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Anyone else still struggling to recruit against sim's? Usually when there are 3 sims on a player I hit them with 2-3 5 cv's and poof all are gone, maybe one will hang around. Another 5 and that sim is gone.. this has to be done BEFORE first day of signing.. Lately however this has not been working.. one particular recruit had one sim on him and I cant shake him.. I will be ****** if I dont get the go ahead on signing day of being in the lead.. Spent a ton on the guy.. To be clear I am only in my second year, its D1A, I made it to a bowl my first year, won my bowl, and the sim didnt make a bowl and had a losing record.. Also the sim is over 1000 miles a way and yes I am aware that that the sim has no penalties for distance.. which I am very against by the way..

Point is... anyone else seeing sim recruiting battles getting tougher when it was supposed to be easier..
11/17/2012 10:32 AM
I wish I could find that post of someone sharing what you need to do in order to win over a SIM , but it was 100% correct since changing my strategy.
In summary, what ever level your at spend that amount per schollie in CV's and do it early! 
11/17/2012 12:06 PM
SIMs are harder to knock off at D1A level because you get larger amounts of recruiting money. At DII and DIII, developers made it easier to knock off SIMs, not the case at D1A and sometimes at D1AA.
11/17/2012 12:55 PM
11/15/2012 3:35 PM husker68144
I thought the recruiting bugs were fixed? I have been turned down by several of my recruits in favor of sims? No prestige advantage, all recruits are within my 360 and not the sims and yet I am being turned down? this is not what Norbert said was fixed.. I would like to know how this is even possible...please fix this error...
11/16/2012 12:06 AM Customer Support
Hi Jason,

Can you please include the name(s) of recruits you are referring to?

SimAI recruiting was tuned down slightly in an update about a year ago but nothing has changed since. SimAI teams will continue to recruit players for as long as they are considered. Therefore, it is important to knock them off as early as possible because if you don't, the team will continue to recruit them and can definitely sign the player. Once they are not being considered anymore though they will not put any more effort into the recruit.
11/16/2012 12:37 AM husker68144
i understand recruiting early, as you may have notived wilkinson has just started its recruiting and there for everything you are saying is what I am doing.. You can also see every player I have recruited..

For instance Jesse Chambers
Sim is still attached even after 15 cv's.. this is rediculous..

Joshua Lynn
Sim is still attached after 13 cv's.. I have a HUGE distance advantage and prestige..

11/16/2012 4:07 PM Customer Support
Hi Jason,

I've looked into your recruits and recruiting is going on as normal. SimAI teams go after some players harder than others and it looks you might have run into a few cases where they are the school's top targets.
11/17/2012 10:36 AM husker68144
What??? who cares.. Are you kidding? this is your answer? The sim has a top choice? what? their cant be a recruiting advantage tipped towards a sim that is not in the 360 of the recruit, no prestige bonus and aside from sims not having distance disadvantage, this is simply not right...Your telling me the game "logic" dictates a sim making a player a top choice so there is no way I can knock the sim off? please explain?
11/17/2012 1:14 PM husker68144
This is rediculous...

There is absolutely no way a sim should be able to sign a player under ANY circumstance when he is being recruited by a human player especially when I hold all the tie breakers, prestige, wins, distance ect... Fix this please!!!Not to mention the sim is over 1300 miles away!
11/17/2012 1:15 PM
As anyone can see.. 20 cv's all before signing day. Makes zero sense how a sim can hold onto a player.. No offense but there are so many players that are not being recruited that it makes no sense to me at all why a sim can sign a recruit over a human.. I dont expect them to go away after spending a small amount but over $20k is not a small amount. It is over the amount you receive per scholarship not counting bowl money..

Personally I would take the sim's deal over a human deal any day of the week.. let me have no distance penalty and no money disadvantage and when a team locks onto a top recruit.. lets face it this guy is rated as the 15th best qb.. then let me take this deal...

WIS needs to fix this..
11/17/2012 1:22 PM
Yeah, make the game as easy as possible. Seems like the best course of action. While we are at it, give all humans 21 points head starts against sims.
11/17/2012 2:09 PM
not saying make it easier, just reasonable.. the customer service says the target is their number one choice, and this is why I cant sign him?? I question how the game logic specifically targets a top tier player.. can you imagine if you are a team and you spend 50k+ on a player against a sim and still dont sign him? the reason you are told is becuase the sim team had that player as its top player choice? If so why wouldnt they target the top 5 players at every position? I am merely asking what is the medium.. normally a couple of 5 cv packages do the trick against any sim..
11/17/2012 4:53 PM
I gave up going against sims long ago. Found it was a waste of money in my second season.
11/17/2012 5:07 PM
SIM teams need recruits too or nobody will ever takeover the team.
11/17/2012 7:17 PM
Not to brag but I have never... ever... been out recruited by a sim.  
11/18/2012 5:40 AM
I wont say never, but it has been rare. 
11/18/2012 2:23 PM
I remember the good old days when the worlds were mostly full and all the recruiting battles were mano a mano. Nearly empty worlds were not planned for and the system doesn't work when they are.

If this were my development project I wouldn't work on this problem either. Norbert is all in on the code that runs the plays. It would be vastly counter-productive to change his focus right now.
11/18/2012 9:08 PM
sim recruiting battles still tough Topic

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