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The Basics
-50 million
-No clones, WW, or rookies.
-Three round draft, ABB
The owner of the first pick in the draft will get the last pick in the second and third rounds. The owner of the last pick in the first round will get the first picks in the second and third rounds.
-Any season used by a drafted player must have a salary of at least five million.
-The other nine roster spots are filled with teammates of the three draft picks during seasons in which they played together. 
As an example, if you draft Micheal Jordan than you can use any season that he and Scottie Pippen played together. Scottie's 93-94 season and any other season in which he and Jordan did not play together would be ineligble.
-Drafted players are exclusive. 
To build on the last example, if you draft Michael Jordan and someone else drafts Dennis Rodman than you can't use Rodman's Bulls seasons on your Jordan team. Pippen, if undrafted, would have eligble seasons on both teams.

The Draft
-The draft will take place in the theme league forum.
-Random lottery to decide first draft order. Owners decide whether they want to be placed towards the top or the bottom of the draft order when they enter the league.
Any future league draft order would be based on finish from the ending win-lose record from the previous year with new owners being placed at the bottom. After the lottery is finished, owners will be seeded by whether they chose top or bottom and their lottery ranking.
-First round is untimed. Second and third rounds will have one hour time slots before an owner can be skipped. 
After the end of the first round, a schedule for the second and third rounds will be released. 
-Timeslots will be from 9-10 am EST to 9-10 PM EST.
The second and third round will be scheduled over four days, 12 owners a day. We can finish quicker since the next owner in line is free to pick. 
-Once a owner is skipped, other owners can continue to pick until the skipped owners next time slot.
A owner that misses their second round pick may be skipped until their third round pick. At that point, the draft will be stopped until the owner makes his two picks or a replacement owner is found.
10/15/2012 8:06 PM
Lottery Results (NOT DRAFT ORDER)

Pick 1: malone9975 
Pick 2: lilsarge_t 
Pick 3: jcred5 1
Pick 4: Ginandjuice1
Pick 5: Ashamael 
Pick 6: Badja 
Pick 7: coachcroft 
Pick 8: nazi_killer 
Pick 9: ktrudeau 
Pick 10: tanguma44 
Pick 11: grayfoxx 
Pick 12: natenoy 
Pick 13: krishnaman 
Pick 14: jcred5 2
Pick 15: Appleseed1 
Pick 16: eleibowitz 
Pick 17: Ginandjuice 2
Pick 18: banditone 
Pick 19: Seapilots 
Pick 20: logain 
Pick 21: slymonium 
Pick 22: felonius 
Pick 23: Coolmay_one 
Pick 24: dh555 

10/16/2012 11:01 PM (edited)

Round One

Pick 1: jcred5 1- Michael Jordan
Pick 2: Ginandjuice 1- LeBron James
Pick 3: Ashamael- Shaquille O'Neal
Pick 4: ktrudeau- Moses Malone
Pick 5: tanguma44- Wilt Chamberlain
Pick 6: grayfoxx- Charles Barkley
Pick 7: krishnaman- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 
Pick 8: Appleseed1 - Kevin Durant
Pick 9: eleibowitz - Dwight Howard
Pick 10: logain - Dennis Rodman
Pick 11: slymonium- Shawn Marion
Pick 12: felonius 1- Hakeem Olajuwon 
Pick 13: lilsarge_t- Julius Erving
Pick 14: Coolmay_one- Artis Gilmore
Pick 15: banditone- Larry Bird
Pick 16: dh555- Tim Duncan
Pick 17: Seapilots- David Robinson
Pick 18: Ginandjuice 2- Jason Kidd
Pick 19: jcred5 2- Magic Johnson
Pick 20: natenoy- Kevin Garnett
Pick 21: nazi_killer- Larry Nance
Pick 22: coachcroft- Dwayne Wade
Pick 23: Badja- Karl Malone
Pick 24: felonius 2- Chris Paul 

Round Two

1. (9-10am) felonius 2- Ben Wallace
2. (10-11am) Badja - Chauncey Billups
3. (11-12am) coachcroft - Buck Williams
4. (12-1pm) nazi_killer - Gary Payton
5. (1-2pm) natenoy- Oscar Robinson
6. (2-3pm) jcred5 2- Hersey Hawkins
7. (3-4pm) Ginandjuice 2- Marcus Camby
8. (4-5pm) seapilots- Scottie Pippen
9. (5-6pm) dh555- Dikembe Mutombo
10. (6-7pm) banditone- Deron Williams
11. (7-8pm) coolmay_one- Grant Hill
12. (8-9pm) lilsarge_t- John Stockton


13. (9-10am) felonius 1- Mookie Baylock
14. (10-11am) slymonium- Kobe Bryant
15. (11-12am) logain- Walt Bellamy
16. (12-1pm) eleibowitz- Horace Grant
17. (1-2pm) appleseed1- Bill Walton
18. (2-3pm) krishnaman- Robert Horry
19. (3-4pm) grayfoxx- Tree Rollins
20. (4-5pm) tanguma55- Tracy McGrady
21. (5-6pm) ktrudeau- Kevin Willis
22. (6-7pm) ashamael- Tyson Chandler
23. (7-8pm) ginandjuice 1- Shawn Kemp
24. (8-9pm) jcred5 1- Robert Parish

