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I have been wanting to do a Franchise League for some time now. Been chewing on this and hope I have come up with a simple, challenging, fair, and fun league that you'll consider playing.

This will be a 16 Team League using the 16 original Franchises. Each owner will use a different Franchise.
The league will run for 11 seasons. Each season will comprise of a decade. (1901 to 2009: 1901-1909, 1910-1919, 1920-1929, and so on...) Each Franchise can only use each decade once, thus all eleven decades will get used, one per season.

Franchise and Decade Rules:
For the first season you will pick a Franchise at signup. First come/first serve. I'll take the last one.
You will also pick any one of the 11 decades from 1901 to 2009. You can take any decade to start. So, the first season of the league the owner of the Braves Franchise may use the '50's decade, the Cubs owner may use the '30's decade and so on, it is your choice. You do NOT have to say which decade you are using. Just a Franchise for now. However, which decade you use may determine which Franchise you want!

Starting with Season 2 and every season thereafter all the Franchises will be open again and returning owners will repick Franchises for the next season. Draft order will be based on Team records at the end of the previous season. Best/First to Worst/Last draft order. If replacement owners need to be added they will pick after the returning owners have picked their Franchise.

Roster Rules:
When assembling your team, players that played for your Franchise within your chosen decade are eligible to be on your 25 man roster. After you have your 25 players selected you will SiteMail your roster to me. I'll send mine to 2 owners before I open anyone elses.  Please do NOT send me your roster until I ask for it.
The Team that has the lowest total Team Salary will determine the Cap to the next highest million. So, if it is $89,219,674, the Cap would be $90 Million. If it is $103,956,211, then the Cap would be $104 Million.
At that point, 2 things happen:
1.The Team that came in with the lowest Salary total is done, roster is set and cannot be changed.
2.The other 15 Teams must redo their rosters, if necessary, to come in at the Cap set by the lowest Team.
The main purpose of this rule is so Teams don't just take the 25 best players from their Franchise for that chosen decade. It will also help make each Franchise competitive each season, and it will force you to be efficient and effective at the same time.
There will be a preset minimum Cap of $80M, which means all of the Teams initially submitted must be OVER $80M.

Since this league will run for 11 seasons I am looking for 16 owners willing to play all 11 seasons. While it is not required to play all 11, it will benefit the prize total at the end as Administration will payout the usual cash if over half of the original owners stay for all eleven seasons. At the end, the Administration money will go to the top 2 owners with the most wins, split 50/50.

Replacement Owner Rule:
In the event that an owner decides not to return and a replacement is needed the new owner will get to add 2 Free Agents, 1 Pitcher and 1 Hitter, to their roster for the first season they enter the league. They must come from 1 of the 14 Expansion Teams that were added to MLB from 1961 to current day. Hopefully this will entice new owners to join by giving them an extra competitive incentive even though they must choose a Franchise, or take the only Franchise left, after everyone else has picked.

Salary Cap TBD
No Clones
No Trades
No Live Play
Injuries Off
1 Random alignment each season
Any Stadium

Owners List: bheid408; pmars2001; ronblood; bigjc; drbernabo; shysters3; fatboydad54; ace_topgun; jeff4noles; alice; N4ser; tcorb5; ljemd; topkat; fabulous; danidon

16 Original Franchises:
1.Atlanta Braves - tcorb5
2.Baltimore Orioles - bheid408
3.Boston Red Sox - bigjc
4.Chicago Cubs - N4ser
5.Chicago White Sox - alice
6.Cincinnati Reds - ace_topgun
7.Cleveland Indians - fatboydad54
8.Detroit Tigers - fabulous
9.Los Angeles Dodgers - danidon
10.Minnesota Twins - ljemd
11.New York Yankees - drbernabo
12.Oakland A's - pmars2001
13.Philadelphia Phillies - topkat
14.Pittsburgh Pirates - jeff4noles
15.San Francisco Giants - shysters3
16.St. Louis Cardinals - ronblood

* To copy and paste roster: Highlight roster, use CTRL+C, open sitemail, use CTRL+V. It will look messy, but that’s OK.

1/7/2013 11:03 AM (edited)
Sounds good...I'll take the Oakland A's
11/20/2012 12:16 PM
Let me make sure  I understand.  Suppose I take the Pirates and select the '30s.  Another owner can select the Pirates next season, but she can't use the '30s?
11/20/2012 1:34 PM
11/20/2012 1:46 PM
Posted by shysters3 on 11/20/2012 1:34:00 PM (view original):
Let me make sure  I understand.  Suppose I take the Pirates and select the '30s.  Another owner can select the Pirates next season, but she can't use the '30s?
That is correct! Once a decade has been used by a Franchise it is off-the-board. I will keep a list used by each Franchise posted in the private forum for reference.
11/20/2012 3:49 PM
Posted by rbrch on 11/20/2012 1:46:00 PM (view original):

After Season1 is over all of the returning owners will select Franchises again. You do NOT automatically get your same Franchise back again. The draft order is from best/first to worst/last based on your final W/L record at the end of Season 1. Only the owner that has the team that finishes with the best record is assured of getting whichever Franchise they want for the next season since best record picks first. All 16 Franchises must be used again, 1 per owner.

If we have 2 or 3 owners who do NOT return, new owners will be recruited to join and they will pick from the Franchises left after the returning owners have picked.
11/20/2012 3:58 PM
I'd like to try this out. Dodgers please.
11/21/2012 11:28 AM
I'm tempted to join - however the best part for me of progressives is having the same players one year to the next and (as you know) making trades.  This seems more like a theme league that keeps the same owners year to year with certain seasons blacklisted over time.  

Sounds fun for sure - but I don't know if it's my thing.  

I'll keep it on my radar.
11/21/2012 6:11 PM

11/22/2012 2:29 AM
11/22/2012 2:29 AM
Boston Red Sox
11/22/2012 7:23 AM
New York Yankees
11/22/2012 8:52 AM
I'll try the Giants
11/22/2012 2:10 PM
I'll try the Indians.

It would be cool if you had to keep the same franchise. Especially with the salary rule that levels the playing field. Maybe another league entirely. Be an easier transition between seasons.
12/3/2012 11:53 PM
I would like the Cincinnati Reds.  Ace
12/4/2012 4:21 PM
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