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This Thread will post the Available Rookies & Cuts (and prior year Undrafted) players for the 2003 Draft.

"Rules for determining draft order:

The draft order is determined by first generating the order for the first round.  That order is based generally on each team's regular season record, with the exception of the two Super Bowl contestants, who are placed at the end of the draft order.  Tiebreakers and specifics are as follows:

1. The winners of the Super Bowl are given the last selection and the losers the second to last selection.

2. Teams that made the playoffs are then ordered by how they performed in the playoffs.  The conference championship losers receive the third and fourth to last selections.  Next are the four teams who lost in the divisional round, followed by the four teams who lost in the wild card round.  Each team is ordered within this primary order by their regular-season record.

3. Teams that did not make the playoffs are ordered by their regular-season record.

4. Remaining ties are broken by strength of schedule.  For draft order, a lower strength of schedule results in an earlier pick.  If strength of schedule does not resolve a tie, division and/or conference tiebreakers may be used.  If the tie still cannot be broker, a coin toss is used to determine draft order.  (Note: Strength of schedule is the combined records of the team's 16 opponents, including games played against the team in question, and counting divisional opponents twice.  Because of this, each team's opponents' combined wins and losses - counting a tie as a half-win, half-loss - will add up to 256, so a team whose opponents had more combined wins has a better strength of schedule.)"
12/23/2012 8:27 AM

Defenses (11):

D Arizona Cardinals NFL Cut $16,689,000
D Atlanta Falcons NFL Cut $15,277,000
D Cincinnati Bengals NFL Cut $17,786,000
D Cleveland Browns NFL Cut $22,984,000
D Detroit Lions NFL Cut $19,747,000
D Houston Texans NFL Cut $16,807,000
D Kansas City Chiefs NFL Cut $20,881,000
D Minnesota Vikings NFL Cut $21,108,000
D New Orleans Saints NFL Cut $21,756,000
D Oakland Raiders NFL Cut $16,709,000
D St. Louis Rams NFL Cut $22,822,000

1/29/2013 12:37 PM (edited)

Offensive Lines (15):

OL Arizona Cardinals NFL Cut $2,784,500
OL Atlanta Falcons NFL Cut $3,688,250
OL Baltimore Ravens NFL Cut $3,746,500
OL Carolina Panthers Rookie $4,081,500
OL Chicago Bears NFL Cut $2,907,000
OL Cleveland Browns Rookie $3,297,500
OL Detroit Lions NFL Cut $4,090,750
OL Houston Texans Rookie $3,356,250
OL Kansas City Chiefs NFL Cut $4,859,250
OL Miami Dolphins NFL Cut $3,499,500
OL New York Giants NFL Cut $3,002,750
OL Oakland Raiders NFL Cut $3,312,250
OL Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Cut $2,677,250
OL St. Louis Rams NFL Cut $2,971,250
OL Tennessee Titans NFL Cut $3,911,750

1/26/2013 3:35 PM (edited)

Special Teams (11):

ST Carolina Panthers NFL Cut $3,421,000
ST Cincinnati Bengals NFL Cut $3,172,000
ST Denver Broncos NFL Cut $3,118,000
ST Green Bay Packers NFL Cut $3,667,000
ST Houston Texans Rookie $2,839,000
ST Indianapolis Colts NFL Cut $3,559,000
ST Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Cut $2,821,000
ST Minnesota Vikings NFL Cut $2,446,000
ST New Orleans Saints NFL Cut $2,986,000
ST Oakland Raiders NFL Cut $2,551,000
ST Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Cut $1,675,000

1/29/2013 12:37 PM (edited)

Rookies (9):

QB Boller, Kyle  California $834,034
QB Delhomme, Jake  Louisiana-Lafayette  $4,691,120
QB Hasselbeck, Tim  Boston College $1,053,233
QB Kittner, Kurt  Illinois $325,000
QB Leftwich, Byron  Marshall $3,896,496
QB McCown, Josh  Sam Houston State $744,572
QB Palmer, Jesse  Florida $325,000
QB Tuiasosopo, Marques  Washington $325,000
QB Volek, Billy  Fresno State $921,528

1/29/2013 12:38 PM (edited)

Cuts (4):