Round 3

1. (9-10am) felonius 2- Ray Allen
2. (10-11am) Badja- Elton Brand
3. (11-12am) coachcroft- Willis Reed
4. (12-1pm) nazi_killer- Jim Jackson
5. (1-2pm) natenoy- Amare Stoudemire
6. (2-3pm) jcred5 2- Dave Cowens
7. (3-4pm) Ginandjuice 2- Patrick Ewing
8. (4-5pm) seapilots- Charles Oakley
9. (5-6pm) dh555- Gerald Wallace
10. (6-7pm) banditone- Bob McAdoo
11. (7-8pm) coolmay_one- Wesley Person
12. (8-9pm) lilsarge_t- Peja Stojakovic


13. (9-10am) felonius
14. (10-11am) slymonium
15. (11-12am) logain
16. (12-1pm) eleibowitz
17. (1-2pm) appleseed1
18. (2-3pm) krishnaman
19. (3-4pm) grayfoxx
20. (4-5pm) tanguma55
21. (5-6pm) ktrudeau
22. (6-7pm) ashamael
23. (7-8pm) ginandjuice 1
24. (8-9pm) jcred5 1

10/21/2012 5:38 PM (edited)
Player List (Last Name, First Name)

Abdul- Jabbar, Kareem

Barkley, Charles
Bird, Larry
Billups, Chauncey

Chamberlain, Wilt

Durant, Kevin
Duncan, Tim

Erving, Julius


Garnett, Kevin
Gilmore, Artis

Howard, Dwight



James, LeBron
Johnson, Magic
Jordan, Michael

Kidd, Jason


Malone, Karl
Malone, Moses
Marion, Shawn

Nance, Larry

Olajuwon, Hakeem

Paul, Chris
Payton, Gary


Robinson, David
Rodman, Dennis





Wade, Dwayne
Wallace, Ben
Williams, Buck




10/19/2012 12:22 PM (edited)
10/15/2012 8:06 PM
If I can suggest something for the lottery that can be resolved tonight that is 99.9999% random, take Peyton Manning's passing yardage total for tonight's game and then use that as the starting point in the number of digits after the decimal point in pi. The first 24 digits from that point will determine our lottery number (used in the order of our names appearing above). The next 24 digits can be used to break ties.

here are the digits of pi:
10/15/2012 9:23 PM
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the top middle and bottom can be isolated... the luckiest top people can be grouped in order, the luckiest bottom in reverse order from bottom, and the luckiest middle is the middlest
10/15/2012 9:48 PM
Don't make it harder than it needs to be.  Plug each of our names into the list randomizer at and generate a list.  Then put each person in the appropriate spot in the draft.  For example:

slymonium:  closer to top
felonius:  closer to top
banditone:  closer to middle
seapilots:  closer to bottom
Ginandjuice2:  closer to bottom

Say random .org returns our random list as banditone, then felonius, then slymonium, seapilots then Ginandjuice2 as the selection order.

banditone would pick at 12 (since he wants closer to middle)
felonius would pick at 1(since he wants closer to the top)
slymonium would pick at 2 (since he wants closer to the top)
seapilots would pick at 24 (since he wants closer to the bottom)
Ginandjuice2 would pick at 23 (since he wants closer to the bottom)

10/15/2012 11:00 PM
Thanks sly, I went with
Pick 1: jcred5 (Top)
Pick 2: Gin (Top)
Pick 3: Ashamael 
Pick 4: ktrudeau 
Pick 5: tanguma44 
Pick 6: grayfoxx 
Pick 7: krishnaman 
Pick 8: eleibowitz 
Pick 9: logain 
Pick 10: slymonium 
Pick 11: felonius 
Pick 12: Coolmay_one 
Pick 13: lilsarge_t   
Pick 14: banditone 
Pick 15: dh555 
Pick 16: Seapilots 
Pick 17: Gin (Bottom)
Pick 18: Appleseed1    
Pick 19: jcred5 (Bottom)   
Pick 20: natenoy    
Pick 21: nazi_killer     
Pick 22: coachcroft    
Pick 23: Badja    
Pick 24: malone9975    
10/16/2012 3:21 PM
Ok so jcred is up and we can start drafting right?
10/16/2012 3:57 PM
I got numero 5!! :)
10/16/2012 5:01 PM
This is A B B, right?
10/16/2012 5:03 PM
hey, Ash!! you're a lucky fella when it comes to drafting In The ELO twice. ahead of me and once one spot behind I think top 5 or so all of them...
10/16/2012 5:05 PM
Wow - this is harder than I thought.  Brings new meaning to worrying about blocks in your draft..... I'll take someone shortly.
10/16/2012 5:40 PM
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