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This Thread will post the Available Rookies & Cuts (and prior year Undrafted) players for the 2002 Draft.

"Rules for determining draft order:

The draft order is determined by first generating the order for the first round.  That order is based generally on each team's regular season record, with the exception of the two Super Bowl contestants, who are placed at the end of the draft order.  Tiebreakers and specifics are as follows:

1. The winners of the Super Bowl are given the last selection and the losers the second to last selection.

2. Teams that made the playoffs are then ordered by how they performed in the playoffs.  The conference championship losers recieve the third and fourth to last selections.  Next are the four teams who lost in the divisional round, followed by the four teams who lost in the wild card round.  Each team is ordered within this primary order by their regular-season record.

3. Teams that did not make the playoffs are ordered by their regular-season record.

4. Remaining ties are broken by strength of schedule.  For draft order, a lower strength of schedule results in an earlier pick.  If strength of schedule does not resolve a tie, division and/or conference tiebreakers may be used.  If the tie still cannot be broker, a coin toss is used to determine draft order.  (Note: Strength of schedule is the combined records of the team's 16 opponents, including games played against the team in question, and counting divisional opponents twice.  Because of this, each team's opponents' combined wins and losses - counting a tie as a half-win, half-loss - will add up to 256, so a team whose opponents had more combined wins has a better strength of schedule.)"


11/9/2012 9:41 AM (edited)

Defenses (10):

D Arizona Cardinals NFL Cut $16,954,000
D Atlanta Falcons NFL Cut $23,988,000
D Cincinnati Bengals NFL Cut $17,108,000
D Cleveland Browns  NFL Cut $22,894,000
D Detroit Lions NFL Cut $17,085,000
D Houston Texans Rookie $23,105,000
D Indianapolis Colts NFL Cut $23,145,000
D Minnesota Vikings NFL Cut $16,779,000
D New Orleans Saints NFL Cut $20,743,000
D St. Louis Rams NFL Cut $20,556,000
12/5/2012 7:09 PM (edited)

Offensive Lines (9):

OL Arizona Cardinals NFL Cut $3,310,000
OL Atlanta Falcons NFL Cut $4,108,750
OL Baltimore Ravens NFL Cut $3,405,500
OL Carolina Panthers Rookie $2,500,500
OL Cleveland Browns Rookie $3,574,250
OL Detroit Lions NFL Cut $4,199,250
OL Houston Texans Rookie $1,260,250
OL Seattle Seahawks NFL Cut $3,977,000
OL Tennessee Titans NFL Cut $4,334,750
12/5/2012 3:09 PM (edited)

Special Teams (10):

ST Carolina Panthers NFL Cut $3,181,000
ST Cincinnati Bengals NFL Cut $2,317,000
ST Cleveland Browns NFL Cut $3,409,000
ST Denver Broncos NFL Cut $3,547,000
ST Green Bay Packers NFL Cut $2,395,000
ST Houston Texans Rookie $3,178,000
ST Indianapolis Colts NFL Cut $3,301,000
ST Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Cut $2,983,000
ST Minnesota Vikings NFL Cut $3,262,000
ST Oakland Raiders NFL Cut $2,488,000
12/7/2012 11:39 PM (edited)
Franchises (8):

F Atlanta Falcons
F Carolina Panthers
F Cleveland Browns
F Denver Broncos
F Houston Texans
F Jacksonville Jaguars
F New Orleans Saints
F Seattle Seahawks
11/9/2012 3:46 PM (edited)

Rookies (11):

QB Brees, Drew  Purdue  $4,754,180
QB Bulger, Marc  West Virginia  $2,926,487
QB Burris, Henry  Temple $325,000
QB Carr, David  Fresno St. $2,902,395
QB Fasani, Randy  Stanford $325,000
QB Garrard, David  East Carolina $325,000
QB Harrington, Joey  Oregon $2,596,353
QB Hutchinson, Chad  Stanford $2,037,642
QB Ramsey, Patrick  Tulane $1,985,550
QB Rattay, Tim  Louisiana Tech $325,000
QB Redman, Chris  Louisville  $1,553,610
12/8/2012 6:14 PM (edited)

