**D-III Season 80 Total Coverage** Topic

Hello everyone! For this upcoming season and hopefully more to come, elkhour and I have teamed up to give the coaches of
D-III an added bonus for their pleasure. The idea was started by elkhour in Bryant, and I came across it one day. I have already been doing an All-American Conference team for the members of my conference in D-III (ASC), but I wanted to also do something that would hopefully involve the whole of D-III. My hope and goal is that this is something that will be fun for myself and elkhour to do, as well as we hope it will bring you guys some added fun to the game, rather than just checking it for 5 minutes, making adjustments and then being bored till simulations run through.

Some of the ideals/goals we would like to implement are:
  • A preseason after recruiting team review
  • A REAL coaches poll
  • Mid Season team reviews
  • Playoff and Conference Championship Previews
  • Season Review at End of Season

For the beginning of the year, elkhour has been kind enough to run the teams through his ranking system and has come up with the Offensive, Defensive, and Overall team ranking scores. I did not have enough time this year at the start to provide my own rankings to list as well, so for this year, we will only has elkhour's and I am hoping to add in mine as well in future years.

So without further ado, here are the Preseason Team Rankings and Reviews:

Stagg - Season 80 Preview

Team Rankings

"Using my attribute weights to rank them, taking into account the players that are most likely to start for each team, and the likelihood of the coaches split between run and pass in terms of playing style. I ended up with an offensive ranking, a defensive ranking, and an overall ranking. So below are the Elkhour Power Rankings (EPR) for DIII Stagg - Season 80" - Elkhour

 Hiram (vick12)
Overall rating: 564 (rank 1)
Offense rating: 557 (rank 6)
Defense rating: 570 (rank 1)
Analysis: Coach Vick12 has turned Hiram into a major powerhouse the past 10 seasons. 9 straight seasons of top 10 WIS finishes, playing in 3 NC games and advancing to the 3rd Round or greater for the past 10 seasons is more than enough reasons to see why Hiram is the team to beat. Add in a fantastic defense and some prime time players, and you have a recipe for success. The only question mark seems to be their Offensive Line, teams will be looking to pressure hard and fast, hoping the young unit is Hiram's Achilles Heel.
Key Games: @Millsaps (Wk 3), Moravian (Wk 4), Allegheny (Wk 8)
Players To Watch:
Carl HayesDaniel RamirezVincent Lockett

 Wisconsin-Platteville (DoubleSteal2)
Overall rating: 554 (rank 2)
Offense rating: 564 (rank 4)
Defense rating: 543 (rank 5)
Analysis: WP seems to always be the preseason favorite, but falters some way or another. The past 4 seasons have seen WP fall during the 1st round of playoffs. They power through there conference games, winning 10 of the past 11 CC games and only losing 2 totals Conference games during that span. They have many key players this season, as evident by their high offensive and defensive rankings. WP has perhaps the top Offensive Line in D-III, led by Sr* Martin Martin. Will this finally be the year that WP puts it all together, or will it be another heartbreaker of a year. Coach DoubleSteal2 is hoping to this is the year his team ends up on top.
Key Games: Wheaton (Wk 3), @Wisconsin Oshkosh (Wk 6)
Players To Watch:
 Martin MartinKarl BullockCarl Rudolph

Menlo (gottswood)
Overall rating: 549 (rank 3)
Offense rating: 547 (rank 9)
Defense rating: 551 (rank 2)
Analysis: Menlo has always been a top D-III school, however Coach gottswood has taken them to another level. Undefeated in conference play for the past 9 years, and undefeated in the regular season for the past 7! The question is never can Menlo get to the big game, but it’s who could possibly stop them. With a top defense and offense, look for Menlo to be one team that goes far.
Key Games: @ Buffalo State (OH) (Wk 5)
Players To Watch: 
Michael Hayes, Frederick Hall, Joseph Gray

Washington (MO) (suthsc)
Overall rating: 548 (rank 3)
Offense rating: 578 (rank 2)
Defense rating: 518 (rank 17)
Analysis: One look at Washington (MO) and the first thing you’ll notice is the ridiculous talent on Offensive that they have. Led by perhaps the top QB in D-III, Washington (MO) is going to put up points, and lots of them. Their defense is hoping not too quickly however. Besides their front 4, this is a very young unit and a lot of pressure will be on the young secondary to make some stops.
Key Games: Simpson (Wk 2), @Knox (Wk125)
Players To Watch: 
William JacksonRonald SandersChristopher Cole

