cursor keeps jumping to beginning by itself Topic

anyone else having an issue when posting where you are typing along and all of a sudden the cursor jumps to the beginning of its own accord? Keeps happening to me and I don't know why. 
10/5/2012 3:12 PM

From a computer website:

The whole cursor jumping issue with laptops isn’t that uncommon and it happens to pretty much anyone who uses their laptops frequently and use the onboard keyboard. The problem occurs when you get too close, or even touch, the touchpad when you are typing. Many touchpads can register heat meaning you don’t even have to touch the touchpad in order for the cursor to jump around the page. The problem is more common with newer computers when the touchpads seem to be the touchiest. After a while the sensors in them seem to fade away a little bit and the problem seems to go away on its own.

There are a few things that can be done to fix the cursor jumping problem on laptops.

Fix 1: Don’t use the internal keyboard. Use an external keyboard for typing. This doesn’t work in every situation as maybe you want to sit on your couch in front of the tv while surfing the internet. A keyboard would just get in the way. But if you’re at a desk, consider using an external keyboard.

Fix 2: Change the sensitivity settings on the touchpad. On most laptops you can do this by clicking the Start Button and clicking Control Panel. Switch to the Classic view if you’re not already in it (Windows XP). Double-click Mouse. From here it’ll usually open up to the touchpad settings but you may have to navigate further if that’s not the case in your environment. Look around where it mentions sensitivity and change it so it requires a heavier touch to register the touchpad. In most cases this alone will fix the problem.

Fix 3: In my experience I’ve known a lot of professionals who work in the field. One of their favorite fixes is placing their business card (or a couple of sticky notes)  over the touchpad while they’re typing. When they need to use the touchpad, they simply remove the business card and type away.

10/5/2012 3:46 PM
 thanks al, but (and I should have mentioned sooner) I am using my PC. I may have just figured out what is triggering it, but not why. It seems to happen if I hit the space bar while still holding the left shift down. when I do this it takes me to the beginning of the post and momentarily shows no other text. If I hit space again, the other text returns, but I am still at the beginning. I've never really been concerned about not shift spacing before...this is going to be annoying.
10/5/2012 4:57 PM
seems shift+space is a keyboard shortcut for page up?  doesn't seem like it should be doing that in text entry fields though... guess i just will stop using the shift key in forums...
10/5/2012 5:02 PM
Same thing is happening to me. It's a problem with the site. I've had like 4 posts where I started, had the wohle thing deleted and gave up.
10/5/2012 5:26 PM
yeah it's happening to me a lot as well lately
10/5/2012 9:18 PM
Happens for me when im on microsoft so i dont think its just the websitw.
10/6/2012 7:42 AM


10/6/2012 8:30 AM
CS got back to me. They say it is a feature of the forum editor thingy, but that they don't see that it adds any value so they are disabling it the next time the forums are updated. They couldn't tell me when that would happen however...
10/9/2012 2:09 PM
cursor keeps jumping to beginning by itself Topic

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