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Going to post a new 24-team theme league, but am debating which to go with. Vote below, and whichever is leading Monday night is the one I'll go with.

UNO: A draft league with a different team or two each day, and the opportunity to hose the person picking behind you, or even everyone picking behind you. Two possible changes to help even the teams out would be A) random order for which team goes first each day, so teams starting at the end of the draft in round 1 aren't screwed from the start (team picking 24th in round 1 might pick first in round 3, etc.); B) allowing every team one add/drop at the end of the draft, picking up one player who was not drafted. See previous UNO thread for more info. The downside to UNO is it being hard to replace an owner who doesn't like his team early and bails during the draft.

CANADIAN BASEBALL FEDERATION: A spinoff of the USA Baseball Federation. Every team would have the same salary cap. Bonus points: for top 5 in team SLG, OBP, HR, SB-CS (net SB), fewest errors, OAV, K-BB (pitching), WHIP, fewest HR allowed, most live games; for individual league leaders in HR, Runs, SB, K (pitching), ERA, and of course it being Canada, double points for Saves; and for winning player awards.

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11/18/2012 6:16 PM

UNO is different from regular draft themes in that it incorporates three (3) basic components--1) Selecting a team 2) Choosing players and fitting under the cap and 3) Screwing the other 23 owners in any given round. It's called UNO, because just like the card game, you never know what is gonna come up.
Here is how it works:
* There will be 25 rounds comprising this draft. In rounds 1-24, each round will begin with the owner choosing first in that given round selecting a team and then a player from that team, the round will then continue with the other 23 owners selecting players from the team selected.
EXAMPLE: Round 1 begins, I have the first overall pick and choose Pittsburgh and Roberto Clemente, owner 2 would pick next and select Willie Stargell and so forth on down the line until round 1 completes. Round 2 begins with the owner who chose 2nd in round 1, he selects the Cardinals and Bob Gibson, everyone else bumps up one spot in the draft order and I would move to 24. The draft goes this same way until Round 25, when the draft order will be randomized again, and ANY player may be selected that has not already been chosen.
* The draft will use ANY and ALL teams that were in existence from 1950 until 2011. Once a team has been selected, that team is dead and cannot be selected by anyone else. (some earlier teams may be inlcuded as well to offset the use of the reverse card).
* Once a player has been selected, he is also dead and must be used in the team unifrom he was drafted for. EXAMPLE--let's say Rickey Henderson was chosen in the New York Yankee round, he can only be used as a Yankee and cannot be chosen later in the A's round.

* WILD CARD--You get one WILD CARD to pick any player that has not been taken in any round. you may use it at anytime during the draft. HOWEVER- The last round will be determined by who uses their wild card's first. For example, if you use your wild card first, you pick 24th in round 25, 2nd gets 23rd, and so on...

--It is different from previous seasons. This will be used this version to blacklist a player from the team that you select at the beginning of your round. For example, You pick first round and select Tom Brady from the Pats, you then would blacklist another player from that team, so you say blacklisting Randy Moss. Randy Moss now cannot be selected in any other round including this one.

–You can reverse a round to another team if the team that was selected is a team that you do not like or if you want to screw your fellow owners. Also, just like the WILD CARD, if you use this card, it will determine where you pick in the last round. One reverse card can be played in one round, no more will be allowed.


* Additional rules/guidelines:

120 million cap

50 game live requirement (playoffs must be played live)




TRADES ALLOWED once season starts


Stadium--must be a stadium used by the team you selected during your round from 1950-2011.

*All owners will have to be careful not to exceed the 120 cap at any time during the draft. This could result in forfeiting a pick and replacing him with someone of lesser value.

*You may use any season of your selected player as long as the season used is one for the team selected in that round.

* Some teams are before the 1950 year but we needed some teams for choice and reverses.

*No twisting of players, they must be used in a season they played for the team you selected them for.

* I know that is alot to digest, but once it starts, it is very easy and fun.
11/18/2012 6:19 PM
UNO it is. I'll probably put up the Canadian option when UNO fills or stalls out. UNO can only work with 24 teams, but the other could fly with 16.
11/19/2012 7:39 PM
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