Wheaton (elkhour)
Overall rating: 547 (rank 5)
Offense rating: 550 (rank 8)
Defense rating: 544 (rank 4)
Analysis: This may be the year that Wheaton steps on to the big scene. Coach elkhour seems to have them on an upward trajectory, having made the playoffs for 3 straight seasons. Elkhour is hoping to take Wheaton to where they have never gone before, past the second round of playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them even challenge for the IBFC crown, long held by either Augustana or Eureka.
Key Games: @Wisconsin-Platteville (Wk 3), Trinity (TX) (Wk 5), Augustana (Wk 9)
Players To Watch: 
Douglas MartinWilliam CastroBrian Taylor

Austin (sjci)
Overall rating: 547 (rank 6)
Offense rating: 543 (rank 12)
Defense rating: 550 (rank 3)
Analysis: The defending champions have an uphill battle ahead. In fact, no team has repeated as National Champs since Ferrum in 53-54. Losing 2 Time P.O.Y. in QB Edward Keys will no doubt hurt the offense. Being gifted with such major stars at QB will put much pressure on the new guy, So* Daniel Wilson. The team lost many starters and replacing them will be no easy task, however Austin looks to be locked and loaded for another run, is their team strong enough all around to make another run is the question. The key to the Kangaroos season will be if their young players can step up.
Key Games: Maryville (Wk 3), @ Huntington (Wk 5), East Texas Baptist (Wk 7), Texas Lutheran (WK12)
Players To Watch: 
Daniel Wilson, John Baca, Michael Johnson

East Texas Baptist  (agoptix)
Overall rating: 547 (rank 7)
Offense rating: 558 (rank 5)
Defense rating: 535 (rank 8)
Analysis: What can’t be said about ETB. They have been a team on the rise the past 5 seasons. What’s more impressive is they are always near the top in SOS, choosing to play a tough Non-Con, rather than skate through with easy SIM games. The ASC has been a growing conference and ETB is a major factor in the ASC’s prominence. Will this be the year their regular season successes spill into the playoffs?
Key Games: Nichols (Wk 3), Maryville (Wk 5), @Austin (Wk 7)
Players To Watch: 
Tony TaylorTommy McFadden, Bruce Ferris

Plymouth State (keith43)
Overall rating: 544 (rank 8)
Offense rating: 579 (rank 1)
Defense rating: 508 (rank 22)
Analysis: Plymouth State, spear headed by their 3 monster rushing attack, coach keith43 is hoping that it may take him to the top. Keith43 took Plymouth State to their only NC game back in season 64. Like a couple other teams this year however, it’s not the Offense that could hurt this team, but rather the defense. The lack of upperclassmen depth could hurt them.
Key Games: @ Springfield (Wk7)
Players To Watch: 
Richard DavisBill McGrathJeffrey Carter

Simpson (dirtbag13)
Overall rating: 542 (rank 9)
Offense rating: 546 (rank 10)
Defense rating: 537 (rank 7)
Analysis: Perhaps the longest tenured coach in all of D-III, with 66 seasons at Simpson, dirtbag13 is a coaching legend. Unfortunately, it has been 50+ seasons since they have won it all. However, 2 NC appearances in the recent past is nothing to ignore. Always one to field a good team, dirtbag13 is hoping that this senior heavy team is the one that will snap his NC drought.
Key Games: @ Washington (MO) (Wk 2), @Albion (Wk 3), Augustana (IL) (Wk 5), @ Thiel (Wk 6)
Players To Watch: 
Michael RobinsonKenneth PackJohn Carlson

Colorado College (Bandit13)
Overall rating: 537 (rank 10)
Offense rating: 531 (rank 15)
Defense rating: 544 (rank 7)
Analysis: The winning-est school in Stagg D-III is looking to add on to that number. New coach Bandit13 will have his hands full, but it looks like he won’t face a challenge till conference play. With their 4th coach in 7 seasons, it’s amazing to see the school stay near the top of D-III, talk about staying power. And despite their regular season success, Colorado College hasn’t won, or gone to the NC in 40+ seasons. Can new coach Bandit13 succeed where others before him have stumbled?
Key Games: @ Albion (Wk 6), Brockport (Wk 10)
Players To Watch: 
Richard OrtegaGordon AllenMark Pollard