QB Bouman, Todd  NFL Cut $325,000
QB Collins, Todd  NFL Cut $325,000
QB Johnson, Rob  NFL Cut $325,000
QB Van Pelt, Alex  NFL Cut $325,000
1/29/2013 6:26 PM (edited)
Running Backs

Rookies (21):

RB Abdullah, Rabih  Lehigh $604,927
RB Bickerstaff, Erik  Wisconsin $474,775
RB Brown, Chris  Colorado $1,339,287
RB Burns, Joe  Georgia Tech $881,583
RB Cobourne, Avon  West Virginia $482,635
RB Davis, Domanick  LSU $5,058,064
RB Fargas, Justin  USC $1,109,695
RB Forsey, Brock  Boise State $1,070,412
RB Foster, DeShaun  UCLA $2,624,450
RB Griffin, Quentin  Oklahoma $1,794,351
RB Griffith, Justin  Mississippi State $1,482,790
RB Harris, Arlen  Hofstra  $1,570,378
RB Haynes, Verron  Georgia $698,633
RB Hollings, Tony  Georgia Tech $697,954
RB Johnson, Jeremi  Western Kentucky $824,584
RB Johnson, Larry  Penn State $610,412
RB Robertson, Jamal  Ohio Northern  $777,482
RB Smith, Onterrio  Oregon $3,040,394
RB Smith, Paul  Texas-El Paso $438,856
RB Suggs, Lee  Virginia Tech $1,462,927
RB Toefield, LaBrandon  LSU $1,449,968

1/29/2013 8:55 AM (edited)
Running Backs

Cuts (10):

RB Carter, Ki-Jana  NFL Cut $556,883
RB Chapman, Doug  NFL Cut $401,669
RB Edwards, Marc  NFL Cut $1,204,787
RB Fisher, Tony  NFL Cut $1,751,082
RB Gash, Sam  NFL Cut $637,864
RB Holcombe, Robert  NFL Cut $1,507,343
RB Konrad, Rob  NFL Cut $859,176
RB Morton, Chad  NFL Cut $1,629,928
RB Ritchie, Jon  NFL Cut $734,631
RB Simon, John  NFL Cut $389,034

1/29/2013 8:56 AM (edited)
Wide Receivers

Rookies (48):

WR Aiken, Sam  North Carolina $325,000
WR Armstrong, Derick  Arkansas-Monticello  $325,000
WR Battle, Arnaz  Notre Dame $325,000
WR Boldin, Anquan  Florida State $2,585,105
WR Brown, Antonio  West Virginia $325,000
WR Burleson, Nate  Nevada-Reno  $1,087,246
WR Calico, Tyrone  Middle Tennessee State $694,257
WR Carter, Jonathan  Troy  $325,000
WR Coleman, Clarence  Ferris State $325,000
WR Curry, Ronald  North Carolina $325,000
WR Curtis, Kevin  Utah State $325,000
WR Edwards, Terrence  Georgia $325,000
WR Farris, Jimmy  Montana $325,000
WR Furrey, Mike  Northern Iowa  $625,131
WR Gabriel, Doug  Central Florida $325,000
WR Gage, Justin  Missouri  $721,288
WR Gardner, Talman  Florida State $325,000
WR Gilliam, Dondre  Millersville  $325,000
WR Gilmore, Bryan  Midwestern State $588,411
WR Hankton, Cortez  Texas Southern $541,195
WR Howry, Keenan  Oregon  $325,000
WR Jacobs, Taylor  Florida $325,000
WR Johnson, Ron  Minnesota $325,000
WR Johnson, Bryant  Penn State $1,211,651
WR Johnson, Andre  Miami (FL) $2,003,660
WR Johnson, Bethel  Texas A&M $559,156
WR Kircus, David  Grand Valley State $325,000
WR Lewis, Greg  Illinois $325,000
WR Lloyd, Brandon  Illinois $504,492
WR Looker, Dane  Washington $1,469,711
WR Madise, Adrian  TCU $325,000
WR Mays, Lee  Texas-El Paso $325,000
WR McDonald, Shaun  Arizona State $325,000
WR McMullen, Billy  Virginia $325,000
WR Moorehead, Aaron  Illinois $325,000
WR Newson, Kendall  Middle Tennesee State $325,000
WR Osgood, Kassim  San Diego State $553,439
WR Ponder, Willie  Southeast Missouri State $325,000
WR Pyatt, Brad  Northern Colorado $325,000
WR Redmond, Jimmy  McNeese State $325,000
WR Rogers, Charles  Michigan State $585,246
WR Smith, Zuriel  Hampton $325,000
WR Tyree, David  Syracuse $569,352
WR Wade, Bobby  Arizona   $404,714
WR Walter, Kevin  Eastern Michigan $325,000
WR Washington, Kelley  Tennessee $784,925

