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New season, new thread. Feel free to brag about or lament your recruiting efforts, talk about radical influxes or exoduses of humans from your conference or just lay down some good ol' smack at a non conference opponent here. We've got to have some fun until the preseason preview and Way Too Early Final Four discussion starts.
12/12/2012 11:00 AM
I feel pretty good about the 10 coming back for J&W.  The Ath/Spd/Def will be as good as ever.  We'll actually have 5 bigs on the roster this season (only having 4 last season was a potential weakness imo), and several guys who can play multiple positions.  PG is a small concern, as I think Eric Pabst will be running the show with 75/56 BH/P.  Not bad obviously, but I'd feel more comfortable with a PG who can pass a little better.  Per shooting isn't ideal either, but Welch (58) and Searles (67) both still have High potential, so that could turn into a strength by NT time.

One other team that jumps out to me is UMass-Dartmouth.  If you just look at the team averages, they're like a mirror of J&W and also return 10 players from a 31-2 Elite 8 team.

Random question, is there a better player in D3 this season than Allen Woods?  Not a big "stats" guy, but I'll really miss him when he graduates.

12/12/2012 12:09 PM
We'll have a decent (not great) team at WNE, I think. Which is to say that I'm hoping for eight or more non-conference wins and then hoping I can cobble together enough league games to return to the postseason and boost prestige to the point of contending for recruits. It sucks watching others in the league signing guys that won't even give me the time of day as potential drop-downs.

The GNE is not an easy league to gain a foothold in.
12/12/2012 2:05 PM
Lost five seniors from a great team last year at Chapman, only lost three games all of that season. That said, we still have some strengths, unfortunately defense and post play definitely are not among them. To be competitive we have to outscore people, as we are not going to be stopping too many people. Thankfully, I'm attempting to change my bad tendencies as a recruiter and picked up four out of five recruits that have high potential in Defense.
12/13/2012 6:58 AM
I root for you rednu, I went to Western New England for law school. I just started this season at Centre in the UAA, and it's a heck of a jump in conference strength.
12/13/2012 10:50 AM
At Wooster, we return everybody (except a guy with 4 WE that I finally cut) from a 22-8 conf champ team. I'm hoping this is going to be the best team in my short six year career.  It better be since I may have been a little crazy with the non-conference scheduling, hopefully it's not too rough.  One thing I'm really proud of: going 3-0 in NT first round play.  One thing I'm frustrated with: going 0-3 in NT second round play.  If this team doesn't make that second item 1-3, it will be a major disappointment.
12/13/2012 11:09 AM
The University of Athletic Association is stronger than ever with a full conference - probably for the first time ever.

On the national scene, discodave @ Louisiana and ironman2011 @ Southwestern will probably have the best shot to rep the UAA.... Ironman2011 @ Southwestern finally has a roster full of all his players in his fourth season.  

Millsaps is continuing it's rebuild and has no seniors this year (I've been doing the 0-4-4-4 class structure for kicks lately - I like that full recruiting money carry-over that I'll get after next season).  

Welcome to 3 new coaches at:  Hendrix (brand new HD coach - welcome leadhead), Stillman has a slow start to the rebuild with just one new player for vet coach tem316, Centre welcomes young gun artie40 - who made the lateral move from Scranton...

Spike101 is in year 3 at Ozarks and will probably see the NT this year and perhaps make a nice run, after returning 10 players from a final 4 PI team.  Remember, spike101 was taking Cornell to the NT year after year before he took a step back to the UAA to embrace the rebuild and reap recruiting cash.
12/13/2012 12:17 PM
The ASC welcomes two new coaches. Blapo21 at Texas Lutheran gets the preseason #1 nod. He still is adverse to playing D, but has the highest rated team in D3. After Hardin Simmons' miserable recruiting last season, I had 7 openings this season. Got two good juco guards who run both my Off and Def, but overall team D is still not good. The good news is that some of the guys on my list I saw some of the top teams nab, but none were that good really. I don't feel like I really got dusted by the top schools out there.