Remaining Rankings (Coach, Overall rating, Offense rating-Offense rank, Defense rating-Defense rank):
Ferrum (bigc71, 538, 570-3, 505-24)
Thiel (mjg110, 533, 543-12, 523-13)
Millsaps (firesport, 533, 536-15, 530-9)
Allegheny (umspoon, 533, 544-11, 521-15)
Defiance (sternes9, 531, 540-14, 522-14)
Franklin & Marshall (gillyacc, 530, 535-16, 525-11)
Augustana (IL) (sjgarcia1, 524, 520-19, 527-10)
Marantha Baptist (smemsk, 521, 522-18, 520-16)
Rowan (dr_civil, 520, 500-24, 540-6)
Huntingdon (dscv10, 510, 505-22, 514-19)
Texas Lutheran (mongstad42, 506, 497-28, 515-18)
Waynesburg (robert porta, 506, 511-21, 501-25)
Nichols (mnkinsey, 506, 499-25, 512-20)
Maryville (bnscpl, 504, 536-17, 482-29)
Moravian (dougadomous, 501, 494-29, 508-22)
Lycoming (trevnasty, 501, 493-30, 509-21)

Best of the rest:
Albion, Guilford, Trinity (TX), Howard Payne, Knox, Worcester State, Wesleyan (CT), Lake Forest, Cortland

Conference Predictions:
ASC                      East Texas Baptist
CC                        Franklin & Marshall
FFC                      Plymouth State
IBFC                     Augustana (IL)
IIAC                      Thiel
MIAA                    Albion
MAC                     Moravian
MWC                    Washington (MO)
MIAC                    Bethel
NEFC                   Nichols
NESCAC               Framingham State
NJAC                    Rowan
NCAC                   Hiram
NWC                    Menlo
OAC                     Defiance
ODAC                  Anderson (IN)
SCAC                   Millsaps
USA South           Ferrum
WIAC                   Wisconsin-Platteville

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Top Games DAILY Updates & Next Day Top Games Preview

Week one saw all the top teams pull out wins. It was close though as some teams where down or tied at halftime. After being down 14-10 at halftime, Simpson was able to come back in the 2nd half and defeat Framingham State 37-21. 

Franklin & Marshall pulled off a 4th quarter miracle against Amherst to stave off a defeat. Down 7-0 at Halftime and 20-7 with under 3 to go, Franklin & Marshall benefited from some poor play calling. Rather than kick a FG and go up 2 scores, Amherst went for it with 1:30 to go at F&M's 30. Amherst failed to convert and F&M stormed down the field with no timeouts to score the go ahead and winning TD. F&M survives 21-20.

And Thiel won a OT thriller against Lebanon. Up 17-2 to start the 4th Lebanon Valley crawled back and tied it with a 2pt conversion on the last play in regulation. The two teams traded FG's in the first OT. After Thiel scored on their first play in the 2nd OT, a 25 yard TD pass, their defense was able to stand up and stop Lebanon from scoring in the 2nd, securing the win for Thiel.

Other close games this week include, Nichols over McMurry 41-38 and Wheaton over Wesleyan (CT) 20-16.

And Hiram showed why they are the favorite and #1 EPR team, trouncing Aurora 87-13. Key player Carl Hayes has started the year with a bang, catching 6 balls for 220 yds and 2 TDs, a ridiculous 36.7 average.

Boy did the Cortland/Wheaton game live up to its billing. At halftime Cortland was looking to run away with it, up 17-3. However after a stirring speech from Coach Elkhour and the home crowd getting behind their team, Wheaton surged back in the 2nd half. Wheaton even led, in the final moments but Cortland's Jr kicker was able to connect on a 36 yard FG. In the first OT, the teams traded FGs, however in the 2nd OT Wheaton's own Jr kicker who had moments before saved the team, missed a 33 yard FG and Cortland was able to capitalize and score a TD, winning a thriller, 36-30. Wheaton was ultimately hurt by the abysmal 3rd down conversion rate, 1/15 a rate of 6.7%.

