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Hey fellow WIF'ers!  

Hope you are all well and transitioning nice into the fall season.    A month to go before the NBA season kicks off, so let's get these leagues up and going, shall we?  Lots of great theme ideas here lately and I finally found a concept I like.

Go to and search players by birthday.  You can look any day of the year and pick any player.  The catch, there's a $53 mill cap, no waiver wire and no rookies.  And you must use one player from every month.  I will verify before aligning teams so please don't make any obvious mistakes.   For example, the Ervin Johnson who played a decade ago is not Magic Johnson, etc, etc.  

Please confirm your attendance in here before you begin drafting your team.  I won't need to confirm you or anything before you draft, it's more-so for any players to see where you're at.  League number is not hidden and in the theme leagues listings.  

Hope to see some familiar user-names and hopefully meet some new ones, so come and join in and invite your friends on here.    If you have any very pressing questions please site mail me as well as include in it here.  If this league takes off, Vol. 2 will be picking a birth month. August, Feb or December?  Start formulating now.

Thanks to Fel and Ashmichael for the help and good luck to everyone!  

10/1/2012 5:52 AM (edited)
I am in.  This is different so it should be a hoot.
9/30/2012 7:12 PM
you can use to fact check - they have birthdays listed in their frivolities section and you can generate reports of players literally by day

Im kind of interested but am turned off by the limited list of players and high cap - I think we'll wind up with a lot of the same guys on each team
9/30/2012 8:43 PM
Any suggestions?
9/30/2012 9:24 PM
I have 2 suggestions: 

1) open it up to all players (felon already mentioned bbr).  Bad thing with all-star lists like that is that most of the guys on it are higher usage players.  Where are the tier 6 usage guys that were defensive specialists and board-hoarders? WIS teams are built around role players as well as all-stars; using this list (or any similar one) really limits that.

2) lower the cap substantially ($50-55M range max)  Even at that cap I am sure you'll see super similar line-ups atop each division (I recall a $57M league where 3 of the 4 division leaders had the exact same SL and the 4th was only different by one player).  At $66M every team is going to have waaaay more than 20k minutes.

No matter what you decide to do, good luck with your league!
10/1/2012 2:18 AM

Hey Ashamael

Thanks for the insight, you're right!  

Your thread on usage was very helpful, can't believe I just read it now.

Making changes now will update soon!  Hope you join us!

10/1/2012 4:01 AM

Def added a new element to the game, the idea, thanks again!

10/1/2012 5:53 AM
and Im in
10/1/2012 7:42 AM
ok im in
10/1/2012 3:33 PM
ashmichael?  that's a new one!
10/1/2012 3:53 PM is no longer available
10/1/2012 7:01 PM is available for me.  And the link in the top post also works.
10/1/2012 7:38 PM
Sorry John to kick you out of the league, it did it when I changed the rules.

Ashamael oops, dyslexia over here whoot whoot!
10/1/2012 7:46 PM
I'm in.
10/1/2012 8:22 PM
Thanks Coolmay, though it's not really surprising you're in :P
10/1/2012 10:08 PM
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