2001 + Auction/Free Agency League (** FULL ! **) Topic

$100 Million 2001 & Beyond ! Free Agent Auction League

* All teams will have $100 Milion Salary Cap of Auction Money per team each Season. We'll hold an Initial Auction of 2001 database players. Bids will be in $100K minimum increments. After the Auction, teams set Cotracts of 1-5 years for each of your players. Max contracts will expire after 5 years to put stars like Pujos & everyone else back on the open market for Auction every 5 years.

* For a look at the layout of the 20 Days of Players up for Auction click on this Link to the Forum:
2001 + Free Agency Auction Thread (24 IN)

* Going into 2002 we will bid on 2002 Rookies & Free Agents with what money you have left in our $100 million budgets after our payroll is calculated. Everyone will be allowed to carry 33 players at one time. If you go broke, we'll hold a draft at the very end sign players to max 1 year contracts.

* 24 team League.
* Up to 33 Rostered Players allowed per team (8 players that you can add as AAA and bring up as needed.)

* NL- no DH. AL will vote on if they want a DH with a traditional 4 game inter-league crossover.
* Pick a City/Stadium upon signup.


Phase I- 2001 Initial Player Auction
We will start with the 2001 season. Everyone has $100 million to Bid on a Roster of up to 33 players.A
ll of the WIS database players from 2001 will be posted alphabetically by position each day.  Everyone can bid on these players by sending me a Silent Auction Sitemail listing the guys they want to bid on and how much you are bidding. The lowest bid/salary allowable will be in increments of $100K ($100,000). The highest bid sent each day wins that player. The deadline each day will be midnight (EST). I will then post the winning bids in the Auction Forum every night, hopefully before 1am (EST) or soon thereafter.

If 2 or more owners tie on any player, that player will be rolled over to the next day- BUT ONLY the owners that were in the tie may upbid on that player. If no one upbids on that player the next day, the player will be thrown back into the pool at the end of the Auction.

CONTINGENCY BIDS- If multiple players are up for bid on the same day that you'd like to bid on but you don't want to win BOTH of them, you can state a priority list of player A, B, C, ect. A Contingency Bid could be stated like: "Bid $10.5 million on Tom Seaver & $8.5 million on Don Sutton. If I am the winning bid on Seaver, please withdraw my bid on Sutton"

To keep me honest, I will send my bids the night before to a trusted Hall of Famer in the League. I will keep track of everyone’s Roster with Cash Spent & Cash Available in a separate thread to make it easy for everyone to keep track of what you’ve spent so far and how much you’ve got left to spend. You must field at least 25 players, so if you spend too much too soon, you will be limited to $100,000 bids only on as many spots up to 25 as your salary cap will allow. If you have enough cash- you can Draft up to 33 players. The sim will let you carry 8 extra AAA slots of your choice for 33 total active players each season. (If you somehow burn through all your money without being able to field enough PA's or IP- we will allow those owners to pick up a couple of 1 year players at the very end of the Auction as fillers. Draft order will be determined by who went broke last.)


Phase 2- Assign Contract Lengths

Once the Auction is over, we will assign contract lengths. The minimum contract for a player would be 1 year, the maximum contract length will be 5 YEARS. However much you won your player for will be their salary for the duration of the contract you decide to assign them to. If for example you won Albert Pujols for $18.5 million and wanted to sign him to a 5 year deal, he would make $18.5 million of your $100 million budget in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. On the flip side- if you win a player for $100 K that has an awesome 2003 season, you can sign him for 3 years at $100 K a season, so there will be some interesting strategy involved in who you bid on & how much.

* IF A PLAYER gets INJURED or is missing a WIS database season that you have him signed to, you are still liable for his contract salary that season, and he will still count against your 33 man Roster, just like in real life. You CAN outright release a player to free up a Roster spot, making him a free agent, but you will still be liable for that player's salary.
* Players receiving NO Bids will be rolled out again at the very end of the Auction for guys that may need filler players. Day 21 will be for owners who still have cash to spend, Day 22- Draft up to 33 players - draft order determined by (1) Who if anyone has the most $$ remaining Drafts first.
(2) Who went broke the last. (3) If 2 or more people went broke the same day- I'll do a random.org to decide the Draft Order.

Phase 3- 2002 & Beyond !
All NEW WIS database players as Rookies or guys that didn't have a 2001 WIS database season that hit the WIS database in 2002, 2003, 2004 ect. will be free agents along with all players whose contracts have expired, so going into each new season instead of a Draft we will have a new silent auction to Bid on Rookies & Free Agents each new season.

Trades ARE allowed, both before the season starts and during the season, but both teams involved in any trades MUST stay at or under the $100 million Salary Cap. Also, all teams must not exceed the 33 Rostered player maximum. You may outright release a player to make Roster room- but you will still be liable for the remainder of that player's contract against your anual $100 million budget for the duration of that player's contract.


