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This is a new progressive league which will use current players and will only play one WIS season each calendar year. It is similar to another league I'm in that journeyfan started, but the major difference is that this league will add a salary structure which will hopefully add a lot of tension, without adding too much to the complications.

The basics.

24 Team League.
All current 2012 players will be eligible
League will start as soon as 2012 WIS ratings are out

The opening auction will be an effort.

Each day starting in October, about 20 players will be posted for auction. Each manager will send a ballot to me with sealed auction bids for each player of the 20 that they want to bid on. I will send my bids to a trusted owner at the beginning of the day. The players, about 12 batters and 8 pitchers a day will be put up alphabetically.

Late at night the winning bids will be posted in the forums and the next day's bids will be posted. Tied bids will not be awarded and the player will be thrown back into the pool to be auctioned again at the end of the regular auction.

Each team has $ 1,000 to spend on their players to fill their team. Remember to leave some money for free agent and rookie signings though.

Once a player is awarded to a team, that auction value becomes his contract. For example, Albert Pujols goes for $ 223 in a sealed bid to team A. Skip Schumaker is awarded to team B for $ 24.

The season will be played in January - Feb. the first year -- hopefully earlier the second year and beyond.

In February the big decision must be made for each person on your roster. You can resign him or release him.

If you choose to resign a player you can resign him for a one year, two year, three year or five year contract. 

(Rule amendment -- there are two chances to resign a player. If you resign him in February to a multi year contract, his auction bid becomes his first year contract amount. If you wait until October you must give him a raise his first year of the contract.  The theory here is you shouldn't have to give someone a raise before you've seen him play. You can if you want to and you get a savings for doing it in February.)

If you resign him for one year you must give him a $ 15 raise.
Two years for two $ 12 raises.
Three years for three $ 10 raises
Five years for five $ 8 raises.

For example. You signed Pujols for $ 223. You want to resign him. You can resign him for one year at $ 238, two years at 235-247, three years at 233-243-253, or five years at 231-239-247-255-263.

From March - Oct you will watch your players in real life games seeing if you signed bargains or are going to be screwed for five years by terrible contracts. You also want to follow the free agents.

In October there will be a rookie - free agent auction for unowned players.

Contracts are final. If he dies or moves to Japan, you are still responsible for the contract's full term.

New WIS rated players, unowned players, and free agents will be apportioned by the auction in November.

The reason I think this league will be interesting is that you will have to make decisions on each player and will have to decide how much money to spend of your $ 1,000 and how much to leave for the free agents. For the entire year there will be things to do with your franchise even though only one season a year is played.

Only players with WIS ratings can be auctioned. If a player is owned, but then next year doesn't get a WIS rating (injury or minor leagues) you can keep him for as many years as you want, but you'd still have to give him raises to keep him.

When you sign your contracts in February, you are limited to at most 40 players. When you roster after the October auction, the maximum WIS rated players is 40.

Kind of complicated so ask any questions.
10/22/2012 11:22 AM (edited)

1. Beernoser

2. rls1

.3 szub

4. journeyfan

5. Knowhim

6. fillies

7. jeffc7823

8. parking31

9. Ox

10 DodgerDon

11 Benfc

12 oli35

13 spid24

14 toddleduc

15 pmars

16 dippedncrack

17 genius2

18 loudawg10

19 jonstephen25

20 jonas1102

21 rejay

22 grayfoxx

23 brucel

24 werewolf

Waiting list

1. diggin4
2. Teamjosh
10/7/2012 10:08 PM
Divisional Draft Results

Draft will be held on Oct 10-11

Draft Order

1. Dodger Don     Wednesday  10am11
2. parking31         11-noon
3. brucel                noon-1
4. szubelek          1-2
5. loudawg10       2-3
6. Knowhim          3-4
7. Werewolf          4-5
8. Jeffc7823         5-6
9. oli35                 6-7
10 spid24             7-8
11 fillies                8-9
12 rls1                  9-10
13 ox                    10-11
14 jonstephen25    11-midnight
15 toddleduc           midnight - 11 am Thursday
16 pmars                11-noon
17 journeyfan         noon-1pm
18 beernoser         1-2
19 Benfc                  2-3
20 dippedncrack        3-4
21 genius2                4-5
22 jonas1102            5-6
23 grayfoxx                 6-7
24 rejay                     7-8

Divisions are normal six divisions. You may pick early, but don't  pick early if someone has been skipped. If you miss your timeslot, you may catch up at any time.