Cuts (3):

QB Lucas, Ray  NFL Cut $1,030,340
QB Pederson, Doug  NFL Cut $325,000
QB Wuerffel, Danny  NFL Cut $464,440
12/7/2012 2:14 PM (edited)
Running Backs:

Rookies (28):

RB Anderson, Damien  Northwestern $574,289
RB Betts, Ladell  Iowa $1,853,521
RB Blaylock, Derrick  Stephen F. Austin $713,476
RB Brown, Dee  Syracuse  $2,004,004
RB Cartwright, Rock  Kansas St. $708,771
RB Cooper, Rafael  Louisville $515,869
RB Davenport, Najeh  Miami (FL) $1,120,077
RB Duckett, T.J.  Michigan St. $2,402,230
RB Evans, Heath  Auburn $658,362
RB Finn, Jim  Pennsylvania $453,251
RB Fisher, Tony  Notre Dame $1,765,951
RB Gordon, Lamar  North Dakota St. $1,967,442
RB Green, William  Boston College $3,800,593
RB Hodgins, James  San Jose St. $545,180
RB Johnson, Rudi  Auburn $682,646
RB Luchey, Nick  Miami (FL) $692,798
RB Morris, Maurice  Oregon  $934,521
RB Mungro, James  Syracuse $1,818,633
RB Peterson, Adrian  Georgia Southern $753,756
RB Portis, Clinton  Miami (FL) $6,947,999
RB Ricard, Alan  Louisiana-Monroe $779,474
RB Shipp, Marcel  Louisiana Tech $4,642,033
RB Simon, John  Louisiana Tech $819,854
RB Stackhouse, Charles  Mississippi  $643,026
RB Taylor, Chester  Toledo  $1,133,529
RB Watson, Kenny  Penn St. $3,282,477
RB Wells, Jonathan  Ohio St. $2,209,487
RB Westbrook, Brian  Villanova $1,271,940
12/7/2012 11:40 PM (edited)
Running Backs:

Cuts (12):

RB Bennett, Sean  NFL Cut $418,273
RB Christian, Bob  NFL Cut $1,146,735
RB Edwards, Robert  NFL Cut $1,192,442
RB Goings, Nick  NFL Cut $1,411,620
RB Jervey, Travis  NFL Cut $325,000
RB Kirby, Terry  NFL Cut $921,589
RB Martin, Cecil  NFL Cut $717,187
RB Pritchett, Stanley  NFL Cut $868,518
RB Richardson, Tony  NFL Cut $1,078,807
RB Ritchie, Jon  NFL Cut $553,874
RB Smith, Terrelle  NFL Cut $521,289
RB Sowell, Jerald  NFL Cut $559,383
12/7/2012 11:41 PM (edited)
Wide Recievers:

Rookies (38):

WR Baker, Robert  Auburn $325,000
WR Boerigter, Marc  Hastings  $844,179
WR Branch, Deion  Louisville $1,275,225
WR Bryant, Antonio  Pittsburgh $1,654,780
WR Caldwell, Reche  Florida $684,859
WR Campbell, Kelly  Georgia Tech  $443,117
WR Carter, Tim  Auburn $325,000
WR Davis, Andre' Virginia Tech $1,192,844
WR Davis, Nick  Wisconsin  $325,000
WR Doering, Chris  Florida $566,067
WR Drummond, Eddie  Penn St. $325,000
WR Ferguson, Robert  Texas A&M $770,434
WR Gaffney, Jabar  Florida $1,355,863
WR Givens, David  Notre Dame $325,000
WR Hunter, Javin  Notre Dame $325,000
WR Hymes, Randy  Grambling St.  $325,000
WR Jackson, Arnold  Louisville $325,000
WR Jackson, Frisman  Western Illinois  $325,000
WR James, Cedric  TCU $325,000
WR Johnson, Ron  Minnesota $327,465
WR Jones, Daryl  Miami (FL) $325,000
WR Kasper, Kevin  Iowa  $501,486
WR Knight, Marcus  Michigan $325,000
WR Lelie, Ashley  Hawaii  $1,283,508
WR Lewis, Michael  none  $354,195
WR McAddley, Jason  Alabama $876,601
WR McCants, Darnerien  Delaware St. $705,429
WR Merritt, Ahmad  Wisconsin  $401,056
WR Murphy, Yo  Idaho  $325,000
WR Parker, Eric  Tennessee  $627,747
WR Poole, Nathan  Marshall  $377,974
WR Rambo, Ken-Yon  Ohio St. $500,130
WR Randle El, Antwaan  Indiana  $1,441,980
WR Reed, Josh  LSU  $1,286,735
WR Soliday, Jake  Northern Iowa  $325,000
WR Stallworth, Donte Tennessee $1,349,820
WR Walker, Javon  Florida St. $806,353
WR Wilson, Cedrick  Tennessee $495,924
12/9/2012 9:23 AM (edited)
Wide Recievers:

