Who, if anyone, should I redshirt? Topic

Here are the ratings, including potentials, for the 11 scholarship players on my Queens team:

  John Coletti Vincent Fischer William Pasley Marvin Munsey Matthew Chai Daniel Slater Garrett Earnest Ronald Moore Paul Denny Ronald Kline James Williams
  Sr Fr Fr Sr So Fr Fr Sr/5 Jr (Inel) Jr Fr
Athleticism 64 30 56 59 59 68 92 81 75 79 51
Speed 73 64 75 84 62 39 20 26 27 17 20
Rebounding 5 1 14 1 7 10 20 92 78 79 64
Defense 63 49 47 47 46 64 67 99 86 63 46
Shot Blocking 21 1 1 19 2 11 15 44 52 69 53
Low-post 20 14 2 59 34 21 10 43 42 67 45
Perimeter 61 44 29 69 45 57 13 21 51 12 19
Ball Handling 80 60 64 56 73 27 38 40 32 1 2
Passing 63 43 65 62 65 42 45 28 37 2 31
Work Ethic 37 61 48 63 56 22 28 59 31 53 63
Stamina 70 67 69 78 76 63 57 74 64 77 51
Durability 63 37 45 74 39 37 32 35 26 64 54
FT Shooting B- C C B- C+ C+ C- B- D C C-

I also signed an INEL and he opted not to show up.  Not really important.  What I do want to know is whether or not  the veteran coaches would redshirt a guy, and which one to pick.  Right now my lineup looks like this:

PG: Coletti, Chai, Pasley, Munsey
SG: Munsey, Chai, Coletti, Pasley
SF: Pasley, Slater, Earnest, Denny
PF: Denny, Moore, Williams, Earnest
C: Moore, Kline, Denny, Williams

This lineup reflects the fact that I intended to redshirt Fischer since it left me with 4 capable guards.  Unfortunately he dropped 25 points of WE, which was a little bit more than I was comfortable with allowing.  So I'll be factoring him into the lineup.  Given that I have guards, he'll likely see most of his time at SF, where I already have 2 freshmen likely eating a big chunk of the minutes.  Should I redshirt one of those guys?  That would be Slater or Earnest, Pasley was a RS last season.  If I work Fischer in, as of now, he or Earnest will be receiving very few minutes.  On the other hand, stamina is nowhere in the vicinity of a strength of this team, and we do play press, so going 10 deep might even be a little risky.  My other true freshman, Williams, is not really an option for a RS since he's my 4th true post and likely to be getting 15+ minutes right off the bat.  So thoughts?  Should I RS Earnest?  Should I jump up the depth chart and RS Slater?  Or keep 11 and try to work them into the lineup at the 2 or the 4?  Certainly Fischer can log a few minutes at the 2 if needed, and most likely Earnest could play a few minutes at the 4, although the rebounding hit would be significant.
11/14/2012 12:01 PM (edited)
I would go with Earnest.  With the lower end work ethic he may not improve much more than 25 or 30 attribute points in year one, but the IQ he gains in the extra year will really pay dividends.  
11/13/2012 8:20 PM
Assuming the green is high, you should absolutely redshirt Earnst.  With his work Ethic he may never reach his potential in all those categories, so the more time he has on the team the better.  Hopefully after the redshirt year he will be capable of starting.  Then, maybe he can reach all those potentials in time for the NT his senior year

Are his low post and perimeter high-high.  If his speed is high-high, he can be an amazing small forward!

Then again, if you need a starting big man Williams can be a definitely be a four year starter with that WE and a red shirt.

Well, I guess I'm no help.  That must be why you asked for the advice of veteran coaches.  I probably should have listened.

11/13/2012 8:32 PM
Agree, if Earnest is going to be buried on your depth chart, you may as well shirt him.
11/13/2012 8:46 PM
I see it was Earnest, and that's a fine choice. I'd have left it on Fischer. His WE dropped to 36? That's not ideal, but still viable, and he's only got a few highs anyway...
11/14/2012 7:08 AM

It would be crazy not to RS someone here if you had the opportunity to. Earnest is a solid choice.

11/14/2012 9:21 AM
Posted by dacj501 on 11/14/2012 7:08:00 AM (view original):
I see it was Earnest, and that's a fine choice. I'd have left it on Fischer. His WE dropped to 36? That's not ideal, but still viable, and he's only got a few highs anyway...
One more than you saw, for some reason his ATH didn't copy, but it's 30, high.
11/14/2012 11:58 AM
i was going to say, why redshirt earnest when you can redshirt fisher? at least if he has high/high per. you basically want to redshirt your best players, and your best scorers (some combination of those two factors, and i guess, who you NEED to play - but you shouldnt really NEED most FR to play).

given that you cant redshirt fishcer, i think earnest will serve...
11/14/2012 12:13 PM
Who, if anyone, should I redshirt? Topic

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