Another "can't miss game" was the Simpson/Washington matchup. These two heavyweights battled hard and it was unfortunate one had to walk away with the "L." At half, the home team, Washington (MO) held a small lead 14-7. And it was a slugfest in the 2nd. Simpson was able to pound in a 1 yard run by key player Michael Robinson to tie it up at 14-14. After a couple 3 and outs, Washington (MO) caught a break an with three 3rd down conversions, scored from 10 yards out with a minute left to take a 21-14 lead. Simpson was looking to hopefully respond quickly but the Washington (MO) secondary quickly put an end to that thought, intercepting Simpson's first pass attempt. Washington pulls off an early season clutch victory, 21-14.

Continuing on close games, we had another double OT game in Defiance/Albion. This game also involved a clossal comeback in the 4th quarter. This time it was the home team, Albion that scored 15 unanswered points in the 4th to send the game into OT. Albion can thank there defense for putting them into that position, causing 4 turnovers in the 2nd half. Both teams turned the ball over in the first OT, but Defiance was able to overcome their 2nd half missteps and turnovers to pull out the win, 38-31.

And with our final; "can't miss" games of the week, we had another OT game. These two power rushing teams seemingly traded scores back and forth all game. Eventually, someone was going to have to miss and unfortunately for South-Sewanee, they couldn't get into FG range at the end of the 4th and missed on their OT opportunity. Maryville comes out with the early season "W," 33-27.

Both teams statistically had good games however, Maryville's slow start and turnover on their best chance to score in the 1st half is what ultimately hurt the most. It looked like Maryville's gameplan was to limit how much Austin's offense saw the field and in that regards, they won heavily in T.O.P 36:10 to 23:50. Three turnovers and a solid outing by Austin So.* QB Daniel Wilson nullified any advantage that may have given. Austin comes out on top rather convincingly, 42-26.

In another matchup with two great teams, ETBU showed that they should be mentioned in the best of the best class. Jumping out to an early 17-0 halftime lead curtesy of two 2 yard rushing TDs by Tony Taylor, ETBU coasted the rest of the way. Nichols gave a good fight in the 2nd half, actually outscoring ETBU 15-14, but ETBU's first half dominance was too much to overcome. ETBU 31-15 in a solid home victory

Hiram overcame some difficulties over a very good Millsaps team to win on the road. It took a 99 yard final game winning drive to score a victory on the road. Millsaps had some trouble getting started offensively early on, not getting a yard till the 2nd Quarter, but they definitely had the right defensive game plan. Forcing 3 sacks and apply pressure, Millsaps limited the high powered Hiram O to 27 points, but the offense just never seemed to get into a rythym. Hiram squeaks by 27-24.

Wheaton was looking to avenge their early season defeat, but couldn't connect and follow through on the grand opportunities presented to them. Luck was on Wisconsin-Platteville's side as Wheaton had a chance to score twice in the final moments in the 4th quarter, having a drive start on WP's 19 but throwing an INT and also having a drive start on WP's 33 after forcing a turnover with 6 seconds left and missing a 50 yard FG. And finally in the second OT, Wheaton through an INT and Wisconsin-Platteville was luck out, winning 34-28.

Week 4 "Cant Miss" Games of the Week
Moravian (3-0) @ Hiram (3-0)
La Verne (3-0) @ ETBU (3-0)
Cortland (3-0) @ Simpson (2-1)

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Stagg DIII - Season 80 Coaches Polls


 We'll be doing polls only 5 times during the season

- Preseason Poll: To be release 12/02

- After Non-Conference Games: To be released 12/05

- 4 Games into Conference Play (Half way)(After 9 Games): To be released 12/09

- After Conference Championship Games: To be released 12/14

- And Finally an End of Season Poll: To be released 12/20

Preseason Top 25

1) Hiram                                       [114]     (1)
2) Ferrum                                     
3) Wisconsin-Platteville                 
[93]       (2)
4) Menlo                                       
5) East Texas Baptist                    
6) Austin                                      
[84]       (1)
7) Washington (MO)                      
[84]       (1)
8) Defiance                                   
9) Augustana                                
10) Rowan                                    
11) Plymouth                                
12) Millsaps                                  
13 Allegheny                                
14) Moravian                                
15) Colorado                                
16) Franklin & Marshall                
17) Huntingdon                              
18) Thiel                                      
19) Simpson                                
20) Albion                                    
21) Lycoming                                
22) Marantha Baptist                      
23) Nichols                                    
24) Wittenburg                              
25) Texas Lutheran                        

