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I have Mike Trout on one of my rosters and am wondering if I should bat him leadoff. This is how  have it currently

Mke Trout 2012
Alfonso Sorano 2002
Prince Fielder 2012 3
Matt Holiday 2010
Starlin Castro 2012

Alfonso soriano has a very low OBP for a 2 hitter, but he is very fast and hits for incredible power so IDK if I should switch him with Holiday
10/14/2012 11:31 PM
Its tough to say without knowing the rest of your line-up, but I'd go: 

(1) Fielder
(2) Trout
(3) Holliday
(4) Sorano
(5) Castro

I dealy, you'd have another coupl of high obp guys so Sorano could be best used just after the middle of the line-up as an rbi guy in the 6th or even 7th spot. 
10/15/2012 12:52 AM
Rest of the lineup is

Craig Paquette (282, 326, 465)
A.J pierzynski (281, 312, 416)
Melvin Mora  (274, 342, 391

Switched the lineup for today game and scored 16 runs after scoring only 21 in the first 7 games. Something about the change went right i guess hah.
10/15/2012 2:07 PM
This is what I'd do, off the cuff at least.  Is this an OL team?

(1)   2012 Prince Fielder     .313/.412/.528
(2)   2012 Mike Trout            .326/.399/.564
(3)   2010 Matt Holliday         .312/.390/.532
(4)   2002 Alfonso Soriano  .300/.332/.547
(5)   2006 Melvin Mora         .274/.342/.391
(6)   2001 Craig Paquette   .282/.326/.465
(7)   2012 Starlin Castro      .283/.323/.430
(8)   2008 A.J. Pierzynski     .281/.312/.416
10/16/2012 1:06 AM
I don't know what an OL league is, but it's a 162 game Normal league with the 80 million cap. 12 games in my team is 3-9...which is dissapointing since We're fifth in OPS and 8th or something in runs. Pitching has just been...less than optimal.
10/16/2012 8:20 PM
OL -- open league, what you're calling a "normal league", what many of us have been shunning for years since we only started playing theme leagues and progressives.
10/16/2012 8:25 PM
ahh I see...i tried to google whatifsports progressive league but couldn't find what it was...and I did a lot of simleague basketball seasons so I kinda chose Open league without paying attention. Mind telling me why people are shunning them? Is it because of the "normalizaton" of statistics from different eras?
10/16/2012 11:35 PM
It's because you see the same cookie cutter teams over and over again.
10/17/2012 12:24 PM
Ahh I see...I saw that in simleague basketball too with everyone using Wilt/Bill Russel and the other players with insanely dumb rebound % and minutes. I have encountered a lot of the same players already in my league despite only playing 4 teams so far..
10/17/2012 4:27 PM
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Ahh I appreciate the advice. In Sim league absketball i learned to draft few minutes than the game suggested, but for some reason when the thing said 6000/1500 i tried really hard to get there...and my pitching staff is indeed getting lit up like a christmas tree. I have identified the triple a plyers, but there's really only one I'd use...all the rest are pretty weak.

I was getting kind of confused...Dontrelle has been freaking horrible in his 4 starts this year, but it's been because he's walking everyone...his bb/9 rate is more than twice as high as normal. I guess this is a good learning season though. Try to avoid 100 losses haha.

Would you suggest using the waiver wire to dump some innings for a better starting pitcher?

10/18/2012 3:59 AM (edited)
Back to the subject at had...

In an OL, your offense will be pretty bad too.  I'd suggest checking out your players performace history ad read up on normalization--  especially homerun normalization.  I know that is harsh, but I don't mean to be rude, just direct. 
10/19/2012 12:47 AM
Don't worry man, I've had bad teams before. I read up on normalization, but admittedly didn't pay too much attention to performance history. Home runs seem to be my smallest problem though. I'm first in the league in Home runs, and second in HR's on away games as well. The problem seems to be my somewhat low OBP, and horrible pitching. Also, for some reason Mike Trout isn't hitting very well....of course all of this is 20 games in, so I would fully understand if by the end of the season im way back in Homers/away homers since coors is so hitter friendly. Thanks for the help by the way.

10/20/2012 1:48 AM (edited)
I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss a players' 'performance history' because although it's not 'the gospel', but if read and interpreted correctly, it can tell you a lot about the production you might reasonably a particular player. And btw...I don't know what your pitching staff looks like, but from what I've gleaned from the above comments, I would imagine its not really conducive to success at Coors.  But if you feel the need to use the waiver wire, I would concentrate on upgrading your pitching with a focus on low .OAV# and HR suppression stats such as the hr/9+ stat (the higher the better).  For example, I currently have a Coors team which is doing ok (83-60) and the starting pitchers have only given up 22 HRs combined.  So again, try to upgrade your staff with pitchers who won't give up bunches of HRs because Hrs will kill you at Coors Field.  I wouldn't worry too much about the walks, because in your park, you'd rather give up a couple of walks than hits - ANYKIND of hits. 
10/20/2012 10:57 AM
I appreciate the advice. I have been picking away at the waiver wire whenever I see something that works and am gonna try to use this season as a learning experience and make my team the best I can even if I'm too far behind.  I'll definitely look for low HR guys, and yeah that has been what's killing me. Can't tell you how many times the other team gets 3 or 4 runs ahead because they got a Homer in the first two innings and then you're just reading the play by play face palming.
10/26/2012 5:54 PM
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