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Potential in parentheses

Player A:
Ath: 42 (Avg)
Speed: 10 (Avg)
Reb: 79 (Hi)
Def: 30 (Low)
Shot-Blocking: 66 (Hi)
Low-post: 77 (Avg)
Per: 15 (Low)
BH: 29 (Low)
Pass: 44 (Low)
FT: 59.4% (AVg)

Player B:
Ath: 37 (Hi)
Speed: 22 (Low)
Reb: 86 (Low)
Def: 38 (Hi)
Shot-Blocking: 81 (Avg)
Low-Post: 50 (Avg)
Per: 25 (Low)
BH: 18 (Avg)
Pass: 31 (Low)
FT: 66.3% (Avg)

Player C:
Ath: 38 (Hi)
Speed: 42 (Low)
Reb: 60 (Hi)
Def: 38 (Avg)
Shot-Blocking: 43 (Avg)
Low-Post: 60 (Hi)
Per: 18 (Low)
BH: 40 (Hi)
Pass: 42 (Low)
FT: 67.4% (Avg)

If you would rank these three players from best to worst, I would greatly appreciate it!
11/20/2012 10:41 AM
Who would you take?

Votes: 29
(Last vote received: 11/25/2012 5:01 PM)
11/20/2012 4:34 PM
I'd go B, C, A.

Don't like A's low def and the avg for the ath.  B & C are both good bigs though - the high def potential and nice starting value on SB was the push for B IMO.
11/20/2012 5:56 PM
Thanks for your thoughts ryrun!
11/20/2012 5:58 PM
i'd say C,B,A
11/20/2012 5:59 PM
i like C's high ATH, HIGH reb and HIGH lowpost but B is just as good. but more of a defenisve player.
11/20/2012 6:00 PM
B if you need D, C if you need offense. Both are solid.
11/20/2012 6:20 PM
c,b,a is how i would vote it also

11/21/2012 12:21 AM
Thanks for your input guys!
11/21/2012 1:56 AM
What do you play? I'd generally go c, b, a - but could see moving B to the top if you run man. If you run zone I'd go with the split mentioned above, do you need a strong defender or a strong offensive player. If you run press then the extra speed makes c the obvious option.
11/21/2012 5:26 AM
B, C, A, without any other factors like overall team makeup, O and D, etc.
11/21/2012 2:13 PM
Thanks very much for all of the input. As it turns out, I decided to cut one of the players that a previous coach (SIM AI) had recruited and ended up pursuing both Player B and Player C from the prior poll. I really enjoyed seeing the results of the prior poll; would you mind filling out another one? For what it's worth, I run a triangle offense and zone defense.  Who do you like as a 1/2?

Player A:
Ath: 30 (Low)
Speed: 66 (Hi)
Reb: 4 (Low)
Def: 23 (Hi)
Shot-Blocking: 1 (Low)
Low-post: 13 (Avg)
Per: 81 (Avg)
BH: 69 (Low)
Pass: 49 (Hi)
WE: 99
FT: 71.1% (Hi)

Player B:
Ath: 66 (Hi)
Speed: 56 (Low)
Reb: 28 (Low)
Def: 72 (Hi)
Shot-Blocking: 15 (Avg)
Low-Post: 13 (Avg)
Per: 43 (Avg)
BH: 36 (Hi)
Pass: 40 (Hi)
WE: 54
FT: 58.7% (Avg)

Player C:
Ath: 78 (Low)
Speed: 66 (Low)
Reb: 10 (Low)
Def: 70 (Hi)
Shot-Blocking: 9 (Low)
Low-Post: 51 (Low)
Per: 31 (Hi)
BH: 60 (Low)
Pass: 27 (Hi)
WE: 44
FT: 68.0% (Low)
11/21/2012 8:36 PM (edited)
Who do you like?

Votes: 6
(Last vote received: 11/23/2012 9:37 PM)
11/21/2012 4:57 PM
Who do you like to play a 4/5? Topic

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