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is it just me or does anyone know how palm beach won the title   been playing this for a while and have never seen a team go deep yet win it all where quickest player on court is a 60    in Wooden they would get crushed       we were just okay this year and got to final four so maybe numbers in this world are not high this season   but they are winning battle of boards again with numbers that don't seem that good

congrats to them but i have looked several times at their roster  wondering if any of the old timers here are wondering like i am

how the hell did this team even compete yet win a title  ?????  they seem average at best
11/9/2012 8:50 AM
I had the same thought, no disrespect intended to their coach.  I've had that happen a handful of times over many seasons, teams that win that don't quite add up to me.  Sometimes you just put the pieces together in the right way, and it might not be obvious why it is the right way.  I mean they won all season when they played good teams, so I don't think the NT was a fluke for them.

But I'd love to hear someone explain why they're better than I think they are.  I used to think these situations suggested there was a hidden "player chemistry" factor, but I realize that's probably not true.

11/9/2012 4:44 PM
thx for reply  yu have been a stud at this  -  and that team is not great by any means  and they beat few good teams during year  did see that some of the top teams were not dominate so maybe this world was rather low this year    but still    never seen any team even close to these numbers and know some of my other squads would run them out of gym  -  at least i think so  : )  bottom line is that he has a title and the DICKS have zero   bunch of wins mean nothing and we have consistently disappeared or played a poor game in final 4's   so guess we just need to get much better here and give it another go  good luck to you spas
11/9/2012 7:07 PM
I looked at that team too... I didn't think it was the strongest NT champion either.  I don't have any insights, but thought I would acknowledge your post.  It seems to me that some coaches just push the right buttons.  Obviously your team (mfnmyers) came within a hair of knocking him off. 

I often wonder how many teams can realistically win the title each year... I used to feel that after the regular season I could narrow it down to 2-3 teams that would win it.  But after seeing so many dominate teams get knocked out earlier than I expected, and seeing my own team go farther at times when I don't expect it.... I figure there are about 5-7 teams each season that can make the run. 

In D2 Iba this year, my conference mate (bbunch, a great coach) won the title with 8 underclassmen and a 24-10 record!  I think he was stunned.  Was he the best team?  Probably not... but like the real NCAA I think quirky things happen sometimes in this simulation.  I've started to take it a lot less personally when I lose (although I am still obsessed with the game, and definitely hoping to win a few more titles!).  I especially take it less personally when I see a coach like Spasticity - who I think is clearly one of the best - lose games that I thought he would crush the opponent (last year in Rupp D3 for example). 

11/10/2012 11:27 AM
While there's no such thing as team chemistry in WIS, it is still a mathematics-based game.  Sometimes, one group of numbers just mesh together better than another group, even when they appear to be inferior.
11/10/2012 12:27 PM
numbers and a title Topic

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