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The '92 election is one of those things I have a strange obsession about (especially strange considering I was 2 at the time).  It really is the last time a 3rd party had a legitimate chance at winning.  Perot received around 19% of the popular vote.  Although he did not get any of the electoral vote, he did disrupt things.  Clinton had the least percentage of popular vote for a winner since Woodrow Wilson in 1912.  Perot was actually considered to have an actual chance a few months before the election, but he was later perceived to not have specific enough strategies.  To try to clear this up he appeared on TV a ton, but was not able to win back the support. 
Here's the debates from that year.  I find it kind of sad that many of the same issues are the same as the ones we are dealing with today.  Anyways, if you have a bunch of free time I recommend listening or watching these.  All three of these guys are entertaining. 
Debate 1
Debate 2  (This is the best and I think one of the first townhalls ever)
Debate 3
(I've posted some nerdy things but this may be my most nerdy)
10/29/2012 11:41 PM
he actually was considered to have an actual chance for a good while, i think i was like 8 (well, 92... ok 6. but still, i remember skipping soccer to go to his rally with my family, on the way to a travel soccer game, and have a number of other memories of that election). anyway, i think at the time he dropped out of the race, because of some family issues with his daughter or something, he was actually in 2nd place, in front of clinton (behind bush... it was like 38, 33, 31 or something - i know that doesnt quite add up but its close, and i think that was pretty close to where they were). 

the general theory at the time, if i remember correctly, is that had perot not dropped out, bush would have almost surely won again.

ironically, the one race i really would be excited about, were it happening now, because i loved the 3rd party candidate option - could actual end or prevent the presidency of my favorite dem and rep presidents of the last 30 years. IMO the bush/clinton election was the best, in terms of candidates, that weve had in a while  - although im not a HUGE fan of bush the 1st, i was really happy of the way he handled desert storm, its the kind of thing that makes you proud to be an american (man, i wish i could think of more things our presidents did that made me feel that way!). and although im also not a HUGE fan of clinton, i have to give him 2 thumbs up for reforming welfare as a democrat, and for giving us a number of years of balanced budgets and/or surpluses. its sad to me to compare our last two president to that pair - think dems and republicans, as often as they dont agree, mostly agree on that.(i know pretty many on both sides of the aisle, but very few republicans who like GW better than his dad - maybe 2?, and not even one democrat who prefers obama over clinton). maybe if we can find some common groud, and all agree politicans are only getting worse (scary thought, given the status quo), we can agree to get rid of them all? or something?
10/29/2012 11:57 PM (edited)
Voting for the 'lesser of two evils"  continually lowers the standards for politicians in our country.  It's a large contributor to the dumbing down of our government.  We shouldn't settle when voting for leadership.  If you truly believe (naively in my opinion) that either Obama or Romney is the best candidate and would make a great President, then by all means vote Dem or GOP with a clear conscience.  But if you're voting for one because you think he'll do less damage than the other, then you are doing yourself and the process a disservice.  

I'm not delusional, I know that none of those other four candidates have a chance in hell at winning this election.  I'm thinking ahead to the next election and the one in eight years, twelve years and beyond.  Keep voting for the lesser of two evils and that will always be your only option.  Vote for an alternative candidate this year (again, not just for president, but down-ticket as well) so that we can get more of these options in future elections.
10/30/2012 10:45 AM
You guys are freaking ridiculous... how did you get to page 4 talking about lessor known candidates and not mention Vermin Supreme.

I'm disappointed in all of you.
10/30/2012 11:27 AM
I love how they hid this thread after seble makes an appearance on the forum and doesn't reply to any of our comments
10/30/2012 9:51 PM
i think it got voted down due to my incessant rambling.
10/30/2012 9:59 PM
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