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Bookend Twist League XVII - FULL Topic

10/2/2012 4:34 PM
Bookend Twist League XVI is now in the playoffs. If you like researching teams, this league may be for you... Take any player in the WIS database from 1885-2012 who played at least 2 seasons... then take his first and last teams as listed in and twist any player who appears on the 2 rosters. Your bookend player must be on your team and you can use any season of his.  No 200K exemptions... twist only the players that appear on the 2 rosters.
Using Babe Ruth as an example, your player pool would be from the 1914 Red Sox and 1935 Braves, twisted to any season of course. Players are only exclusive for the purpose of making teams and can appear on other team's rosters. Choose any stadium your bookend player called home at any point in his career.

BLACKLIST... the bookend players from the first 16 seasons are blacklisted as bookend players... they can still appear on rosters for this season.

Salary Cap $120M
Yes to DH
No to AAA, WW, clones, trades or live play
Injuries turned off
Random realignment
Choose a stadium your Bookend guy called home at any point in his career

When signing up, list your bookend player's first and last team/seasons.
10/2/2012 4:34 PM

BLACKLIST (updated through season XVI) 

Bert Adams
Pete Alexander
Hank Aguirre
Fred Anderson
Danny Ardoin
Billy Ashley
Jeff Bagwell
Sweetbreads Bailey
Homerun Baker
Steve Balboni
Win Ballou
Dave Bancroft
Jack Barry
Don Baylor
Jim Beauchamp
Johnny Beazley
Harry Bemis
Gary Bennett
Geronimo Berroa
Dante Bichette
Mike Bielecki
Vida Blue
Ping Bodie
Bobby Bonds
Bobby Bonilla
Daryl Boston
Oil Can Boyd
Kitty Bransfield
Sid Bream
Rube Bressler
Herman Bronkie
Scott Brosius
Bobby Brown
Ollie Brown
Bill Buckner
Ellis Burks
Homer Bush
Joe Bush
Bud Byerly
Melky Cabrera
Ray Caldwell
Nixey Callahan
Ken Caminiti
Roy Campanella
Mike Capel
Andy Carey
Steve Carlton
Roy Carlyle
Giovanni Carrara
Mark Carreon
Norm Charlton
Virgil Cheeves
Eddie Cicotte
Will Clark
Boileryard Clarke
Sumpter Clarke
Dad Clarkson
Roger Clemens
Reggie Cleveland
Ty Cobb
Mickey Cochrane
Rocky Colavito
Eddie Collins
Jimmy Collins
Claude Cooper
Fritz Coumbe
Stan Coveleski
Wes Covington
Bubba Crosby
Jose Cruz
Bud Daley
Tom Daly
Kal Daniels
Doug Dascenzo
Chick Davies
Chili Davis 
Andre Dawson
Carlos Delgado
Al DeVormer
Einar Diaz
Bill Dickey
Bob Didier
Dick Dietz
Joe DiMaggio
Larry Doby
Pat Donahue
Red Donahue
Chris Donnels
Tommy Dowd
Dan Driessen
Don Drysdale
Jimmy Dygert
Dennis Eckersley
Dave Eiland
Kevin Elster
Todd Erdos
Shawn Estes
Dwight Evans
Scott Eyre
Red Faber
Rollie Fingers
Carlton Fisk
John Flaherty
Elmer Flick
Bryce Florie
Casey Fossum
George Foster 
Ryan Franklin
Rafael Furcal 
Len Gabrielson
Phil Gagliano
Eric Gagne
Damaso Garcia
Ned Garvin
Lou Gehrig
Charlie Gelbert
Marcus Giles
Jim Gilliam
Dwight Gooden
Tom Goodwin
Edgar Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez
Joe Gordon
Rich Gossage
Mark Grace
Jack Graney
Craig Grebeck
Shawn Green
Vean Gregg
Bobby Grich
Ken Griffey Jr
Ken Griffey Sr
Burleigh Grimes
Kip Gross
Lefty Grove
Ad Gumbert
Tim Hamulack
Mike Harkey
Bubbles Hargrave
Mickey Harris
Jack Hayden
Claude Hendrix 