Others Recieving Votes:
Trinity, Loras, Worchester St, Kenyon, Waynesburg

5 Coaches have submitted votes for the Preseason Poll as of 12/02 @ 5:00 PM EST
(3 were Top 10s / 2 were Top 25s)


After Non-Conference Games Top 25

1) Hiram                                       [124]     (4)
2) East Texas Baptist                    
[120]     (1)
3) Defiance                                   
4) Ferrum                                      
5) Wisconsin-Platteville                  
6) Adrian                                       
7) Huntingdon                                
8) Menlo                                        
9) Worchester St                            
10) Simpson                                   
11) Franklin & Marshall                    
12) Austin                                       
13) Guilford                                     
14) Rowan                                       
15) Plymouth St                              
16) Marantha Baptist                       
17) Texas Lutheran                           
18) Washington (MO)                        
19) Allegheny                                   
20) Augustana (IL)                            
21) Cortland                                     
22) Anderson (IN)                             
23) La Verne                                    
24) Nichols                                      
25) Wheaton                                    

Others Recieving Votes:
Trinity, Capital

5 Coaches have submitted votes for the Poll as of 12/06 @ 6:00 PM EST
(2 were Top 10s / 3 were Top 25s)


End of Regular Season Poll

1. Ferrum (3)
2. Hiram (1)
3. Wisconsin-Plattville (1)
4. East Texas Baptist
5. Menlo
6. Austin
7. Simpson
8. Wheaton
9. Plymouth State
10. Allegheny
11. Huntingdon
12. Millsaps
13. Nichols
14. Washington (MO)
15. Maranatha Baptist
16. Eureka
17. Defiance
18. Augustana (IL)
19. Anderson (IN)
20. Rowan
21. Cortland
22. Franklin & Marshall
23. Wesleyan (CT)
24. Texas Lutheran
25. Colorado

Others Recieving Votes:
Trinity (TX), Bethel, Thiel

12/15/2012 3:19 PM (edited)
Stagg DIII - Season 80 Playoffs Preview

  Offense Defense Overall Offense Defense Overall              
NORTH Rating Rating Rating Rank Rank Rank              
Ferrum 597 529 563 2 6 3   Upset Alert: (6) Augustana (IL) vs. (3) Nichols  
Albion 533 523 528 6 7 7   Prediction: Wisc-Platteville beats Ferrum to win the bracket
Anderson (IN) 543 561 552 5 3 5              
Washington (MO) 607 548 577.5 1 4 1              
Nichols 531 541 536 7 5 6              
Augustana (IL) 548 562 555 4 2 4              
Wisconsin-Platteville 583 567 575 3 1 2              
Worcester State 502 508 505 8 8 8              

Wheaton 577 565 571 1 2 1   Upset Alert: (8) Rowan vs. (1) Wheaton    
Rowan 528 571 549.5 5 1 4   Prediction: Simpson beats Wheaton to win the bracket
Allegheny 557 546 551.5 3 4 3              
Wesleyan (CT) 504 499 501.5 7 8 8              
Maranatha Baptist 544 545 544.5 4 5 5              
Texas Lutheran 522 539 530.5 6 6 6              
Simpson 564 551 557.5 2 3 2              
Lycoming 499 534 516.5 8 7 7              

Hiram 579 609 594 1 1 1   Upset Alert: (7) Moravian vs. (2) Huntingdon  
Guilford 535 502 518.5 4 7 7   Prediction: Hiram beats Austin to win the bracket  
Bethel 526 525 525.5 6 6 6              
Eureka 559 534 546.5 3 5 3              
Austin 571 575 573 2 2 2              
Cortland 512 479 495.5 8 8 8              
Huntingdon 528 543 535.5 5 3 4              
Moravian 525 535 530 7 4 5              

East Texas Baptist 588 566 577 2 2 1   Upset Alert: (6) Colorado vs. (3) Menlo    
Trinity (TX) 530 502 516 8 8 8   Prediction: ETBU beats Menlo to win the bracket  
Plymouth State 606 536 571 1 6 3              
Defiance 568 549 558.5 5 4 6              
Menlo 575 570 572.5 3 1 2              
Colorado 571 548 559.5 4 5 5              
Millsaps 562 564 563 6 3 4              
Franklin & Marshall 560 527 543.5 7 7 7              
                Final 4 Prediction: Hiram beats ETBU in the NC  


