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I thought we started this auction with the goals of 40 players and $1000, but now that beernoser(and others) already have 40 with some money left over the new goal is 50 players???????
So, does this mean we dont HAVE to sign 25 players?? We can spend all 1000 on just 22 players since *anyone under 33 players* can sign FA after the draft to get their roster up to 33?
11/24/2012 12:03 PM
""This is where I will post the daily auction nominees and also the winning bids.

Please e-mail me your bids at [email protected]

If for whatever reason you can't e-mail me, you can sitemail me. I just don't want to get hundreds of sitemails as they will scroll off my system. For me the best way to structure your e-mail is to just copy my ballot and put your bids on them and paste int onto an e-mail,

Some reminders.

Each team has 1,000 to spend.

There is not a limit to the number of players you can own, but in February you won't be able to have more than 40.

In February you will get a chance to sign people to multi-year contracts. This will not increase your current year budget. If you digned a guy for 23, and decide to sign him for three years, his first year salary will be 23.

In October after seeing how your players perform you will have to resign or cut all your players who have expiring contracts. If you decide to resign them at that point, you will have to raise their salaries.

Please ask any questions.  ""


This is from the top of the auction thread.  I thought I said you need at least 25 players, but it looks like I didn't.  I assumeed everyone would save money to buy 40.

I still think you must buy at least 25 since that rule has already been enforced on some owners.

The 50 suggestion is just because I don't want people using their leftover  47 to buy 47 extra unowned players for 1 each just to cut down to 40 in February. It seems like a lot of work for nothing.  My thinking on going over 40 originally was that if someone was saving up to buy Matt Wieters and then lost him, they might end up without a catcher, so they could buy a couple of marginal ones and then try to get Wieders, then drop the marginal ones in Febraury.  I was thinking someone might get 42-43 players. I didn't think of someone with extra money buying 90 players which I think will be a real pain since you have to cut down to 40 before spring training starts anyway.

I'm sure the rules seem haphazard. That's just because they are haphazard.

This is an entirely new concept. I tried to think all the possibilities out in my head for months before the league started, but situations still came up that I hadn't thought of. 

We'll really find out if the league works in October when everyone decides on their contracts.
11/24/2012 1:48 PM

Beer $51
Ben $ 2
Brucel NONE
Diggin $10
DD $59
fillies NONE
genius $3
grayfoxx $27
jonas NONE
jon NONE
jrnyfan NONE

loudawg $3
oli $52
parking31 $15
pmars $5
rejay NONE
rls1 NONE
sczub $13
spid24 $1
todd NONE
wwolf $47
11/29/2012 4:39 AM (edited)
12/5/2012 1:29 PM
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Beernoser's Current Contract League Roster Thread Topic

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