                         2-1          4.67
Pfieffer                          2-1          4.67
Barton                           2-1          6.33
Queens (NC)               2-1          6.33
Mt. Olive                        2-1           8
Anderson                      2-1         8.67
Coker                             2-1         9.33
Lees-Mcrae                  2-1          12
St. Andrews Pres         0-3          10.67

Heartland Team Stats
St. Mary's (TX)              3-0           1.33
Montevallo                    3-0            11
Drury                             2-1             8.33
Oklahoma Pan St.       1-2            5.33
N. Alabama                   1-2            5.33
Valdosta St.                   1-2            6
St. Edwards                   1-2           7.33
Lincoln                           1-2            10.67
Incarnate Word            0-3             1.67
Rockhurst                     0-3              3.33
W. alabama                  0-3              7.33
W. Florida                      0-3             10.67

9/26/2012 8:54 PM
3 games week 5! this will be a fun start. 
10/5/2012 6:55 AM
Anderson at Lincoln (-1):  The opening game of the Challenge features wildcatjackm's AndersonTrojans on the road at detfirecat's Lincoln Blue Tigers.  Anderson's motion offense is led by the 2 top scorers in the CVAC, Michael McBride (26.3 ppg) and Christopher Henshaw (23.3 ppg).  Their man-to-man defense faces a Lincoln's small ball fastbreak attack, led by guards William Brown (11.8 ppg), Eric Ireland (11.8 ppg), and John Burns (10.5 ppg).  This one may hinge on how well Anderson's short bench handles Lincoln's uptempo pressing style.

N Alabama at Lees-McRae (-11):  Dennyj's undefeated and #19 Lees-McRae team is a substantial favorite over ragizzy's N Alabama team.  Lees-McRae's motion offense will attack N Alabama's zone with the inside-outside combo of Eugene Pearson (14.3 ppg) and Kennith Helton (13.8 ppg).  N Alabama's own motion offense is powered by it's own inside-outside combo of Darnell Lesher (19.8 ppg) and Augustus Ziller (18.0 ppg).  Oddsmakers like the ability of Lees-McRae's man-to-man defense to shut down N Alabama's big guns at home and remain undefeated.

Mount Olive at W Alabama (-8):  Corporatex takes Mount Olive's flex/press attack to Livingston, AL to face bowen_brian's W Alabama flex/man squad.  Jeremy Thomas (18.3 ppg), Douglas Hutchinson (15.5 ppg), and Charles Sprenger (13.0 ppg) all score in double digits for Mount Olive.  W Alabama's own flex counters with Larry Woodward (18.5 ppg), Kenneth Temple (15.0 ppg), and James Stedman (13.0 ppg).   Oddsmakers appear to favor W Alabama's athletic ability and low post skill versus Mount Olive's talented but thin press.

The Heartland leads all of D-II with 37 wins so far (28 for the CVAC).  Is this the year they finally win a Challenge?  5 of the top 25 teams call the CVAC or Heartland home.  Good luck all!!        
10/5/2012 1:52 PM
Lincoln 103, Anderson 69:  Lincoln handily won this track meet, breaking the century mark,putting 5 different players in double figures, and generally stuffing the stat sheet.  PG John Burns was the MVP with 16 points and an amazing 11(!) steals.  SG Eric Brown came off the bench to lead Lincoln with 19.  Peter Devito dished out 7 of Lincolns 27 assists and Todd Sansone and Vincent Peet each had 10 boards. 

Michael McBride led all scorers with 27 points for Anderson.  But the difference in this game was Lincoln's superior depth compared to Anderson.  Four of Anderson's top 7 players fouled out, and two more had 4 fouls.  Walkons played 16 minutes once the game got out of hand.  Anderson enjoyed a +10 advantage on the boards, but couldn't handle 30 turnovers and 51 Lincoln free throw attempts.

N Alabama 84, Lees-McRae 79:  N Alabama pulls off the upset of ranked Lees-McRae.  Darnell Lesher led N Alabama with 22, but PG Wendell Comeaux was the MVP pairing 19 points with 8 assists.  Bigmen William Hogan and Augustus Ziller provided inside punch, chipping in 11 & 10 respectively.  Lees-McRae had a balanced attack, with all starters scoring between 9 and 13 points, led by C Ron Griffin's 13. 

This was a game of two halves.  Lees led by 10 at halftime due through smart and efficient play.  They were just the better team in the first half and only allowed 4 FT attempts to jump shooting N Alabama.  But the tables turned in the second half.  Lees-McRae went ice cold and N Alabama came out of the locker room with a purpose. ( The refs also came out with a purpose, whistling home team Lees-McRae for 16 fouls in the half.)  N Alabama clawed their way back into the game, finally taking the lead on a Wendell Comeaux 3-pointer with 0:34 remaining.  N Alabama went 4 of 8 from 3 and 21 of 25 from the FT line in the 2nd half.  Comparatively, Lees McRae went 1 of 8 and 9 of 15.

W Alabama 76, Mount Olive 64:   W Alabama pounded it inside all day on Mount Olive to earn a 12 point win.  Three W Alabama bigmen chalked up double-doubles:  Kenneth Temple (21 & 10), James Stedman (14 & 10), and Dexter Clayton (10 & 11).  They also fouled out Mount Olive's starting big men.  Mount Olive's trio of Thomas, Hutchinson & Sprenger each had 15, but N Alabama scored at a 53% clip.  Mount Olive held a 1 point lead at half, but N Alabama ground them down in the final 20 minutes.  N Alabama outrebounded Mount Olive 43-28. 

