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its never too early to scout out next years crop....

if he gets a healthy defensive rating(and he probably will) varejao could be an absolute monster....amazing boards, some dimes, good shooting with more usage then youd expect, and unbelievable efficiency....hes also playing 36 mpg...if he keeps this up all year he'll be a sim-favorite

11/21/2012 5:34 PM
this sim is not built to decide which team is better in any given game, it's designed to generate stat tables that will normalize after dozens of games have been generated - the competitive nature of this game was denuetered years ago - we should let the thing die
11/21/2012 11:03 PM
sure its flawed...but the better teams win for the most part and theres still a decent sized number of owners i enjoy competing against..especially in draft leagues...it is what it is...id rather focus on the fun aspect of it than constantly harp on its failures...cause we know that aint changing anytime soon
11/28/2012 2:39 PM
several guys rocking 70%+ efg right now... and quite a few with 60%+.  Gotta love that.
11/28/2012 5:48 PM
Tyson Chandler is back to his old tricks, Rashard Lewis with those Kerr like open looks could give us a great bench shooter, but so far I really like OJ Mayo's Campaign. but I think he is going to get an awful DEF rating at current pace.  and yer boy Matt Bonner is shooting godly like, but he has almost tripled his record breaking TOV% from a season ago. Novak is on pace to break Bonners record too. Redds, Kittles, Morrows, Barrys, Bogues, Boykins, Calderons, Jeffersons maybe a Mercer and a ton more can scoot over for these Bonners and Novaks . I'm sure some of these will normalize but i feel Rashard Lewis or Mayo's stats will stay consistent 
12/1/2012 3:38 PM
I doubt this will continue

Anderson Varejao

18.2/33.6 rebounding% 15.7 assist% 52.9 eFG% and 17.8 usage%

12/1/2012 8:35 PM
Yeah Varejao has been nuts so far. He'll certain regress somewhat, and given his history probably won't play more than 2500 minutes. But if he can get over 2000, keep that efg% over 50, and keep up even his career average rebounding from here, he should end up with a very good SIM season. My guess is we end up with something like:

2100 minutes
17% usg
52% efg (don't think that will regress much)
15%/27% rebounding (that's factoring in a decent decline over the rest of the season. Also for whatever reason WIS's percentage stats are always a little lower than basketball reference, so that's something to keep in mind)
12% ast
60 def

that would be pretty studly

12/11/2012 11:28 PM
Also, if he can stay healthy, and if Amar'e coming back doesn't disrupt his flow (big if), Carmelo could be headed for his best SIM season. Looking like he could post something similar to his 07-08 season, except with many more threes. I expect the usage and 3pt attempts to drop off some, but we could be looking at a pretty good SF to build around at 42 or 47 mil (defense may be his undoing for a higher cap, as right now it looks to be about 50/50 he'll be under 40 D).

Ryan Anderson has started hot again. He did this last year and cooled off significantly, though. And his defensive rating, as of now, is likely to be even worse. Might be a dealbreaker.

Serge Ibaka has really bumped up his shooting from the field and the line, but his rebounding and blocks are down. Still could be a good niche SF, if he gets efficiency there (which seems likely, given that WIS has seemingly decided to make every big man in the league 98% or better at SF the last year or two).

How about JJ Hickson bringing the scoring and boards? Wouldn't expect much D, though.

Lebron's usage, free throw shooting (I just can't figure that one out from a guy who works on his game so much), and FTA are significantly down, but holy hell, look at everything else. Not like we need anymore great Lebron seasons, though.

Will Kobe ever age? Great season so far (career-high efg% and ts%), we'll see if he can keep it up.

12/11/2012 11:44 PM
Another one:

Larry Sanders

eFG%: 53
Usage%: 15.5
Oreb%: 10.0
Dreb%: 28.1
Blk%: 9.0
Stl%: 1.8

Defense will be somewhere between 90-100 and if he continues at this pace he will have about 2,000 mins.

12/29/2012 9:11 AM
if Bosh is 99% at SF again.. and keeps this up.. EFG% + Blocks.. maybe a usable season for him!

28 MIA NBA 26 863 22.0 .622 .561 8.4 19.1 14.0 8.1 1.1 3.3 12.3 23.6 118 105 2.6 1.0 3.6 .198

Andre Drummond is having a great rookie year

19 DET NBA 32 623 21.3 .562 .580 16.9 24.6 20.7 3.9 2.3 6.0 12.4 16.6 114 98 1.1 1.2 2.3 .178


12/29/2012 9:57 AM
Nice jinx of Varejao by me. Boy, is he fragile.

JJ Hickson is at 55% FG/14% OReb/28% DReb right now. If he gets that defense over 40 he'll be a draft-league mainstay.

Ditto for Omer Asik (53%/12%/29%) along with 17.5% usage. Also not a good defensive season for him so far, though.

Father Time (Jason Kidd) is actually turning in another usable, low-usage season.

Andre Drummond's season will be a backup monster. Huge rebounding, 60% FG, and monster defensive numbers (probably heading for 85+ def rating). Free throw disaster, though.

Tim Duncan should have a very good short-minute season (probably 2000-2200 minutes). Very good DReb%, solid fg%, great ft%, and good blocks/D.

1/27/2013 5:44 PM
yea very  sad to see varejao go down....would have liked a full minute season from him
1/28/2013 11:20 AM
Lebron.  Big shocker there...
2/16/2013 8:30 PM
.637 .604 4.1 21.2 13.0 34.1 2.3 1.8 12.1 30.1
ts         efg   dreb oreb treb ast% stl% blk% tov% USG%
accourding do basketball reference lebrons advances
2/16/2013 9:44 PM
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