1/19/2013 1:49 AM (edited)
* for allignment- we'll keep things as close to real life as possible.
* DH TBD by A.L. League Owners & Vote if necessary.  (NO DH in NL)

                            Sign Ups with City/Stadiums

(1)  toddleduc-  Montreal 
(2)  Oli35-  New York  (Shea)
(3)  chargingryno-  Chicago  (Wrigley Field)
(4)  joshkvt-  Kansas City (No DH)
(5)  jrnyfan01- Oakland  (Yes DH)
(6)  jeffc7823-  Texas
(7)  Pubs-  Seattle  (No DH)
(8)  yatagon-  Batimore  (No DH)
(9)  fillies-  Philadelphia
(10)  szczubelek-  Detroit  (Yes DH)
(11)  calhoop-  Minnesota  (Yes DH)
(12)  just4me-  Toronto  (No DH)
(13)  Unnaturals-  Yankee Stadium  (Yes DH)
(14)  rickysdad44-  Los Angeles  (Dodger)
(15)  DougsDawgs-  Cleveland  (Yes DH)
(16)  cholatse- San Francisco
(17)  oakgrove32-  San Diego
(18)  dskantor- Atlanta
(19)  Robin4- Tampa  (No DH)
(20)  Blue Tufts- Pittsburgh 
(21)  tajohn- Cincinnati
(22)  bargearse- Colorado
(23)  flbarons- Houston  (No DH)
(24)  coldfeet- Milwaukee

* Available city/stadiums:
Montreal, Florida, St. Louis, Arizona, Boston, Chicago (AL), Anaheim,


National League East 
(1) fillies-  Philadelphia
(2) dskantor- Atlanta
(3) toddleduc- Montreal
(4) Oli35- New York (Shea)

National League Central
(1) chargingryno-  Chicago  (Wrigley Field)
(2) Blue Tufts- Pittsburgh 
(3) tajohn- Cincinnati
(4) coldfeet- Milwaukee



National League West 
(1) rickysdad44-  Los Angeles (Dodger)
(2) cholatse- San Francisco
(3) oakgrove32- San Diego
(4) bargearse- Colorado


American League East 
(1) yatagon-  Batimore  (No DH)
(2) just4me-  Toronto  (No DH)
(3) Unnaturals-  Yankee Stadium- (Yes DH)
(4) Robin4-  Tampa  (No DH)

American League Central
(1) szczubelek-  Detroit  (Yes DH)
(2) calhoop-  Minnesota  (Yes DH)
(3) DougsDawgs-  Cleveland  (Yes DH) 
(4) joshkvt- Kansas City (No DH)

American League West 
(1) jeffc7823-  Texas  (Yes DH)
(2) Pubs-  Seattle  (No DH)
(3) flbarons- Houston  (No DH)
(4) jrnyfan01- Oakland  (Yes DH)

Sitemail List-
toddleduc; Oli35; chargingryno; joshkvt; jrnyfan01; jeffc7823; Pubs; yatagon; fillies; szczubelek; calhoop; just4me; Unnaturals; rickysdad44; DougsDawgs; cholatse; oakgrove32; dskantor; Robin4; BlueTufts; tajohn; bargearse; flbarons; coldfeet

1/22/2013 11:35 AM (edited)
* If enough people want NO DH at all- we can do away with it alltogether- I just wanted to have the crossover option both for realism & for those that do like having a DH
11/12/2012 9:43 PM
TRADES - during the auction??

Is this associated with the ad in the *Live Classifieds*??
11/12/2012 10:28 PM
No- this will be a NON-Live League.  I do play a lot of LIVE but it's a shrinking community over there where good League ideas go to die, lol... As far as Trades during the Auction- yes, they will be allowed subject to League members/commish aproval.  I pretty much got screwwed over in Beernoser's 2012 because I (a) coudn't put a contingency bid and won BOTH Cueto & Darvish on top of Matt Cain leaving me without any legitimate means financially to build a legitamately competitive team.  Allowing both Contingency Bids & in-auction trades should prevent anyone from being backed into that corner.   
11/13/2012 9:15 AM
Can I make a suggestion?----------- Dont use an alpha list, list them by salary.....it might make it a bit easier to plan out our drafts, and it doesnt have to be listed by position(just hitters/pitchers), just take the top X number of salaries each day. That way you dont have to wait around for Trout, Verlander, Votto, etc.
11/13/2012 11:40 AM
I considered that but my worry there is that all the big name players will all be up for bid on the first few days rather than staggered out... I can divide the all positions by 20 so we can get the Auction wrapped up in 20 days... (And we're starting with 2001 so there will be a lot more predictability and strategy/planning) 
11/13/2012 3:03 PM
I love auctions. I am in
11/14/2012 9:31 PM
put me down - I don't know for sure that I have the time haha but I can't pass up on this league -

I'll take Chicago/Wrigley before my brother does!
11/14/2012 9:55 PM
welocome Oli, chargingryno & joshkvt & jrnyfan01 via sitemail ! 
11/14/2012 10:42 PM
I'm in and I'll take Texas and Ameriquest Field/Ballpark in Arlington or whatever it's called now.  I would prefer to have DH in the AL.
11/15/2012 12:07 PM
awesome Jeff- you got it man !
11/15/2012 12:14 PM
welcome to Pubs via sitemail
11/15/2012 11:42 PM
Thanks Todd. Great league concept - never done an auction on WIS. Put me down for Seattle.

Here's a first timer Q: how does the person collecting silent auction bids place their own bids on players?
11/16/2012 8:43 AM (edited)
Posted by toddleduc on 11/13/2012 3:03:00 PM (view original):
I considered that but my worry there is that all the big name players will all be up for bid on the first few days rather than staggered out... I can divide the all positions by 20 so we can get the Auction wrapped up in 20 days... (And we're starting with 2001 so there will be a lot more predictability and strategy/planning) 
Like your idea of staggering.
11/16/2012 8:42 AM
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