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Jersey World has just rolled and has 7 5 1 opening.  We have just about any opportunity you could be looking for.  Several of the available franchises had winning records last season, and a couple may well have been tanked last season.  Here is a rundown:

 The only opening is the Monterrey franchise.  We have gone public, so all you need to do is join, no password required.

In the NL, there are 2 openings:

From the North division, isCleveland.  They finished in last place, but clearly the owner had no interest in winning.  They do own the #1 pick in the upcoming draft.  There are parts to build around, including a fine, 26 year old 3B, and a solid #1 or 2 SP.  There are currently only 3 contracts over $1 million, but there are several arb eligibles to deal with.  So, you do have some work with this team, but a winning season shouldn’t be out of reach.  There also looks to be at least a few legitimate prospects in the minors.

Cleveland has been taken.  Thank you phuckinphils.

In the West division, Fresno also finished in last.  This was another team that was not doing well, and had a replacement owner finish the season.  They will have the 3rd pick in this season’s draft.  There is currently one contract that is over the league minimum, and only a handful of arb cases to be heard next season.   In the minors, there are some very good looking prospects, with at least one at each level.  The replacement owner did a lot of work setting this up for a new owner.

 Thanks for claiming the Fresno franchise nukl.

I will add in the AL teams in future posts.  Contact Feamster for details on how to join.

12/31/2012 2:59 AM (edited)

There are 5 franchises available in the AL, including the entire South division.


First I will present the Arizona franchise, which is in the West division.  This had been run by a longtime member of our league.  He had been with us for the past 20 seasons.  He was never quite able to get over the hump, so to speak.  Again, this looks to be another lower payroll team, with only 2 contracts over league minimum, at this point.  Last season, he had the lowest payroll in the league.  There are also several arbitration eligible players, as well.  There does appear to be a couple very good SP prospects in the minors, as well as a few position players to build on/around.  If you take over this franchise, you will also own the 11th overall pick in the first round of the upcoming draft.

Arizona has been filled.   The previous owner has re-upped.  Great to have you back carlspenard.

12/25/2012 10:09 PM (edited)

Now we come to the entire AL South division.  Two of the teams made the playoffs, with a third just missing by 3 games.  The worst team did manage to win 68 games, in what was one of the toughest divisions in the league last season.  In order of finish last season:


Monterrey – This franchise has some big time talent.  This talent also carries a price, big contracts.  There are a couple contracts over $10 million to go along with the handful in the $4-6 range.  You will also have half a dozen arbitration eligible players to deal with.  This team is built to win now.  There are some prospects in the minors, but it looks like they are mainly in AAA and AA.


Charlotte – This team qualified as a wildcard for the playoffs last year, losing the division by a single game.  This is the second long time owner that we had to say good bye to after the season.  In his 15 seasons, this owner finished in 1st place 8 times.  Like Monterrey, this franchise is big on talent and salary.  The new owner may be faced with some hard decisions.  Right now, there is only one player that is scheduled to make the league minimum.  There are also 7 arb eligible players.

 Welcome congobillie, thanks for joining.

Atlanta – As I stated earlier this franchise just missed out on the playoffs.  It finished 3 games out of the wildcard, and 4 games behind Monterrey.  This is a collection of talent that has many good parts, but may just be missing that piece, or two that takes it to the next level.  There is no “high priced” talent, but there are 8 contracts between $6 million and $7 million.  There will also be a handful of arb cases that will come up this coming season.  10 players are scheduled to make the minimum next season.  This is a young team.  No one is over 31 on the roster, and only 4 are 30, or older.

Atlanta franchise was taken by lesliechow.

Jackson – This team is similar to Atlanta.  There are no huge contracts, but rather several mid-sized.  This team is also on the younger side, with only 6 players over 30 on the roster.  The new owner could go either way with this.  They could add FA pieces to make this a playoff contender, or trade some of the players, and concentrate on the future.  No contract is over $7.25, so they can be moved.  This franchise also owns the #7 pick in this season’s draft.

 Franchise claimed by abmoltypat.

12/31/2012 2:57 AM (edited)
Merry Christmas to all. 

Despite the unusually high turnover this season, this is a very good league.  Over the past 23 seasons, I can only remember a couple of owners that have caused any problems.  The chats are always friendly, with some good fun conversations.
12/25/2012 8:21 AM
Since you have taken the time to click on this thread
it either means you are searching for an HBD franchise to take over or just looking for something amusing that you didn't get in your Christmas cracker.

If it's the latter, then this might score a point-or-two out of ten for quality:
A daughter asked, "Dad, where did my intelligence come from?"
Gazing at her with love and sincerity, he replied, "Darling, you must have got it from your mother, 'cause I still have mine."

So, whilst you think that through why not take a look at the available teams in Jersey World detailed above.
It's a great world and next season's title could go to anywhere. Now don't let me put you off, and certainly don't tell the other existing owners, but the Vancouver Vikings have actually laid claim to the trophy: their days of being seen as a bunch of unruely, long-haired Norsemen who enjoyed nothing more than a lot drinking and pillinging are gone...the boats have been sold and they, with their families, have settled down to a peaceful way of life. (Except on the diamond where its war every day.)