Felix Hernandez
Keith Hernandez
Buck Herzog
Charlie Hickman
Pinky Higgins 
Shea Hillenbrand
Eddie Hohnhorst
Johnny Hopp 
Joe Horlen
Tyler Houston
Del Howard 
Frank Howard
Steve Howe
Dixie Howell 
Nat Hudson
Terry Hughes
Walt Huntzinger 
Fred Jacklitsch
Charlie Jackson
Joe Jackson
Reggie Jackson
Baby Doll Jacobson
Bill James - 1911-1919
Dion James
Hi Jasper
Steve Jeltz
Willie Jensen
Pete Johns
Ernie Johnson
Jason Johnson
Jing Johnson
Lance Johnson
Rankin Johnson
Russ Johnson 
Andruw Jones
Bumpus Jones
Chipper Jones
Art Jorgens
Addie Joss
Jeff Juden
Oscar Judd 
Ralph Judd
Willie Keeler
Randy Keisler
Charlie Keller 
Roberto Kelly
Jeff Kent
Red Killefer
Dave Kingman
Joe Klink
Mark Koenig
Harry Krause
Sandy Koufax
Bill Lamar
Jack Lapp
Tony Lazzeri
Ricky Ledee
Joe Lefebvre
Nemo Leibold
Al Leiter
Dutch Leonard 1913-1925
Kenny Lofton
James Loney
Terrence Long 
Davey Lopes
Fred Lynn
Greg Maddux
Duster Mails 
Al Mamaux
Mickey Mantle
Juan Marichal
Russell Martin 
Dennis Martinez
Pedro Martinez
Dave Martinez
Sandy Martinez
Don Mattingly
Darrell May
John Mayberry 
Carl Mays
Tim McCarver
Gil McDougald
Joe McGinnity
Jack McMahon 
Mike McNally
Hal McRae
Joe Medwick
Ramiro Mendoza
Fred Merkle
Lou Merloni
Sam Mertes
Chief Meyers
Felix Millan
Billy Milligan 
Willie Mitchell
Johnny Mize
Terry Moore
Jack Morris
Jamie Moyer
Bill Mueller
Jerry Mumphrey
Peter Munro
Thurman Munson
Bobby Murcer
Calvin Murray
Eddie Murray
Eddie Murphy
Stan Musial
Art Nehf
Robb Nen
Hal Newhouser
Otis Nixon
Trot Nixon
Jerry Nops
Billy North
Johnny Oates 
Jose Offerman
Paul O'Neill
Tip O'Neill
Al Orth
David Ortiz
Orval Overall
Juan Padilla
Dave Parker
Roger Peckinpaugh
Melido Perez
Andy Pettitte
Jesse Petty
Jack Pfiester
Mike Piazza
Doc Powers
Albert Pujols
Billy Purtell
Dave Rader 
Willie Randolph
Pee Wee Reese
Pete Reiser 
Ed Reulbach
Jerry Reuss
Harry Rice 
Jim Rice
Dave Righetti 
Topper Rigney
Ricardo Rincon
Mariano Rivera
Oscar Roettger
Charlie Robertson
Jackie Robinson
Alex Rodriguez
Red Rolfe
Buddy Rosar 
Pete Rose
Braggo Roth
Dick Rudolph
Dutch Ruether
Allan Russell 
Bret Saberhagen
Vic Saier
Angel Salazar
Juan Samuel
Freddy Sanchez
Rey Sanchez
Jimmy Sebring
Ray Schalk
Jason Schmidt
Red Schoendienst
Pete Schourek
Everett Scott
Jack Scott
Jim Scott
George Selkirk
Joe Sewell
Howie Shanks
Bob Shawkey
Al Shealy 
Bill Shores
Chick Shorten
Ed Sicking
Ted Simmons 
Randall Simon
Ted Sizemore
Enos Slaughter
Aaron Small
Dwight Smith
Earl Smith 1916-1922
Duke Snider
Mario Soto
Warren Spahn
Tris Speaker
By Speece
Chris Speier
Gerry Staley
Joe Stanley
Riggs Stephenson
Darryl Strawberry
Tanyon Sturtze
Jim Sullivan
Don Sutton
Bill Sweeney
Shingo Takatsu
Vito Tamulis
Bennie Tate
Jack Taylor 1898-1907
Bill Terry
Zeb Terry
Junior Thompson
Terry Tiffee
Fred Toney
Salomon Torres
John Tudor
Larry Twitchell 
Bob Uecker
George Uhle
Tom Underwood
Bobby Veach 
Dario Veras
Mickey Vernon
Cory Wade
Billy Wagner
Heinie Wagner
Dixie Walker
Larry Walker
Jimmy Walsh
David Wells
Billy Werber
Dennis Werth 
David West
Bill White - 1956-1969
Gabe White
Roy White 
George Whiteman
Bernie Williams
Cy Williams
Stan Williams
Maury Wills
Hooks Wiltse 
Smoky Joe Wood
Weldon Wyckoff
Carl Yastrzemski
Carroll Yerkes
Geoff Zahn
Heinie Zimmerman