SJCI Playoff Predictions


(1) Ferrum over (8) Albion
(2) Wisc-Platt over (7) Worcester St
(3) Nichols over (6) Augustana (IL)
(5) Washington (MO) over (4) Anderson (IN) 

(1) Ferrum over (5) Washington (MO)
(2) Wisc-Platt over (3) Nichols

(1) Ferrum over (2) Wisc-Platt

(1) Ferrum wins the North Bracket


(1) Wheaton over (8) Rowan
(2) Simpson over (7) Lycoming
(3) Marantha Baptist over (6) Texas Lutheran
(4) Allegheny over (5) Wesleyan (CT)

(4) Allegheny over (1) Wheaton **Upset**
(2) Simpson over (3) Marantha Baptist

(4) Allegheny over (2) Simpson **Upset**

(4) Allegheny wins the South Bracket


(1) Hiram over (8) Guilford
(2) Huntingdon over (7) Moravian
(3) Austin over (6) Cortland
(5) Eureka over (4) Bethel **Upset**

(1) Hiram over (5) Eureka
(3) Austin over (2) Huntingdon **Upset**

(1) Hiram over (3) Austin

(1) Hiram wins the East Bracket


(1) East Texas Baptist over (8) Trinity (TX)
(2) Millsaps over (7) Franklin & Marshall
(3) Menlo over (6) Colorado College
(4) Plymouth St over (5) Defiance

(1) East Texas Baptist over (4) Plymouth St
(2) Millsaps over (3) Menlo

(2) Millsaps over (1) East Texas Baptist **Upset**

(2) Millsaps wins the West Bracket

Final Four

(1) Ferrum over (4) Allegheny
(1) Hiram over (2) Millsaps

National Championship

Season 80 Champion:

(1) Hiram 


(1) Ferrum

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Should the coaches poll be a Top 10 list or Top 25?

Votes: 16
(Last vote received: 1/3/2013 1:13 PM)
12/1/2012 2:54 PM
Good write-up man. Hopefully this thing gets going over here too. It is having a lot of success in Bryant.
12/1/2012 3:35 PM
This is great...thanks for doing this! Also, because of our ranking, we will be playing the respect card in the Lycoming locker room.....thanks for the bulletin board material.
12/1/2012 8:25 PM
Hahaha your welcome! Hopefully it motivates everyone!

And just to let everyone know, we have 6 coaches so far who have offered to be part of the Coaches Poll. Some coaches are doing a top 10, others a top 25, so if that sounds like something you could/want to do then you're more than welcome to participate!

 We'll be doing polls only 5 times during the season

- Preseason Poll

- After Non-Conference Games

- 4 Games into Conference Play (Half way)(After 9 Games)

- After Conference Championship Games

-And Finally an End of Season Poll

So look for the 1st Coaches Poll at around 6 PM EST today and based on the few I've gotten in so far, the results should be interesting and definitely something to talk about.
12/2/2012 11:58 AM (edited)
Preseason Polls have been released!

Refer to post #3 for results of the poll

12/2/2012 5:17 PM
I'll try to contribute to this, but I can't guarantee the spare time to be the most consistent or the most timely.

It's a good idea though, so I'll do what I can to help out.
12/2/2012 8:14 PM
Btw, the idea of a "can't miss games" list is an excellent feature request.
12/2/2012 8:23 PM
Thanks suthsc! Ya, any thing you want/can contribute to would be great!

And I agree, the "can't miss games" are actually really fun. Take week 2, those 4 can't miss games were all close, either going to OT or winning in the last minute! I don't know if I'll be able to pick them like that every week haha but it was definitely a great start!
12/2/2012 11:20 PM
This is a great idea.  Keep up the good work!
12/3/2012 6:50 PM
Keep an eye on Nichols and Worcester State tonight in NEFC.  We've had some fantastic games in the recent past, inluding a National Championship quarterfinal match a couple seasons back.  I think we are about 3-3 in the last 6 games with each other.  Dont let the rankings fool you.

Great idea, I'll try to contribute but spare time is a rarity these days.  Keep up the good work!
12/5/2012 10:12 PM

Definitely onek1995! That is always a matchup I look at. Two quality teams there that can compete with them best of them.

12/6/2012 11:05 PM (edited)
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