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Posted by MikeT23 on 1/17/2013 3:56:00 PM (view original):
Canucks can't vote.   Shut it. 

But, for the record, rydart was not on last season's ballot.    Either I didn't ask him if he was still interested(unlikely as that means I made a mistake) or he didn't respond.   But he did ask to be put back on the list without solicitation.
1/18/2013 1:18 AM
Meh, nobody liked you then.   Better?

Rydart - 6

I'm not splitting votes. 
1/18/2013 8:27 AM
Rossett2 - 3 points
Kona2008 - 2 points

For my third place vote, a write-in for somebody who we can have a lot of fun with in the world chat:

Manti Te'o - 1 point
1/18/2013 8:41 AM
Kona2008 - 3
Rossett2 - 2
Rydart - 1
1/18/2013 10:48 AM
rydart - 7
rossett - 5
kona - 5
1/18/2013 11:01 AM
Holy **** I just looked at rydart's profile.  Other two guys - give me a reason to vote for you.
1/18/2013 11:30 AM
Their profiles read like a who's who of 'tard worlds....
1/18/2013 12:21 PM
rydart25 - I think I'd rather let the MWR guys back in.
rossett2 - built one team in a 'tard world to get the best record of the 3, but embarassed himself in 3 seasons in Coop.
kona2008 - bounced around to a .500 record....meh

Gun to my head, I'll take nj's performance to show that Coop record means nothing, hold my nose, and vote for rossett.

I say this every year, but this year more than most... what a ******* travesty of options.

Can't we just get someone's alias?
1/18/2013 12:29 PM
I blame the commish.  How dare he ask us to choose from among this steaming pile.
1/18/2013 12:45 PM
I think a qualified latecomer could swoop in and win this...HINT HINT
1/18/2013 12:47 PM
I say we punish the two MWRs by making them take each other's team.
1/18/2013 1:39 PM
You three live on the MWR list.  STFU and vote if you're going to.   If not, just STFU.
1/18/2013 1:55 PM
Live on the MWR list?  I can't even remember the last season I didn't win 90+.  REDO RECRUITMENT!!! START A NEW THREAD!!! PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED
1/18/2013 4:46 PM
'memba when you talked smack and then got beat like a $2 whore?   

1/18/2013 4:49 PM
YEA BUT THAT'S ONLY BECAUSE I DO THAT ALL THE TIME.  Seriously, start a new thread.
1/18/2013 4:50 PM
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Moonlight Graham S27 Topic

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