This will probably be two really bad seasons at HS. This season will be mediocre, next season will be bad. After that, we will be really young, but with good recruits we should be on our way back.
12/14/2012 3:11 AM
Here's the first part of the season rundown. Will try to get part 2 out before my team hits the road today and I wind up out of computer range for most of the day. 

ASC — Texas Lutheran (blapo21) is the preseason No. 1 team in the nation for a reason. Blapo21 has made the Elite Eight in three of the last five years but is out to avenge a first round exit last season. 


Capital — Catholic (shineenihs) is the frontrunner in the league but sits in the hands of a first-year coach. Marymount is the closest challenger if they stumble. 


Centennial — Ursinus (barjaz) gets the nod for another year. Two years removed from a PIT title, Ursinus returned to the NT last year and reached the second round. 


CUNY — Brooklyn (seanweber) was 14-14 last season, but should be the team to chase. There’s a number of sim programs close behind, but here’s thinking the human factor will help tip the scales in Brooklyn’s favor. 


CCIW — Martin Luther (albatross1) only went 26-4 in the bird’s first season, qualifying for the NT in the process. Illinois Wesleyan is the closest challenger, but sports a 10-man roster and a new head coach, so I’ll throw my lot behind ML this season. 


Coast — Endicott (SImAI) looks the best on paper, but never count out Wentworth (chewchad). Nobody in the league has a defense of higher than 36 or an Ath rating of 38 so I expect a lot of points will be scored vs. this conference this season. 


Commonwealth — Susquehanna (zeuspole) have gone two years without winning a conference title. That drought should end this season as they begin with the No. 11 ranking. 


Empire — It looks like a virtual coinflip between Union (jtgraves) and Vassar (theriddler). I’ll choose heads, go with Union, then wait for Vassar to prove me wrong in the CT. 


Freedom — Drew (SimAI) isn’t the best team in the league in terms of ratings, but has captured the last two conference titles and, in my opinion, will be the top team standing at season’s end. Drew has been without a human coach since Season 36. 


GNE — After a down year that saw just five teams in the NT, the Evil Empire swings back with six ranked teams in the preseason. That list is headlined by returning champ Johnson & Wales (spasticity), who should once again be among the national elite. 


Heartland — Defiance (nm1brownsfan) gets the pick by a nod over Mt. St. Joseph (cokeman). Both are new head coaches at their programs, but Defiance has been to the last two national championship games. 


Iowa — Cornell (jjmilleriu) gets the nod over last year’s juggernaut Buena Vista. Cornell has been clockwork good for 20+ wins for a number of seasons. 


LIttle East — UMass, Dartmouth (westcoast) roars into the season with a No. 4 ranking and a loaded roster. In four seasons, wooden has UMD looking like a major player on the national scene, stealing the spotlight from the directional Connecticut State schools.


Michigan — Calvin (prc56) is the frontrunner in the Michigan. He’s going for his 10th consecutive year of 20+ wins at the helm. 


Midwest — It won’t be a league that moves and shakes nationally this season, but it could be a good conference race with several teams very close to each other in terms of strength sitting atop the league. I’ll throw my weight behind Beloit. 


MInnesota — St. Olaf (SimAI) gets the nod ahead of Hamline and St. John’s in another race that could be exciting to watch, but won’t get the winner a high seed in the NT. 


NESCAC — Bates (boilerblack) is ranked in the preseason and could be set to take a huge leap in the third season under the head coach, who is looking for his first NT at the program. Overall, the top teams in the NESCAC don’t look too shabby.

12/14/2012 9:23 AM
And here would be the second half. Enjoy everyone!

Season preview, part 2

New Jersey — Kean (SimAI) is coming off a 22-win season that saw the school snubbed come the postseason. Once again, the New Jersey looks down overall, but there could be a race for the top spot as four schools seem fairly balanced. This is my pick.

North Atlantic — It isn’t quite Johnson St. (mrtickles) and the Nobodys like it was a few seasons back, but in all honesty, only Thomas should cause Johnson St. to break a sweat in league play.