The Heartland jumps out to a 3-0 advantage.
10/6/2012 11:40 AM
Oklahoma Panhandle (-9) at Queens U. (NC):  Vincent Horton of OPSU leads D-II with 29.8 ppg.  But it doesn't stop with him:  Arnold Berry (19.4 ppg) and Jason Rumph (12.8 ppg) contribute with the 2nd unit.  OKPan has been blazing from 3 this year, making 42% of their attempts.  Jaledarrett has his fast-paced team clicking on all cylinders.  First-year coach at Queens, muskie85, has a big-gun of his own in PG Gary Steib (19.8 ppg).  This game promises to be a battle of tempo:  Queens likes to keep it ugly, scoring 61.2 per game whereas OkPan pours in 89.4 ppg.
10/6/2012 11:55 AM
Looking at both conferences, this might be the Heartland's year. They only need 4 more challenge victories to clinch due to that 3-0 lead. 

10/6/2012 2:10 PM
Queens U. (NC) 77, Oklahoma Panhandle 67:  Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  Prince and the Revolution.  Gary Steib and Queens U.  All great front men with good supporting casts.  Gary Steib pumped in 33 points for Queens, taking nearly half of Queens FG attempts.  OkPan's Vincent Horton was held almost 11 below his average, scoring "only" 19.  But the real difference was at the FT line, with Queens enjoying 28 more FT attempts. 

Queens' 10 point victory puts the CVAC on the board, making the Challenge Heartland 3, CVAC1
10/7/2012 10:34 AM
W Florida 76, St Andrews Presbyterian 72:  Caesari's W Florida team came into the game as a 4 point underdog to yaklyn68's St Andrews team.  Caesari eeked out a 4 point win, led by Jeffrey Nace's 16 points and Charles Christopher's 8 points and 16 boards.  W Florida held a comfortable lead for most of the game, although a 16-6 run by St Andrews narrowed the final margin to 4.  James Kish and Richard Hughes combined for 33 for St Andrews. 

W Florida's win gives the Heartland 4 wins to the CVAC's 1.
10/8/2012 4:19 PM
Last nights games pull the cvac to within one game at 4-3. We're not done yet!
10/9/2012 4:56 PM
Belmont Abbey 62, Valdosta St 43:  Alazer and Valdosta St had a tough task when #1 Belmont Abbey & crashdive rolled to town.  Belmont looked the part of a #1 tem, holding Valdosta to 32.6% shooting.  SGs Guin and Murray scored 14 & 11 for Belmont as they cruised to a comfortable win.  Valdosta is no slouch, their only other lose to 10 RPI Concord, but Belmont was just too strong. 

Barton 74, Montevallo 64:  Like the first game, strong defense and consistent play led to a double-digit win for the CVAC.  Montevallo shot 37.5% from the floor and Barton went 31 of 38 from the FT line.  Richard Mansfield chalked up a double-double, with 17 & 11 and Robert Cromer scored 14 for Barton.  Donnie Pettway and Bradley Garnica scored 13 and 11 for the Mont. 

As jtmatt said, the CVAC pulls within a game at 4-3. 
10/9/2012 6:32 PM
If I am counting correctly, it is now 5-4 in favor of the Heartland. Comes down to the last 2 games!
10/10/2012 9:52 PM
Incarnate Word 73, Coker 41:  IW held Coker to 15 field goals and 32% shooting in cruising to a 32 point win.  This one was ugly, even the free throw shooting was barely above 50% for both teams.  Scott Braud led IW with 17 and Allen Arteaga chipped in 12.  James Melin led Coker with 9.  IW made the most of extra possessions, with +10 advantages in both rebounds and turnovers.

Drury 79, Erskine 68 (2 OT):  This game was a classic.  Drury had a 5 point lead with 32 seconds remaining.  Erskine's Lin Tang drains a 3 after a timeout and Erksine goes into the intentional fouling game......and it actually worked!  Tang fouls Norman Smith and Smith misses both free throws.  Harold Brown makes a bucket to tie it up giving Drury's Norman Smith a chance to win it.....and he misses an uncontested floater with 2 seconds left.  To the 1st OT we go.....

If you like offense, then you might want to skip this OT.  Each team made its 1st FG attempt and thereafter combined to go one of ten from the floor with 6 TO.  4 points a piece in the 1st OT. 

The 2nd OT got even worse for Erksine.  Drury went all Justin Verlander and pitched a shutout in the 2nd OT.  0 of 9 and 2 TOs is not a recipe for pulling out a victory.  4 players were in double digits for Drury, led by Norman Smith's 16.  Harold Brown and Terrence Swoboda scored 17 each for Erksine.

2 more victories for the Heartland make it 6-3 for the good guys.  The Heartland needs to win one of three games tonight to take their first Challenge.

Tonight's games are : 
Rockhurst v Limestone (pick)
St Edwards (-1) v Longwood
Pfieffer v St Marys (pick)

Good Luck!!!
10/11/2012 12:24 AM
I believe it is now 6 to 6 fellas....I'll calculate the point differentials this evening for the tiebreaker if davefilby doesn't do it first (I have a busy day ahead, so dave, if you could do that it would be swell)
10/11/2012 6:46 AM
In large part to a 34 point win and a 32 point win, Heartland wins the tie breaker!

By my count the point differential in Heartland wins was 34, 5, 12, 4 ,11, 32 = 98
Point differential with CVAC wins was 10, 19, 10, 10, 10, 8 = 67
98>67 in favor of Heartland. 

Another very evenly matched challenge...

(Most importantly, I'd like to point out that Limestone and Belmont Abbey have never lost in this challenge)
10/11/2012 9:03 AM
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