Sure would be a nice feature if we could schedule the date of our exhibition games instead of it defaulting to the next available date. 
10/13/2012 10:20 AM
you just have to be strategic about it. look at the schedule of the other team before accepting or issuing a challenge if you need a specific date.
10/13/2012 5:53 PM
Samson has a point.  You shouldn't have to.  It should be easier to schedule, especially with a simAi team.
10/13/2012 6:09 PM
not really, a sim has to take the game regardless a human does not. if you want specific dates then you either do it with humans or you wait til after signings.
10/13/2012 6:27 PM
Posted by mrfortune3 on 10/13/2012 6:27:00 PM (view original):
not really, a sim has to take the game regardless a human does not. if you want specific dates then you either do it with humans or you wait til after signings.
Waiting untill after signings is playing with fire.  Sometimes you get games and sometimes you don't...  Why should we have to take that risk?  Adding a scheduling option would not be terribly difficult where we pick the date before issuing challenges. 
10/13/2012 7:03 PM
i understand what you're getting at. my point is that it wouldn't really change a lot of things if the option was available.
the soonest you'd be able to play a game is the next day after recruiting starts, that still leaves you with two more to schedule assuming you've only scheduled one so far.

they're not likely to allow you to schedule games outside of the window they do now, which means more than likely you would still have to wait to schedule a game after recruiting ends or as close to it as possible to get a game set up outside of the current recruiting window.

plus it's still more than likely to rely on a human coach to accept it more than a sim since i doubt they would allow you to schedule games as you wanted to vs a sim.
because it would more than likely take a bit of code tweaking to separate the regular season from exhibition with the way they tie things together.

also sometimes you do sometimes you dont? you have two days worth of scheduling window to get a game or two after recruits report. 
it's not that difficult to structure.

10/13/2012 7:34 PM
Well I have to disagree.  I personally have missed games.  I know other players who have missed games and still others who avoid trying to get new recruits games altogether because they too have missed games and don't think it is worth the risk.  

For instance, today is the last day of recruiting in the world I am on.  Scheduling a game for tommorow worked out, but only 20 or so teams were left to challenge.  I don't see how you are getting two games for your new recruits with so few available teams left to play.  Perhaps it is different on different servers... 

Anyway, like I said above, why should it even be an issue?  Allowing us to send a challenge with a date would eliminate the issue altogether.  We already schedule nonconference games in advance so this is not unheard of.  Including a date doesn't mean we have to schedule outside the window allowed for exhibitions.  It simply means we can challenge someone 4,5,6 or even 7 days in advance of when exhibitions end.  In other words, scheduling would begin when recruiting begins, and exhibitions end the same time they always have.  The only difference is games can be scheduled any time in between in advance.  It is easy to say, "this is not a big problem", or, "you can work your way around it", but why should we have to?  The more time we have to schedule those games in advance, the more likely we will get them, and the less annoying it will be worrying about it when that window is closing and recruits arrive.  
10/15/2012 5:55 PM (edited)

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