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Was just curious as to how much more everyone values SPD as opposed to other cores in a WR.  I value it the most for my team, just trying to figure out where to draw the line.  On my Huntindon team, I have one scholly open and debating between two WR's.  One of them is 72 SPD but his cores are pretty poor everywhere else.  The other guy is 62 SPD but is decent at cores (and has 63 WE).  Both are high potential.  I am pretty sure I am gonna go with the 62 SPD guy but was just curious as to what balance other coaches may use.  Thanks.
1/6/2013 12:25 PM
I think part of it depends of what style of offense you run...If you have a lot of aggressive downfield passing then speed is very important.  If you have mostly conservative type short and intermediate routes then probably less so...I think ELU, GI and TECH are VERY important, then speed, and lastly hands...can't ever seem to draw any conclusions about hands or lack thereof leading to drops.
1/6/2013 1:02 PM
I personally value Spd 1st, then Elu and Tech as equal 2nd tier options, and then Ath, and finally GI last. I could care less about Hands in this current engine, as it has been revealed months ago that Hands aren't indicative of how well a guy can actually catch, but it's rather a modifier. 
1/6/2013 2:08 PM
At my D3 team (Rose Hulman in Wilkinson), I put SPD at the top of the requirements list.  At 62, I'd probably take that guy based on what you said...60 is my minimum.   I'd put TECH second, then ATH, GI, HND.

I always want it all, but I do not sacrifice speed....it does me no good to have great tech, but the guy can't out run my mother.
1/6/2013 3:01 PM
A wide receiver with 62 speed is still pretty fast for D3. If the rest of his cores are superior, that would be the guy I'd sign.
1/6/2013 4:24 PM
I look at spd behind Hands and sometimes even Tech depending on how LOW the spd is. I feel like we have seen far too many 40-60 spd QB's or LB's run for TD's or pick and score
1/6/2013 7:34 PM
for me, it depends on how soon i plan to play him.
if he is gonna start frosh or soph, i would value speed first.
but if he can sit and grow for 2 or 3 (with rs) seasons, that same 62 guy will be closer to 70 by his 3rd (as a true jr) or 4th (a rs jr), and then you will really appreciate having the higher cores.
conversely, the 72 guy may be in the high 70s by then, but there is a deminishing return at the high end of speed, he wont gain as much as the 62 guy over the course of his player growth, and there is such a thing as wasted speed in this sim i think. that is, speed 90 plays about the same as speed 75 anyway.

1/7/2013 11:12 AM
Speedy Wide Receivers Topic

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