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Sharkey's World has just rolled, and we are looking for owners to fill the five openings we have. Good world and a great bunch of guys. For private world rules, see below available teams. More details on teams will follow, but for now, here are the teams that are available:

A $10 GC will be awarded to any owner new to Sharkey's World who has the highest win total increase each season. Additionally, there will be a $5 CG awarded the owner of the non-playoff team with the highest win total each season. See below for details.


Rules (copied directly from world page):

1. Minimum Win Requirement: 50/110/180. Anyone in violation of the MWR will come under review by a nine-owner committee. Any offending owner will be removed if 5 votes are cast to remove (50% rounded up). Any vote not cast will count as a vote to keep the owner in the world. Any removed owner will be welcome back at the start of the season after the season he/she is removed, though the original team will not necessarily be reserved for an owner under these circumstances. The committee (still pending): mikeg740 (commissioner), telecasting, benny_b_la, mcrobbyj, ohiopirate, irishfury01, dave23, pvc4twenty Seasons prior to season 20 will not count towards the MWR. The two season requirement will not count until season 21 (Seasons 20-21). The three year requirement will not count until season 22 (Seasons 20-22). There will be no double indemnity toward a season that falls under violation should the second or third season totals are met, though a review will occur any time an aspect of the MWR isn't met.

2. Limitation of owner relocation Owners may only relocate their team once every seven seasons. Owners wishing to stay after replacing another owner mid-season will be allowed to move their team the season following their replacement season without having it count towards this rule. This rule would take effect after rollover in Season 20, therefore moves made at the start of Season 20 will not count towards this rule.

3. New Owner Incentive (effective Season 22): A $10 WiS GC will be awarded to the "rookie" owner in their respective "rookie" season who has the largest improvement in win total from the previous season. "Rookie" owners are considered owners who have newly joined Sharkey's World and who have not had a team in Sharkey's World during the preceding three seasons. Should an owner take over a team they have previously owned at any point in Sharkey's World history, they will be disqualified from receiving the award. Should a winning new owner be unqualified to win the award (either previously owning the team they manage or previously owning any Sharkey's World team three seasons prior), the next highest total will win the award. Should there be no winners (including 100% retention from previous season), 50% of the award will roll into the Commissioner's Award and 50% will roll over into the next season's New Owner Incentive. Mid-season replacements will be disqualified from winning the award in the season they replace, but should they buy-in for the next season, their 1st buy-in season will count as their "rookie" season.

4. Commissioner's Award Incentive (effective Season 22): A $5 CG will be awarded to the non-playoff team with the highest win total in both leagues combined (AL and NL). The award increases to $10 should there be no winner of the New Owner Incentive in that season. In the case of a tie, the two teams would split the award. All owners who are present from start to finish of each season are eligible. Owners who are mid-season replacements, removed due to private or HBD rule violations, or who leave mid-season disqualify themselves from the award. In the case of a disqualified team winning the award, the award will move to the next highest total.

10/31/2012 2:20 PM (edited)
10/9/2012 12:51 PM
It is a truly fun world to play in. Mikeg740 is a great commish and runs the world very well. Pick up your new team today!!
10/10/2012 12:59 PM
Bump from the bottom
10/11/2012 8:33 AM
Lets find an owner today!
10/12/2012 8:06 AM
Great world.  Take a look and join the fun! 
10/21/2012 9:47 AM (edited)
Come to Sharkey's. It's Sharkey's day today. 
10/15/2012 5:43 PM
10/17/2012 12:50 AM
A pretty good world with pretty good owners.
10/17/2012 1:34 PM

Very fun League with good competition and ownership

10/18/2012 9:49 AM
Look no further for your new team.
10/19/2012 8:37 AM
bump for a fun world.  Hope we can get folks to join soon!
10/21/2012 9:49 AM
10/24/2012 8:18 AM
How great is Sharkeys World

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10/24/2012 2:26 PM
Morning bump
10/25/2012 8:12 AM
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