Come on. Christmas is almost over and you'll be twiddling your thumbs for something to do before the turn of the year. So just go to the HBD Dynasty menu, find Jersey World, click on the commissioner's name and ask to be allowed in.
Just like winning a world series: simple.
12/25/2012 7:54 PM
Already 2 down.  Great opportunities to be had in Jersey World.
12/25/2012 10:10 PM
12/25/2012 10:16 PM
Back again?
That suggests you may be interested in Jersey World so just follow the instructions three posts above.

First time here?
Just read the posting three above and then follow the could the start of becoming a world series runner-up.

Of course you may just be bored after yesterday's festivities and are looking for some light entertainment.
If so, why not try flicking the wall switch on/off until the bulb blows?

Anyway, over here in England it seems some of today's students are having a little trouble with their geography exam questions:

Name the smaller rivers that flow into the Nile?  The Juveniles.
Inhabitants of Moscow are called...?   Mosquitoes.
Define the term 'shanty town'.   It is a place where people like beer with lemonade in it.
Explain the word 'migration'.   It is a bad headache.
Define the term 'intensive farming'.   It is when the farmer never has a day off.
What is lava?   It is a pre-pubescent caterpillar.

Remember, the idea of this thread is find owners for some excellent vacant franchises in Jersey World.
Come on...join us today.   PLEASE.
12/26/2012 3:20 PM
Back for more wit-and-wisdom?
Great but just do the decent thing and grab one of the five vacant franchises, please.

Anyway, apologies that its 24-hours since I last posted
(hmmn...that's the one immediately above).
Needed to speak to the top man and found he's out of town at present. Anyway, his PA got him on the line which was decent of him as the signal reception wasn't that good to AF1 - flying somewhere over the west coast. Really, I just needed to let the President know that he was reading it wrong and Fiscal Cliff wasn't really as bad an international free agent as some were suggesting. The things some owners would do not stop a bidding war.

Meanwhile, I've has a chance to mark some history test papers and, well...

What was the biggest threat to world peace in the 1980's?   Heavy metal, because its real loud.
Explain the word 'autocracy'.   A country that has a lot of cars.
Name Labour's (remember this is England) first cabinet minister.   Mr Chippendale.
Where was the American Declaration of Independence signed?   At the bottom.
Name Britain's highest award for bravery.   Probably Nelson's Column.
Name one of Abraham Lincoln's greatest achievements.   Having his face carved in stone.

Oh, I should say that Mr "O" did also say that he did not think the Vikings would win next season's Jersey World title.
Time will tell on that and so could you if join us.
12/27/2012 4:23 PM
That's disappointing. Still five vacant franchises which was the story yesterday and the day before.
What's more, I have just received a letter in the post telling me that I "lack the imagination" to join origami college.
I don't know what to make of it.

At the time of posting this message, I can tell you that it is raining in south-east England but I'm off to work for a while (outdoors, of course, but I enjoy it...horticulture,etc.) When I return some more test papers to be checked through in biology.

Please, make my day and somebody (preferably five of you) join the ranks of Jersey World.
Do that and then sit back and watch the bidding war for Fiscal Cliff (he won't be joining the Vikings' roster).
12/28/2012 6:35 AM
This is an excellent league.  Plenty of owners are more than willing to help out, and educate new owners. 
There are available teams that can win now, and some that you can build from the ground up.  It is unusual for us to have this much turnover, let alone have playoff teams available.
I quit for one season, and couldn't stay away.  Just wish that I could have had my original franchise back.  Instead, I took over a rebuild project.

12/28/2012 11:02 AM
Site mail me for the password- we can get started pretty soon!
12/28/2012 11:49 AM
This is a great league. Lots of fun and drama free.

12/28/2012 12:44 PM
Very disappointing. Another day almost passed and there are still FIVE vacant franchises.
Whilst I was out I grabbed a word with a couple of plants in the garden where I was working for any ideas.
They suggested, firstly, that I took shelter from the rain and, secondly, print a joke that nobody would understand.
Well, I decided to stay outside and get wet and then...

A hyena swallowed an Oxo cube. He's now become the laughing stock of the group.

Meanwhile, those Biology test papers really need reading...
Explain the concept of homeostasis.   It's when you stay at home all day and don't go out.
What is a fossil?   A fossil is the remains of an extinct animal. The older the fossil the more extinct the animal is.
What happens to your body when taking a breath?   Your chest gets bigger.
In the Hawaiian Islands there are around 500 different species of fruit fly. Give a reason for this.   Approximately five hundred varieties of fruit.
What is a plasmid?   A high definition television.

The weekend is just around the corner. Whilst you cheer for your favourite NFL team wait until Monday to see how many head coaches are commencing their hunt for a 2013 franchise to lead. Of course, they too could take a Jersey World HBD organisation to fill in those extra hours they will have whilst waiting for the call. Messrs Reid (Eagles) and Ryan (Jets) will probably be the first to get the 'goodbye' message from the owner.
Being the "owner" of a HBD franchise gives you the power to say who comes and who goes, who plays and who rests, who gets $'s and who gets c's. What power!
Interested? Just sitemail Feamster (click on his name in the posting two up from here) and you'll be furnished with the password.
12/28/2012 6:01 PM
Guys, I have just completed my 19th year in the Jersey League and I highly recommend it.  This was my first league and when I join I found a competitive league, but with a bunch of good-hearted guys who were willing to help a newbie that wanted to learn.  I still think this is the case.  Its a very competitive league--you won't find us with a bunch of 110 win and 40 win teams.  We've got a stable of veteran owners, but also we allow new owners and mentor them.  Please join us.
12/28/2012 9:26 PM
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