He should be fired now! His clock managment at the end of the game was the worst I have ever seen.

11/24/2012 11:33 PM (edited)
He's not a real head coach.
11/25/2012 12:18 AM
All things considered Kiffin did a pretty decent job with that team this year.  USC had a lot of key injuries and played with basically 52 kids on scholarship.  Kiffin will have USC in the BCS title game in a couple seasons, he is absolutely killing it on the recruiting front.  USC's recruiting class for 2013 is currently the highest rated college football recruiting class ever.  Just give it a little time. 
11/25/2012 12:42 AM
You realize Saban went 7-6 with Bama his first year right? Kiffin came into a USC program that has lesser talent than when Pete was coaching. He had a bowl ban on him which made it tough to recruit. Oh and the PAC 12 is much much much better now than the PAC 10 was when Pete was there. When Pete coached this team, USC and sometimes Oregon were the only competitive teams, now the league is tougher. Just because Kiffin hasn't won a conference title doesn't mean it's Kiffin's fault. Let his recruits come through the program, wait for hist system to really get established before you start calling Kiffin out. Very few coaches are great in their first or second year in college fball. In the pros, you can take a team over and have them winning almost by tomorrow. However, college ball requires the coach to build a program. It takes time. So, before you start calling Kiffin to be fired, remember that he's in a similar position that Saban was in. 
11/25/2012 1:04 AM
Kiffin is going to have to make some coaching changes, I got a feeling he is going to part ways with his old man after this season.  He needs a younger DC that understands how to defend these spread offenses a little better.  But no doubt USC is setting the table for the future, their recruiting class for 2013 is SICK.  USC is going to be loaded in 2 seasons, they just need more kids on scolarship and need more upperclassmen.  Just give it time
11/25/2012 1:44 AM
The clock management was **** poor tonight,  But, its recrutiing, recruiting and recrutiting.  And Kiffin recruits a ton of talent.
11/25/2012 4:05 AM
Posted by potter444 on 11/25/2012 4:05:00 AM (view original):
The clock management was **** poor tonight,  But, its recrutiing, recruiting and recrutiting.  And Kiffin recruits a ton of talent.
My point exactly. He will find a way to lose a game or two every year on his own every year.
11/25/2012 10:09 AM
No reason not to kick the FG too with almost 3 minutes remaining and down by 9. Dumb.
11/25/2012 12:42 PM
I dont mind that part of it, you are on the 1. You should score from there.
11/25/2012 1:19 PM
His clock management was terrible last night. USC is also a VERY talented team almost year in and year out and they haven't done much with their lives under his direction
11/25/2012 3:21 PM
His goal line play calling was horrible. Ran the same motion dive play twice where they motion the fullback out of the back field and run dive left got stuffed twice on ND goalline stands.
11/25/2012 3:26 PM
Please keep Kiffin as HC and let him continue to call his own plays and keep his father employed.

- Pac-12 coaches
11/26/2012 11:51 PM
What exactly has Lane Kiffin ever accomplished?  I have always wondered how someone with such a weak resume could land a position at USC.
11/27/2012 8:49 AM
Yep Lane Kiffin is way over his head.  Horrible doesn't even begin to desrcribe how awful that possesion at the goaline was against Notre Dame.
11/27/2012 9:08 AM
I dont think pounding it in from the 1 set them up for sucess on that drive.
it was weakness vs strength.
the trojans dont exactly have Bama OL, and ND has a pretty good front.
I thought they had something with the fade, just keep calling that play and it was either gonna be a TD or another PI.
11/27/2012 12:10 PM
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