10/26/2012 2:36 PM (edited)
OWNER LIST - name in bold indicates team has been entered

01. finn2030 - Roy Thomas 1899 & 1911 Phillies
02. malinowt - Oscar Stanage 1906 Reds & 1925 Tigers
03. dlchow - Eric Young 1992 Dodgers & 2006 Rangers
04. baines03 - Charlie Leibrandt 1979 Reds & 1993 Rangers
05. dodgebob - Luis Polonia 1987 Athletics & 2000 Yankees
06. elleryq - Brad Kocher 1912 Tigers & 1916 Giants
07. splitter24 - Hiram Bocachica 2000 Dodgers & 2007 Padres
08. dvorr80 - Dave Shean 1906 Athletics & 1919 Red Sox
09. bixman51 - Allen Watson 1993 Cardinals & 2000 Yankees
10. snuffy45 - Bob Gibson 1983 Brewers & 1987 Mets
11. tabasko - Ricky Gutierrez 1993 Padres & 2004 Red Sox
12. SophieGiants - Syd Smith 1908 Athletics & 1915 Pirates
13. jjper1 - Deron Johnson 1960 Yankees & 1976 Red Sox
14. kriz - Tony Phillips 1982 & 1999 Athletics
15. dvorr80 - Bill Kennedy 1948 Indians & 1957 Reds
16. jm1618 - Jim Brower 1999 Indians & 2007 Yankees
17. dweigel - Gavvy Cravath 1908 Red Sox & 1920 Phillies
18. finn2030 - Eddie Onlsow 1912 Tigers & 1927 Senators
19. alice - Darryl Kile 1991 Astros & 2002 Cardinals
20. specsman - Tim Hudson 1999 Athletics & 2012 Braves
21. calhoop - Cha-Seung Baek 2004 Mariners & 2008 Padres
22. horus_6 - Dolly Stark 1909 Naps & 1912 Dodgers
23. happyhours - Rosy Ryan 1919 Giants & 1933 Dodgers
24. mllama54 - John Roseboro 1957 Dodgers & 1970 Senators
10/3/2012 9:31 AM
if a player played for multiple teams in his first and/or last season, do you get to choose whch you use or do you take the debut team and the team he finished his career with?
10/3/2012 10:46 AM
Posted by loudawg10 on 10/3/2012 9:31:00 AM (view original):
if a player played for multiple teams in his first and/or last season, do you get to choose whch you use or do you take the debut team and the team he finished his career with?
It's the first and last teams as listed in they are listed chronologically so the last team listed is the team he finished with.
10/3/2012 9:59 PM
going to try Deron Johnson - '60 Yankees & '76 Red Sox
10/4/2012 10:26 AM
Could you change mine from Jeff Frye to Allen Watson (1993 Cardinals, 2000 Yankees)? Thanks!
10/4/2012 10:36 AM
Posted by bixman51 on 10/4/2012 10:26:00 AM (view original):
Could you change mine from Jeff Frye to Allen Watson (1993 Cardinals, 2000 Yankees)? Thanks!
No problem... change noted
10/6/2012 12:39 PM
Tony Phillips (82 A's/99 A's) 
10/6/2012 3:31 PM

Welcome kriz... thanks for joining.

10/6/2012 6:03 PM
Billy Pierce (1945 Det / 1964 SF)
10/6/2012 6:14 PM
Jim Brower (1999 Indians, 2007 Yankees)
10/6/2012 7:08 PM

Welcome soxfanj1995 & jm1618... thanks for joining.

10/7/2012 12:50 PM
8 spots left
10/8/2012 1:05 AM
I'll try again--Gavvy Cravath 1908 Red Sox & 1920 Phillies.
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