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FK6 Twist League: Season XXXIII (1901-2011)
Any Team w/ .480 or Higher Winning Pct.


Each team has the option to sign one free agent from the same season as your selected team but that player 
must be from the opposite league.
$95 Million Cap, twist players to any career year, no DH, no Clones, no AAA, no Waiver Wire, Yes to Trades. 
350+ AB, 150+ IP, 50+ pitching appearances= MANDATORY ON ROSTER
WHAT IS A FREE AGENT ??? Any player from the same season as your selected team from the opposite league is considered a free agent. (Example: your team is the 2002 Giants. Your free-agent window is 2002-American League players) All free agents signed are with a no-trade clause (they will be the only players that must stay on your roster for the whole season) and FREE AGENTS are not allowed to be TWISTED... Only one instance of a free agent player allowed in the league ... All free agents are first-come, first-serve. Signup for this league early and designate a free agent and you have that player's rights. If you decide later, while working on your team, that you don't want him, you can put him back on the market.
SPECIAL RULE FOR PARTIAL SEASON FREE-AGENTS:  If a free-agent played with more than one team during a season, WE WILL ALLOW the full season to be used, ie. WIS database offers a 2010 version of Cliff Lee with Seattle Mariners and Philadelphia Phillies which means his full season can be used as a free-agent if your team is from the opposite league. Another example is the full-season of 2009 Matt Holiday with Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals as a free-agent. 
IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE TO NOT PICKING A FREE-AGENT ??? If you don't want to use a free-agent, you may leave one of your mandatory players off your roster. In addition, you must designate one of your three most expensive players and tag that player with a no-trade clause.
NL (12 Teams) vs. PL (12 Teams)
Standard WIS Format
Random Restricted Realignment
Blacklisted Teams for Season XXXIII

Eternal: 1941 Red Sox, 1985 Cardinals

1908 Red Sox, 1916 Giants
1909 White Sox, 1910 Cubs
1910 Giants, 1964 White Sox
1994 Royals, 1981 Dodgers, 1934 Cardinals, 1980 Phillies, 1985 Blue Jays, 1955 Indians
2010 Rangers, 1996 Marlins
1919 Giants, 1996 Cardinals, 1962 Dodgers, 1979 Royals, 1995 Yankees, 1942 Red Sox
2010 Braves, 1964 Phillies, 1965 Giants, 1916 Braves, 1993 Phillies, 1963 Cardinals, 1977 Phillies, 2011 Giants, 1952 Athletics, 1924 Senators, 2010 Rangers, 1981 Red Sox, 1948 Indians, 1963 Yankees, 1942 Red Sox, 1959 White Sox, 2001 Athletics, 1980 Yankees
1971 Cardinals, 1912 Cubs, 1989 Athletics, 1974 Orioles, 1988 Mets, 1972 Cubs, 1931 Dodgers, 1952 Giants, 1971 Braves, 1986 Giants, 1950 Braves, 2010 Dodgers, 2001 Athletics, 1912 Senators, 1981 Tigers, 1994 White Sox, 1927 Yankees, 1975 Athletics, 1939 Tigers, 1915 White Sox
Season XXXI Pennant Winners:    2006-2011 Rangers, 1992-2000 Marlins (1 more season)
Season XXXII Pennant Winners: 1982-1990 Cardinals, 2000-2008 Orioles (2 seasons)
Season XXXII LCS losers: Seven-year window (1 season)
1964-1970 Reds, 2001-2007 Red Sox           
Season XXXII DS losers: Five-year window (1 season)
1969-1973 Cardinals, 1910-1914 Cubs, 1987-1991 Athletics, 1972-1976 Orioles,
10/15/2012 11:41 PM (edited)
Season XXXIII Reservations
Note: We will allow 3 instances of a traditional franchise (ie. Red Sox, Yankees, Cardinals) but preferably 2 ... And remember, once a team is selected, please stay away from that team by 13 years plus/minus. Example: 1983 Phillies are selected, we won't allow another Phillies team for the years 1970-1996 (there are exceptions to this rule if there are absolutely no-repeat superstars)
futurekid6:                  1985 White Sox                                                  (Dwight Gooden)    
greenwellmvp:                                                      1989 Dodgers          (Jeff Montgomery)                                                     
otl:                                2006 Athletics                                                      (Ryan Howard)
dougsdawgs:              2011 Red Sox                                                     (Jose Reyes)                                     
onezero:                                                           1992 Cubs                      (Edgar Martinez)                                              

frank_drebin:                                                   1967 Pirates                   (Joe Horlen)                               
caseysmall:                                                      1979 Expos                    (Tommy John)
rondo:                                                                1962 Cardinals             (Tom Tresh)                                                   
jfranco77:                                                          1987 Mets         (no FA, no mandatory removed = no trade clause for any player)
lagermcale:                 1986 Blue Jays                                                   (Mike Scott)                                          
eastvanmungo:                                                 1913 Giants                   (Eddie Collins)       
craig479:                                                              1966 Dodgers             (Smokey Burgess)
halo23:                      1996 Yankees                                           (no free-agent, Wade Boggs '85 is no-trade clause)                              
ETSTim:                                                               1972 Astros                 (Dick Allen)                                                         
mllama54:                                                            1998 Braves               (Jose Offerman)
jjper1:                           1970 Orioles                                                        (Joe Torre)                      

waters3:                       1977 Royals                                                         (Steve Carlton)

specsman:                   2011 Tigers                                                           (Matt Cain)                                  
dorkster:                                                               1988 Astros                    (Mike Greenwell)

sgsmith:                       1977 Red Sox                                                        (Tom Seaver)

ddodge02:                    1985 Yankees                                                       (John Tudor)

elleryq:                                                                       1907 Cubs               (Cy Morgan)

sevenfifty5:                   1927 Senators                                                      (John Miljus)

magjmagj:                     1968 Tigers                                                           (Bob Gibson)                          
AMERICAN LEAGUE:  11 teams   =======  NATIONAL LEAGUE:  12 teams
10/15/2012 11:41 PM (edited)
My name is eastvanmungo, and I endorse this message... and this league.
10/9/2012 10:40 PM
eastvanmungo wouldn't endorse this league if he never won a title in it !!!  LOL !!!
10/10/2012 12:41 PM
Oh, I reckon it's about time I get back into this league.  I should be able to look around some tonight and identify a team.
10/10/2012 8:05 PM
Posted by futurekid6 on 10/10/2012 12:41:00 PM (view original):
eastvanmungo wouldn't endorse this league if he never won a title in it !!!  LOL !!!
Since it took me 20+ seasons to actually win a championship, I think it's pretty safe to say I'd have endorsed this all along.

I will also add this note to prospective owners... this is a very competitive league, and if you actually manage to get to the WS, you probably have a team that's good enough to do some damage in the TOC.  I'm pretty sure we sport a number of TOC winners.

10/10/2012 11:23 PM
Right on eastvanmungo... We've had so many pennant winners of our league go deep into the TOC and either make the TOC Finals or win the whole thing. This is super-competitive but the owners really make the league fun. We've never had an incident between owners in this league... very respectful competition!!!  WE NEED JUST ONE MORE OWNER !!!
10/11/2012 2:26 AM
Will take 1968 Tigers and bob Gibson.
10/15/2012 11:30 PM
Season 33 FK6 Twist - ALL FULL Topic

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