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Thanks for reading this thread. The "Robert E. McCabe League, Season 17" is dedicated to my Dad, who passed away in 1986. It is based on the theme of "Realignment", as all my Theme Leagues in HBD and the regular SIM have been. Teams must retain the same name as the season before, and play in the same ballpark as the current Major League namesake plays in (i.e. Brewers play in Miller Park, etc....) Also, in this league, opinion on player movement and trades are not allowed on the World Chat, and simply expressed by hitting the "approve" or "veto" options, which has made the league one of HBD's most harmonious. We've rolled over for Season 17, and there is 1 opening, the Philadelphia Phillies, a team with a good future for the right owner. Please sitemail me with interest. Thanks!

Toronto Blue Jays-dimestoregin--------ALREADY RESERVED
Minnesota Twins-pbsilver11--------ALREADY RESERVED
Milwaukee Brewers-brentcnb--------ALREADY RESERVED
Chicago White Sox-kgrffth--------ALREADY RESERVED

New York Yankees-ARomano--------ALREADY RESERVED
Boston Red Sox-Pat007ohmss--------ALREADY RESERVED
Baltimore Orioles-bourboncask--------ALREADY RESERVED
Washington Nationals-coachking97--------ALREADY RESERVED

St. Louis Cardinals-421werd--------ALREADY RESERVED
Texas Rangers-cboewiz--------ALREADY RESERVED
Kansas City Royals-tenaciousTYT--------ALREADY RESERVED
Houston Astros-ajaxx88--------ALREADY RESERVED

San Francisco Giants-wylie715--------ALREADY RESERVED
Anaheim Angels-captain10a--------ALREADY RESERVED
Oakland Athletics-jefepwnzer---------ALREADY RESERVED
Los Angeles Dodgers-Arte--------ALREADY RESERVED

Cincinnati Reds-cincybang--------ALREADY RESERVED
Chicago Cubs-optistrat--------ALREADY RESERVED
Detroit Tigers-patrickkm--------ALREADY RESERVED
Cleveland Indians-chisoc378--------ALREADY RESERVED

Philadelphia Phillies-dennisdee----(OPEN TEAM)--------(OPEN TEAM, 69-93 last season)****************
New York Mets-basebalguru-----ALREADY RESERVED
Rochester Broncos-coinguy--------ALREADY RESERVED
Pittsburgh Pirates-lefty32--------ALREADY RESERVED

New Orleans Zephyrs-sylemark--------ALREADY RESERVED
Tampa Bay Rays-rsskfs23--------ALREADY RESERVED
Atlanta Braves-bigsammich--------ALREADY RESERVED
Florida Marlins-brianmullin--------ALREADY RESERVED

San Diego Padres-jgarron--------ALREADY RESERVED
Seattle Mariner-toothdoc7---------ALREADY RESERVED
Arizona Diamondbacks-yoker70--------ALREADY RESERVED
Colorado Rockies-axtell--------ALREADY RESERVED
11/27/2012 5:01 PM (edited)
I was thinking about trying this out for the first time, would this be a good league to join?
11/23/2012 3:59 PM
With all modesty, yes it is, and you DID just join. Welcome!.....(now down to 3 openings)
11/23/2012 4:55 PM
if i c an have the mets i will take the mets.  their my favorite team.  not a fan of the real major league leagues with names, if u check my team names u will see y lol. again i am a die hard mets fan and i would love a league with the mets!  GO METS!
11/24/2012 2:01 PM
2 more to go...Twins and Phillies....welcome basebalguru!
11/25/2012 4:27 AM
Sent sitemail
11/25/2012 6:08 PM
Welcome to pbsilver11 with the Twins! Only 1 more opening....in Philadelphia. Definitely a team with a good future worth grabbing.
11/27/2012 4:29 PM
I'll take it
11/27/2012 6:22 PM
lcarmona76 hasn't responded to sitemails....so this last spot in Philadelphia is still open. Sitemail me!
11/29/2012 3:14 PM
This is a very fun world.  Major League cites and the cities stay the same.  A very enjoyable world for me.
11/30/2012 10:12 AM
12/7/2012 2:32 AM
"Robert E. McCabe Season 17 (FULL!!!!)" Topic

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