1/29/2013 8:55 AM (edited)
Wide Receivers

Cuts (16):

WR Anderson, Scotty  NFL Cut $707,768
WR Bannister, Alex  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Barlow, Reggie  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Berlin, Eddie  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Carter, Tim  NFL Cut $887,080
WR Cole, Chris  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Drummond, Eddie  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Hankton, Karl  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Hatchette, Matthew  NFL Cut $539,183
WR Jefferson, Shawn  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Kasper, Kevin  NFL Cut $325,000
WR King, Andre  NFL Cut $325,000
WR McCord, Quentin  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Merritt, Ahmad  NFL Cut $325,000
WR Poole, Nathan  NFL Cut $454,049
WR Williams, Karl  NFL Cut $325,000

1/28/2013 9:02 PM (edited)
Tight Ends

Rookies (22):

TE Clark, Dallas  Iowa $937,741
TE Davenport, Joe Dean  Arkansas $325,000
TE Dinkins, Darnell  Pittsburgh $325,000
TE Fitzsimmons, Casey  Carroll (MT)  $664,218
TE Gates, Antonio  Kent State $914,383
TE Heinrich, Keith  Sam Houston State $325,000
TE Heller, Will  Georgia Tech $325,000
TE Johnson, Teyo  Stanford  $422,225
TE Lee, Donald  Mississippi State $325,000
TE Luzar, Chris  Virginia  $325,000
TE Mustard, Chad  North Dakota  $325,000
TE Nead, Spencer  BYU  $325,000
TE Neufeld, Ryan  UCLA $325,000
TE Putzier, Jeb  Boise State $325,000
TE Royal, Robert  LSU $325,000
TE Seidman, Mike  UCLA  $325,000
TE Shiancoe, Visanthe  Morgan State $325,000
TE Smith, L.J.  Rutgers  $921,986
TE Walker, Aaron  Florida $325,000
TE Ware, Kevin  Washington  $325,000
TE Witten, Jason  Tennessee  $1,119,191
TE Wrighster, George  Oregon  $427,151

1/28/2013 1:19 PM (edited)
Tight Ends

Cuts (13):

TE Baber, Billy  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Carswell, Dwayne  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Chamberlain, Byron  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Holloway, Jabari  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Lyman, Dustin  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Martin, David  NFL Cut $355,597
TE Moore, Dave  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Norman, Josh  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Rasby, Walter  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Robinson, Jeff  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Sanders, Darnell  NFL Cut $430,740
TE Santiago, O.J.  NFL Cut $325,000
TE Wycheck, Frank  NFL Cut $541,017

1/30/2013 8:52 AM (edited)

Rookies (6):

K Brown, Josh  Nebraska $3,174,540
K Bryant, Matt  Baylor $2,128,290
K Elling, Aaron  Wyoming $2,895,540
K Hall, John  Wisconsin $3,065,358
K Marler, Seth  Tulane $1,988,790
K Reed, Jeff  North Carolina $2,307,966

1/30/2013 8:52 AM (edited)

Cuts (6):

K Brien, Doug  NFL Cut $3,523,290
K Edinger, Paul  NFL Cut $3,035,040
K Feely, Jay  NFL Cut $2,865,966
K Gramatica, Martin  NFL Cut $2,238,216
K Peterson, Todd  NFL Cut $2,507,358
K Rackers, Neil  NFL Cut $2,337,540

1/27/2013 11:36 PM (edited)

Rookies (6):

P Baker, Jason  Iowa  $1,000,875
P Harris, Nick  California $1,111,500
P Johnson, Dirk  Northern Colorado $1,155,750
P Johnson, Eddie  Idaho State $956,625
P LaFleur, Billy  Nebraska $890,250
P Walter, Ken  Kent State $779,625

1/27/2013 11:36 PM (edited)
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