The Flying Dutchman Splendid Splinter Progressive (FDSS) is looking for 1 new owner to take over the Houston Honeybadgers for the 1927-1972 season.

Here are the league rules:

No salary cap.
Waiver wire and designated hitters not used.
Draft – The draft order will be set at the transaction deadline (120 games.) Must win 30 games by transaction deadline (game 120) to qualify for 4- team lottery. Drafted players must appear on a major league roster the year they are drafted. In other words, the player's season must be in the WIS data bank for the season drafted.
Drafts can be the best and worst part of a progressive league. I plan on making this a fast moving draft, so please don't sign up if you have had trouble in other progressives keeping up with your picks. I am always available to take proxies. I am sure there will be others to help as well.
Stadium – owners will draft their stadiums anytime during the initial draft. This will be important as you will keep this stadium for 5 years. In the 6th season, you may make a switch to an available stadium by announcing in the keeper thread your intention to drop your stadium. An extra draft pick will be given and used to draft a stadium in that draft. The next stadium draft will take place in the 11th season etc.
AAA-players may be used at any time. Each team receives a full roster (6-position players/2 pitchers) of below-average AAA-players.
Disabled list (IR). There is no limit on the number of players on a team’s roster who are not sim eligible for a season who may be placed on the disabled list. The number of players on the disabled list have no effect or bearing on the number of minor league players allowed on a team’s roster.
Trades – It takes six vetoes to nullify a trade. Draft picks may be traded up to three years later than the year in which the trade is made.
For trades made after the transaction deadline, this rule will be in force: All post-deadline (the period of time from the transaction deadline to the first game of the following season) trades must be recorded in the league trade thread in the owners' forum. If, within 24 hours of a trade being posted, three owners post objections to the trade, the commissioner shall send site mails to the league's drafting owners calling for a vote. If, within 24 hours of the posting of the commissioner's site mail, six owners vote to veto the trade, the trade is nullified.
Disputes: In the event of a dispute where there is no operative rule or guideline, or if their interpretation is unclear, the commissioner will make a ruling. If three or more owners object to the ruling, the commissioner’s view does not stand and the issue is brought to all the owners through a vote which will be notified to all owners through a sitemail.
Rules Change: These can be discussed at any time. The first owner to want a rule change should start a thread and we’ll use that going forward to discuss any changes. However, in order to protect owners from having to vote constantly or on frivolous issues, a proposal to make, modify or eliminate a rule must be seconded by three or more owners in addition to the proposing owner before it can be voted on.
Voting: Each owner gets one vote. Majority rules on all votes. Majority mean the majority of owners who vote, not the majority of owners. However there must be at least 14 votes cast on any issue for the vote to be valid. The commissioner does not vote unless there is a tie; then he/she is the deciding vote. The commissioner does however set the time deadline within which the voting must take place.

3/5/2013 7:19 PM (edited)
Here is the final standings for the 1925/1970 season:

View Advanced StandingsView Your League Only
East  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
*25 Philadelphia Syndicate 70* 106-56 0.654 - x 6-4 W1 56-25 50-31 0-0 homerwagner  
New Hope Springs 104-58 0.642 2 - 6-4 L1 51-30 53-28 0-0 trbrew  
Brooklyn Continentals 72-90 0.444 34 - 4-6 L3 32-49 40-41 0-0 gorbyruss  
XVI Attica Asylum XVI 66-96 0.407 40 - 4-6 W3 27-54 39-42 0-0 psychodoc4  
Central  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
Mud Creek MudCats 87-75 0.537 - x 6-4 W3 39-42 48-33 0-0 mensu1954  
New England Brigade 81-81 0.500 6 - 6-4 W2 40-41 41-40 0-0 ARomano  
Boston Pilgrims 79-83 0.488 8 - 5-5 L3 40-41 39-42 0-0 sheller  
Pittsburgh Ironmen 73-89 0.451 14 - 3-7 L2 36-45 37-44 0-0 jeff4noles  
West  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
Cincinnati Porkers 92-70 0.568 - x 5-5 L2 46-35 46-35 0-0 ace1430  
Wild Tchoupitoulas 84-78 0.519 8 - 6-4 W2 42-39 42-39 0-0 pmars2001  
St. Louis Clowns 16 77-85 0.475 15 - 3-7 L4 43-38 34-47 0-0 slim senior  
Chicago Purge 25/70 61-101 0.377 31 - 6-4 W5 28-53 33-48 0-0 b0xx  
View Advanced StandingsView Your League Only
East  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
Houston Honeybadgers 108-54 0.667 - x 7-3 W1 55-26 53-28 0-0 Bootone  
NY Train 87-75 0.537 21 - 5-5 W1 44-37 43-38 0-0 coled  
Los Angeles Nine 70-92 0.432 38 - 5-5 L1 33-48 37-44 0-0 The Taint  
ROCKIN' at the Shibe 58-104 0.358 50 - 3-7 L1 25-56 33-48 0-0 Tucker T's  
Central  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
Palm Beach Gardens 86-76 0.531 - x 6-4 W6 47-34 39-42 0-0 rizitos  
Hawaiian Hurricanes 80-82 0.494 6 - 7-3 W3 40-41 40-41 0-0 2bvision  
Sprinfield Isotopes 68-94 0.420 18 - 3-7 L4 30-51 38-43 0-0 richabbs  
Baltimore Bishops 57-105 0.352 29 - 4-6 L3 28-53 29-52 0-0 tajohn  
West  W-L  PCT GB MagN  L10  STRK Home Away Live Owner LIVE
*Beaver Dam Seals* 103-59 0.636 - x 4-6 L3 52-29 51-30 0-0 rooskie  
Milwaukee Sturgeon 102-60 0.630 1 - 8-2 W3 51-30 51-30 0-0 pat007ohmss  
Chicago Black Sox 79-83 0.488 24 - 6-4 W4 35-46 44-37 0-0 shaggyno9  
San Francisco Seals 64-98 0.395 39 - 2-8 L8 34-47 30-51 0-0 Bootone  
1/4/2013 4:38 PM
Houston Honeybadgers roster:   Taken

Houston Honeybadgers (owner:
Astrodome (Houston Astros: 1965-1999)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Doyle Alexander 1971 Los Angeles Dodgers SP $1,648,952
Pete Donohue 1926 Cincinnati Reds SP $9,127,841
Gary Gentry 1971 New York Mets SP $4,989,898
Gaylord Perry 1971 San Francisco Giants SP $7,011,590
Dazzy Vance 1926 Brooklyn Robins SP $4,007,322
Jack Aker 1971 New York Yankees RP $1,233,821
Joe Bush 1926 Washington Senators RP $4,438,312
Mudcat Grant 1971 Oakland Athletics RP $478,443
Fred Scherman 1971 Detroit Tigers RP $2,391,464
Tom Timmermann 1971 Detroit Tigers RP $1,529,318
Johnny Bassler 1926 Detroit Tigers C $2,614,362
Earl Smith 1926 Pittsburgh Pirates C $3,013,801
George Burns 1926 Cleveland Indians 1B $6,008,957
Ski Melillo 1926 St. Louis Browns 2B $2,679,041
Felix Millan 1971 Atlanta Braves 2B $4,837,966
Joe Dugan 1926 New York Yankees 3B $2,634,854
Sammy Hale 1926 Philadelphia Athletics 3B $2,146,464
Rabbit Maranville 1926 Brooklyn Robins SS $1,500,781
Joe Sewell 1926 Cleveland Indians SS $5,441,221
Walter French 1926 Philadelphia Athletics OF $2,619,973
Charlie Jamieson 1926 Cleveland Indians OF $4,008,641
Joe Kelly 1926 Chicago Cubs OF $1,248,935
Alex Metzler 1926 Philadelphia Athletics OF $295,613
Zack Wheat 1926 Brooklyn Robins OF $2,554,300
Carl Yastrzemski 1971 Boston Red Sox OF $4,306,353
Active Roster Total Salary: $82,768,223
1/6/2013 4:53 PM (edited)
We are currently entering teams for the 1926/1971 season. Please claim the teams here and sitemail me if you have any questions!
1/4/2013 4:44 PM
I've been looking for a more classic progressive to get into since I came back to WIS.  I'll take the Houston Honeybadgers. 
1/6/2013 3:56 PM
Welcome aboard dippydoinger... I'll send you a sitemail shortly.
1/6/2013 4:37 PM
Tha Palm Beach Gardems team has been claimed.
1/8/2013 9:27 AM

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