10/7/2012 10:24 PM (edited)
NL East

1. werewolf
2. fillies
3. genius
4. diggin4third

NL Central

1. brucel
2.  loudawg
3.  toddleduc
4.  jonstephen

NL West

1.  DodgerDon
2.  szub
3.  Jeff
4.  ox

AL East

1.  oli
2. Ben
3. journey
4. Knowhim

AL Central

1.  spid
2. pmars
3.  beernoser
4. rejay

AL West

1. parking
2. rls
3. jonas
4 greyfoxx

DH in AL only.
10/16/2012 8:19 PM (edited)
NL West - Los Angeles
10/9/2012 7:12 AM (edited)
AL West - Oakland
10/9/2012 2:20 PM
do we have to pick a city?
10/9/2012 3:33 PM
N L Central
10/9/2012 5:21 PM
No - you can name your team whatever you want to.
10/9/2012 5:25 PM
noser....when we start the auction are you going to post all bid results for players or only the winning bid?
10/9/2012 6:06 PM
Just winning bid.
10/9/2012 8:31 PM
I have been trying to wargame this league in my head over and over the last month to try to anticipate problems that can come up.

I found something that I believe needs tweaking.   Please read through this. It's an easy fix, but it is a real difference.

Currently when you get a player in next week's auction, that sets his salary.  You get Pujols for 97. That's his salary,  97.  Then in February, you need to decide if you want to resign him.  This is a problem.  You end up having to give your players a raise before you ever get to see them play.

This is especially important for someone like Josh Vitters.  Vitters was a truly great hitting prospect with the picture perfect swing. He was made the third pick in the draft by the Cubs. Problem was that was five years ago.  He has travelled very slowly through the minor leagues. He can't take a pitch. He never walks, and therefore pitchers are throwing him crap and he can't stop himself from swinging at it.  If only.......   So this year in AAA he showed enough progress that he was brought up in September. He got over 50 at bats so he's Sim eligible. He was a disaster hitting about .100.  These are the guys who make this league interesting. 

Under current rules though, the interest fizzles. Let's say he's auctioned for 5.  Someone wants to take a shot on him.  Well, February comes around and you have to give him a 15 raise just to keep him to see how he plays next year.  I don't think anyone will do that. It takes away his value completely, and he might turn out to be Greg Jefferies.

So what's the simple fix?  You sign a guy in the auction for 5. That becomes his first year salary.  When February comes along, you must decide how long each player's contract is, but that 5 figure becomes the first year of his contract. So for Vitters, you just leave him at 5 for one year and then watch him play in 2013.  Then in October before the next auction you must decide who to cut and keep. That means you either sign guys to new contracts who aren't signed for the next season or grant them free agency to go into the auction. So back to Vitters. You signed him for 5. He plays terrible next season. You cut him back into the auction. He plays great and looks like Matt Williams. You sign him for a five year deal at 13-21-29-37-45  and your 5 spent pays off.

Now to Albert Pujols.  You win him at auction for 97. You feel you got a bargain. InFebruary you make him a three year deal for 97-107, 117.

I know it's not a good idea to change the rules a week before the draft starts, but I've been going over this for two weeks, and today I came to decision that there's no way the original schedule will work as well as this tweak will.  I hate to do this, but once I am sure which is better, I need to tell everyone as soon as possible.  I hope this doesn't cause a forum war.

So here's the schedule.

Division draft starts tomorrow and is off to a good start with a number of picks made early.

Auction will start a week from tomorrow.

Our season will start soon after the auction ends, probably around Christmas, earlier in future seasons.

In February you will decide how many years you want each of your owned players to be signed for.

In October you will decide which of your players who have their contracts run out will be resigned and how many will be grante3d free agency back into the auction.

In October we have the auction for rookies and free agents.

Hope that makes sense to everyone. Please ask any questions.
10/10/2012 12:14 AM
After reading through it a couple of times I agree that it's better. Good job noser!!
10/10/2012 1:29 AM
NL West
10/10/2012 7:23 AM

Good change

10/10/2012 7:27 AM
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