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I always hunt for leagues in WIS that encourage a "real" team.  Most leagues create all-star teams, and you lose the strategy of getting the most out an average player.  Here's my theme:

1.  Pick a "Key season" of your chosen franchise.  Key seasons must be 1980 or later.  Select 13 or more players from that one team.  There is no "salary cap" per se on these 13+ players, but you'll want them to get to at least 50 million to use all your money.

2.  Select at most 3 players from each of 4 adjoining seasons of your franchise to fill your team.  Adjoining seasons must be 1980 or later.  These 12 players have a salary cap of 30 million.

Ex.  Say I pick the 2004 Cardinals.  My adjoining seasons could be the following:
00/01/02/03,    01/02/03/05,    02/03/05/06,    03/05/06/07,    05/06/07/08

3.  Select 6/4 average AAA manually from your franchise (from seasons 1980 or later).

Salary Cap:  80 million
No clones, WW, injuries, Live restrictions
Yes DH
Select any stadium, but uniqueness is in effect.
2 owners may choose the same franchise (different key seasons) and will then be placed in opposite leagues.

Thanks for considering my league.  Please sign up below with your franchise, key season and unique stadium!
12/2/2012 8:17 AM (edited)
LEAGUE #:  MLB103385

***Note that underlined franchises are not available.  These include the Jays, Cardinals, Braves, Phillies and Yankees.

List of owners:

1.  Datatrek            2006     Jays         Southside III
2.  celticus             2011   Phillies        AT&T
3.  cholatse           1897    Orioles       PNC
4.  specsman        2010   Cardinals     Busch
5.  fatboydad54    2012   Giants         Comerica
6.  mdkrolak        1990   A's  Cleveland Stadium
7.  simisox        2004   RedSox  Yankee Stadium (II)
cards84        1997   Braves     Citizen's Bank
9.  reddtrain       2010   Rangers       Kingdome
10. gelfost          1986     Mets         Shea
11. tavo2311        2001   Yankees     Citi Field
12. ETSTim         1982    Pirates          ???????

13. marlowe         1995     Braves        Target Field
14. forte4him       ????      Reds         ?????????
15. polymerguy      2012    Tigers         Tropicana (I)
16.   llcoach         2012    Cardinals    Three Rivers 
17.  tkcronin         1985    Royals         Khauffman
18.  Jesters         1993    Jays           Skydome
19.  pick1or2        2001    Mariners       National's
20.  barracuda3     1981     Astros        Astrodome
21.  parking31       2007     Cubs          Oriole Park at Camden Yds
22.  cpdpoet         1980     Phillies        Veteran's
23.  RWHAY         2012     Angels        Candlestick
24. dwelch71         1999     Yankees           ?????

ETSTim has been welcomed to take yargespd1's spot.
Alice has been welcomed to take mdkrolak's spot.

1/22/2013 8:35 PM (edited)
I'll jump in with the Phillies as my franchise and 2011 as my key season. I'm assuming that allowing us to choose any stadium means that we don't have to take a stadium where our team played.  If that is indeed the case, I will pick AT&T Park.
11/21/2012 9:53 PM (edited)
I"m going to play but haven't decided on a team yet.
11/22/2012 11:50 AM
2010 Cardinals, will use Busch Stadium
11/24/2012 11:37 AM
I'm in with 2012 World Champion San Francisco Giants. 

In Comerica Park, since ATT is taken.  Seems approriate, somehow.
11/24/2012 7:55 PM (edited)
Datatrek, you actually don't have my choice of ATT noted on your list of owners.
11/26/2012 6:57 PM
I like leagues with "real" teams too! I'll take the 1990 A's and slap them in Cleveland Stadium because that just sounds fun.
11/27/2012 2:16 PM
I'll take the team that broke the "Curse", the 2004 RedSox and we'll play in Yankee Stadium (II), where the Sox won games 6 and 7.
11/27/2012 4:28 PM
I'll jump in - 1985 Cardinals. Stadium TBD
11/27/2012 7:24 PM
Got eight teams in now!
11/28/2012 2:37 PM
I'll jump in with the 2010 Rangers at the Kingdome.
11/30/2012 2:28 PM
i will take the 86 mets at shea. How do you select AAA manually
11/30/2012 3:28 PM
Posted by gelfost on 11/30/2012 3:28:00 PM (view original):
i will take the 86 mets at shea. How do you select AAA manually
Welcome aboard, gelfost!

Manual AAA means that once you have selected 25 players on your official roster, a new set of draft slots appear under the 25 normal draft slots.  You are able to edit all 35 roster players just as long as the first 25 spots are valid.
11/30/2012 6:19 PM
Do we have a league number yet?
11/30/2012 7:22 PM
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