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Posted by 98average on 12/13/2012 8:38:00 PM (view original):
I want to give a shout out to Vance, great job on the evals. You stayed up to date daily with the pics it was a good read. Thank you for a job well done.
Agreed fanstatic job with the evals.  Always one of the fun parts of the draft
12/14/2012 5:54 AM
Vance, big props to you on the evals, your level of analaysis makes everyone a better owner.Props to ncih as well for keeping these leagues going all this time,I signed up for my first open league since June last night and it is only 1/2 full with mesage board posts that go back more than a week, so its pretty clear the Wis population has dwindled,keeping these leagues going is no easy task,and I see that. Still would like to see ncih let us give the division draft a try,or at least let there be a vote, but it's not my league and I have no choice to either repect that or not play.
12/14/2012 8:48 AM
Vance, decided this morning to take my Gilbert pick like a man and let it play out. Would rather lose with what I drafted then try to win by changing my mind.If there is any justice in the world it will be me and the 5 weakest teams in a "random division".
12/14/2012 8:53 AM
Thanks eleibowitz. It really is all about fun.
12/14/2012 10:26 AM
nate this will be fun to watch. Why don't you just play fastbreak and press to get the most out of each possession and to get more possessions? I'll check out the box scores every game just to see what went right or what blew up.
12/14/2012 2:10 PM (edited)
Uptempo was the plan all along, never tried a press D, Gilber fouls way too much so that is not an option.
12/14/2012 10:33 AM
Should I make mid season evaluations? There have been some suprises. BTW nate your team's overall record for the season being mostly over .500 is a surprise to me.
1/11/2013 2:18 PM
that would be awesome...
1/11/2013 2:22 PM
Well vancem any mid season thoughts?
1/17/2013 6:25 PM
Of course the owners teams that I was the most wrong about want to get some mid season love. I think that it's pretty obvious that all of the top four teams records in the Atlantic division are padded by having the 2 worst teams by far in the same division with them. That being said I respect all of the those owners and the top four have all proven themselves. Mikee's team still surprises me but Kareem is getting just enough help to get the job done. Kat's team is getting it done with really good defense and generating more 3 pointers than I thought it would. Evil's team is doing better than I expected. But the 18 and 4 home record might be fools gold based on the just plus .4 ppg vs the opponents. That home record could easily be 12 and 10. The losing away record also indicates as late season fade is probable. Chris's team is also a lot better than I though it would be. Ewing is scoring a ton and Magic's rebounding is helping. The 6 plus assists per game is really making it a tough team to beat. Scudmissle's teams away record of 7 and 17 is a surprise. That team is actually out rebounding the opponents but still getting out scored by 1 ppg. If scoring points is an issue with Karl Malone on the roster and the rebounding is decent than . . . well it looks like a long rest of the season. I was also wrong about tricky's team. The Mel Daniels and Rodman combo is working. 98's team with Big Ben, Mookie and Marques Johnson is looking great right. My team is benefiting from being in a fairly mediocre division. But hey its a great league and for now having the best record for 24 hours at the top feels good. 
1/19/2013 2:13 AM
My away record is irrelevant since KT and Tar also have losing away records and equal records to my own.
1/19/2013 10:08 AM
It seems the the evals were pretty good. I thought that eleibowitz had a great team and he is up 3 - 0 in the conference finals. I didn't see coach's team making the final 4 but Grant Hill had a great playoff series that propelled the team into the conference finals. I don't want to say too much more until the finals are set for sure. I've been up 3 games to none before in the playoffs and then lost 4 straight. 
2/16/2013 2:17 PM
An interesting point is that I had the number 1 pick in the draft and eleibowitz had the 23rd pick . This shows that you can get to the finals in this league with draft picks from both ends of the spectrum.

I like the finals match up in a few ways for my team. If Kobe has a poor shooting series due to the very good defense between Kidd and Manu than that could had the title to eleibowitz. However, if Wilt and Zelmo can take advantage of the below average combined defense of Boozer, Sabonis, and Muresan and also make some FT's that could tilt the series in favor of my team. Of coarse if Marion has a couple of big games against AC Green, as efficient as he is, that could be the difference for eleibowitz's team. My gut tells me that this will go a full seven games.   
2/18/2013 11:10 AM
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NCIH $52 Million Draft Evaluations Topic

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