12/17/2012 3:38 PM
I drafted a 2B 5th overall, and this is his signability " Looking to be drafted in the first five rounds. If not, he'll probably accept a scholarship to play DI college baseball." I offered him $2mil over his demands. Will he sign with me?
12/17/2012 3:41 PM
Don't offer even $1 over their asking price.

They'll tell you what they need.

When he comes back, if he wants more money, it will be a % above the current offer, so you're just shooting yourself in the financial foot.
12/17/2012 3:41 PM
Just offer him his demands.  He'll let you know what he wants if he wants more.
12/17/2012 3:43 PM
Never offer a guy more than his demands.  You're just bidding against yourself.  If he wants more money than his original demand, he will come back with an increased demand.  Often times these players will sign for their original demands after making you wait for a few days.  You may have just paid him $2m more than he would have signed for anyway.

He may sign with you.  I would not change or withdraw my offer to go back to his original demand because in the event that he does not sign, you could risk losing type D compensation.
12/17/2012 4:14 PM
If you got him 5th overall, I'd definitely say that was within the first five rounds.
12/17/2012 6:56 PM
I was just wondering cause he didnt sign right away like the other draft picks. said he was still looking into college.
12/17/2012 7:13 PM
I had a player like this... a low draft pick, so the money wasn't significant.  Yes it threw me off because he didn't sign like the others.  I offered extra to see if it did anything.  One of the other owners said he'd just take a week in real time to sign.  Player came back asking for less than I offered, so I dropped my offer to his demand and he signed.  It's just the system diddling around.

12/17/2012 7:45 PM
That's what I was looking for. Thanks
12/17/2012 9:04 PM
I have a similar question. I drafted a guy who 'may sign if the deal is right' he's asking for just over 6mil. I offered him 5.8 mil and he is 'considering it' but college is still an option. If he doesn't accept it will I get a compensation pick or do you have to him his 'demands'
12/17/2012 9:08 PM
You have to meet his initial demands.
12/17/2012 9:10 PM
Cool thanks.
12/18/2012 4:35 PM
Some guys take a week or two to sign, for no apparent reason.  Don't sweat it.  Just offer the demand and forget about them.  I go pretty aggressive on all my draft rounds and cannot remember ever having a guy NOT sign (30+ drafts).  Even the ones who claim they want to go paint frescoes or play basketball or other such garbage.
12/18/2012 4:51 PM
Posted by squarepeg on 12/17/2012 9:04:00 PM (view original):
I have a similar question. I drafted a guy who 'may sign if the deal is right' he's asking for just over 6mil. I offered him 5.8 mil and he is 'considering it' but college is still an option. If he doesn't accept it will I get a compensation pick or do you have to him his 'demands'
You have to meet his initial demands.

I don't think that this is quite correct.  I am pretty certain (I do not have the evidence, but based on everything about how draftee bonus offers work, I am confident that it is true) that if you get the draft prospect to consider your offer (as in his initial response isn't something along the lines of "No ******* Way") and he ultimately turns you down (either outright or by asking for more money a week later) you will get a compensation pick, even if you offered him less than he was asking.  If you offer him too much less than he was asking, he will turn you down outright and you will not receive the compensation. (although I also suspect that as long as you eventually get him to consider and turn down an offer, you will still get a comp. pick; I am less confident in that belief, though)
12/19/2012 2:34 PM
For what it's worth, the only players I've ever seen that did not eventually sign after their demands were met (draft position, initial demands) are the guys that say they "have their heart set on going to college" or "are determined to finish out their college career".

Every player I've ever drafted that "may sign if the deal is right", as long as I wanted to sign them and had enough money, has always signed eventually. Sure those guys will usually increase their demands before signing, but I've never seen one reject an offer outright.
12/19/2012 7:05 PM
I've been told that even after they turn the offer down you have to leave it out there until the end or you'll lose the comp pick...correct?
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