Cuts (16):

WR Bailey, Karsten  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Berlin, Eddie  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Black, Avion  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Carter, Cris  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Farmer, Danny  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Gaylor, Trevor  NFL Cut $926,718
WR Hankton, Karl  NFL Cut $337,585
WR Johnson, Charles  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Johnson, Patrick  NFL Cut $369,657
WR King, Andre  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Lewis, Jermaine  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Mitchell, Freddie  NFL Cut $353,234
WR Montgomery, Scottie  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Walsh, Chris  NFL Cut $468,138
WR Ward, Dedric  NFL Cut $575,365
WR Wilkins, Terrence  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Williams, James  NFL Cut $325,000
12/9/2012 9:23 AM (edited)
Tight Ends:

Rookies (22):

TE Baber, Billy  Virginia $325,000
TE Baker, Chris  Michigan St. $325,000
TE Davenport, Joe Dean  Arkansas  $325,000
TE Gilmore, John  Penn St. $344,607
TE Graham, Daniel  Colorado $470,636
TE Hannam, Ryan  Northern Iowa  $325,000
TE Holloway, Jabari  Notre Dame  $325,000
TE Jolley, Doug  BYU $1,084,108
TE Jones, John  Indiana (PA)  $325,000
TE Jones, Terry  Alabama  $336,082
TE Luzar, Chris  Virginia  $325,000
TE Lyman, Dustin  Wake Forest $418,648
TE McMichael, Randy  Georgia $1,304,140
TE Norman, Josh  Oklahoma $528,976
TE Owens, John  Notre Dame $325,000
TE Peelle, Justin  Oregon $325,000
TE Roberg, Mike  Idaho $325,000
TE Sanders, Darnell  Ohio St. $325,000
TE Schobel, Matt  TCU  $790,851
TE Shockey, Jeremy  Miami (FL) $1,885,590
TE Stevens, Jerramy  Washington $811,792
TE Whalen, James  Kentucky  $513,004
12/9/2012 9:21 AM (edited)
Tight Ends:

Cuts (6):

TE Baxter, Fred  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Cushing, Matt  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Davis, Tyrone  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Hall, Lamont  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Martin, David  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Rasby, Walter  NFL Cut $325,000
12/9/2012 9:22 AM (edited)

Rookies (8):

K Bryant, Matt  Baylor $2,906,142
K Cortez, Jose  Oregon St. $2,128,290
K Cundiff, Billy  Drake $2,616,540
K Graham, Shayne  Virginia Tech $1,640,040
K Gramatica, Bill  South Florida $2,965,290
K Hall, John  Wisconsin $2,846,250
K Seder, Tim  Ashland  $2,546,790
K Tuthill, James  Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo  $2,567,250
12/8/2012 10:02 AM (edited)

Cuts (4):

K Edinger, Paul  NFL Cut $3,383,790
K Feely, Jay  NFL Cut $2,596,824
K Hollis, Mike  NFL Cut $2,756,040
K Peterson, Todd  NFL Cut $1,391,358
12/4/2012 12:54 PM (edited)
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