NCAC — Strike up the bagpipes, Wooster (pseudochamp) got shafted in the national rankings to start the season. This should be a top 25 team in my belief — look at the numbers and tell me I’m wrong. Helping Wooster’s ascent is the fact that Wabash, its nearest challenger, sliipped to Sim status this season. Denison could also have a say in matters.

Northwest — The ever-balanced Northwest will be led by Whitworth (tim_buggie) this season. Despite having 20+ wins in six of his 11 seasons in Spokane, tim has just one conference banner to show. This should be the year for No. 2.

Ohio — John Carroll (whit6r) holds the No. 8 spot in the preseason polls and should reign supreme atop Ohio. Keep an eye on true-junior James Palomares who begins the season with an almost-criminal 712 rating.

ODAC — Lynchburg (barney1974) might take a step back this season after back to back second round NT appearances, but still has enough horses to win its seventh conference title in the ODAC.

Penn — Gwynedd-Mercy (SimAI) gets my nod despite winning only five games last season. This could possibly be Rupp’s weakest conference this season. There will be a good battle up top, but not because there’s good teams. Half the team D’s in this league are in the 20’s.

Skyline — US Merchant Marines (lynchmob1414) is stacked this season. Lynch has been to seven straight national tournaments, but has never lasted longer than the Sweet 16. This ought to be the season a breakthrough to the next level takes place as he starts No. 3 preseason.

SoCal — What a fun race this could be with Whittier, Eastbay and Colorado all looking nice on paper. I think it’s Whittier’s turn (windixies) to reclaim a conference title after two bannerless years.

St. Louis — Another three-team race as Webster, Aurora and Benedictine have set themselves apart from the other nine. Of the three, I’d take Webster (mschulte24) in a best-of-seven over either of the others. Of course, we don’t play best-of-seven, so anything can happen...

SUNY — Nope, forget what I said earlier. THIS is Rupp’s weakest conference this season. Brockport (SimAI) is the only team starting above 500, and then barely so. They went 23-5 last year, but stayed at home in the postseason. Better win the CT or that will be their fate again this season.

University — The league that upstaged the GNE last season in terms of NT berths is strong again. They may not be ranked, but I love Millsaps’ numbers (brianxavier) more than the teams above them. I could see the University drawing in seven NT slots for a second straight year if the cards are played right.

Upstate — We have an interesting situation in the Upstate as the two schools that look best on paper — RPI and Brandeis — are both in the control of coaches who appear to have never played HD previously, at least under these screen names. The other key players, Washington(MO) and Case Western, are both SImmed. I guess I’ll go with RPI (dynastydan) and see what shakes out.

USA South — Shenandoah (zagman73) has had a rough time breaking into the power structure of the USA South, which is usually spelled Greensboro. Not this season. Shanny is ranked No. 6 preseason. That might be a little too optimistic, but this is a good crew that should give zag his first NT appearance at the helm.

Wisconsin — In the league I never get right, Wisconsin-Superior (SimAI) looks superior this season. Not sure they’ll improve on the 20 wins that got them a conference title a year ago, but they’ll at least be in the running for another banner.

12/14/2012 11:34 AM
Palomares has litteraly improved 110 or more every season.  It's insane. I've never seen anything like it.  Even the red numbers jump up.
12/15/2012 9:05 AM
Thanks for the support of Wooster in your rundown, red.  Hopefully the snubbing by the voters motivates this team and we come out of the gate on a roll.  Strike up the bagpipes, indeed.
12/15/2012 9:10 PM
TLU opens up the season with a 26 point win at home versus #3 Merchant Marines. Their schedule gets a little cream puffy after this for a while, but they got this one.
12/16/2012 1:45 PM
There's rumblings that Sammy Sosa and, roger Clemens and Mark McGuire are the physical trainers at John Carroll. Any truth to the rumors Whit6r?
12/17/2012 5:53 AM
Posted by ekulka on 12/17/2012 5:53:00 AM (view original):
There's rumblings that Sammy Sosa and, roger Clemens and Mark McGuire are the physical trainers at John Carroll. Any truth to the rumors Whit6r?
Truthfully, I forged his birth certificate, so he's a tad bit older than the rest of DIII.  A man amongst boys.
12/17/2012 6:35 AM
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