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Season 20 of this long-popular league. It requires a whole different strategy for drafting and playing the games.

Take control of a team in the USA Baseball Federation. Some are small market teams that are expecting 50-60 wins, some are big market teams expecting 110 or more wins. The idea, take a franchise — which will give you expectations, franchise name, park, AAA limitation and salary — and achieve those goals. The playoffs will be the teams that meet the three objectives and surpass the projected win total by the most wins. Playoff Formula: Wins - Projected + 20 Wins per Objective Completed. No owner may run the same franchise in consecutive years unless it is the only franchise remaining or is a second team and necessary to fill the league.

Franchises will be chosen in a draft after we are full. Owners taking second teams will choose their second teams after everyone has picked one. In even-number seasons, the franchise-draft order will be the reverse of the previous season's, so owners at the bottom in one draft will be at the top in the next, and vice versa. Owners who have not played in this league before will be inserted randomly into the draft order in odd seasons. Owners falling short of the minimum will be dropped to the bottom of the draft order the next time they play.

National League East
Pittsburgh Prospects - An average franchise with a history for good AAA and good pitching.
Cap: $60 million, Park: Comerica Park, Projected Wins: 70
AAA Limitation: At least 5
AAA player Top 5 in Rookie of the Year voting or on all-star team
AAA players account for 2500+ at-bats and 500+ IP
Have three pitchers with 15 wins each.

Atlanta Speed - An above-average franchise famous for stealing bases and hitting for average.
Cap: $80 million, Park: Polo Grounds, Projected Wins: 90
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Have four .300 hitters with 400+ at-bats.
3 players with 40+ stolen bases, with 1 of those in Top 5 for steals.
Top 5 in team runs scored.

Rhode Island Slammers - A small franchise with a few home run hitters.
Cap: $40 million, Park: Citizens Bank Park, Projected Wins: 50
AAA Limitations: Unilimited
Be in the Top 10 for team homeruns.
Have one hitter with 30 homeruns.
Have one AAA player with 14 homeruns.

Philadelphia Platoons - An exciting team with good relief pitching.
Cap: $80 million, Park: Miller Park, Projected Wins: 90
AAA Limitations: Unlimited
Have at least 5 pitchers with 150+ IP and ERA under 4.00.
Have a closer with 40+ saves.
No position player with 400+ at-bats.

National League Central
St. Louis Superstars - A very good franchise with a few superstars.
Cap: $100 million, Park: Fenway Park, Projected Wins: 110
AAA Limitations: Unlimited
Have 5 all-stars.
Finish in the Top 5 in the Cy Young voting and the MVP voting.
Win either the Cy Young or the MVP.

Chicago Competitors - A hated team with many rivals.
Cap: $80 million, Park: WhatIfSports Park, Projected Wins: 90
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Win/split season with St. Louis Superstars or sweep season with Cream Puffs.
Finish over .500 in live games.
Be in the Top 6 in Live Games Played.

Indianapolis Fielders - A small market team with a reputation for good fielding and pitching.
Cap: $60 million, Park: Petco Park, Projected Wins: 70
AAA Limitations: Unlimited
Commit fewest errors in the league.
Be in the Top 10 in team ERA.
Have 2 starters with ERA under 4, min. 180 IP each

Cleveland Cream Puffs - An expansion team with a small payroll.
Cap: $40 million, Park: Humphrey Metrodome, Projected Wins: 30
AAA Limitations: 6 or fewer on active roster at any time
Have five pitchers with 100+ IP and ERAs under 6.00.
6 players with 300+ AB each
Win one game against the St. Louis Superstars

National League West
Cheyenne Clutch - An exciting small-payroll team famous for 9th inning wins and late runs.
Cap: $60 million, Park: Memorial Coliseum, Projected Wins: 70
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Finish the last 20 games of your schedule over .500.
Finish in the Top 10 in team RBI.
Win 5 games in the 9th inning.

Sacramento Sluggers - A very good hitting team with an above average payroll.
Cap: $80 million, Park: Baker Bowl, Projected Wins: 90
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Finish in the Top 5 in team RBI.
Finish in the Top 5 in team average.
Have one player in the Top 5 in MVP voting.

Anaheim Ace - An average team with one superstar pitcher and a lot of young hitters.
Cap: $60 million, Park: PNC Park, Projected Wins: 70
Have one pitcher with 25+ wins and 250+ IP.
Have one pitcher in the Cy Young voting.
AAA position player finish in Top 5 in Rookie of the Year or on All-Star team.

Oregon Open - An average franchise with an average payroll.
Cap: $60 million, Park: Olympic Stadium, Projected Wins: 70
Have 4 pitchers with at least 150+ IP
Be in the Top 10 in ERA.
Have at least 2 .300 hitters with 400+ at bats.

American League East
New York Bombers - A slugging team with a very high payroll. Famous for its great hitting.
Cap: $100 million, Park: Coors Field, Projected Wins: 110
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Have at least 4 .300 hitters with 20 homeruns.
Have at least 5 pitchers with 150+ IP.
Have two players in Top 5 in MVP.

Boston Beaters - The famous arch-rival of the New York Bombers. Solid at producing runs.
Cap: $80 million, Park: Arlington Stadium, Project Wins: 90
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Win/split the season series against the New York Bombers.
Top 5 in runs scored.
Top 6 in Live games played.

Baltimore Bunters - An average team with a small ball approach.
Cap: $60 million, Park: County Stadium, Projected Wins: 70
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
SB success rate of at least 70%.
Lead the league in sac bunts.
Be in the Top 5 in stolen bases.

Massachusetts Mediocre - A poor hitting team with average pitching.
Cap: $40 million, Park: Jack Murphy Stadium, Projected Wins: 50
AAA Limitation: At least 5 starters
Have two pitchers with 150+ IP and ERAs under 5.
Have a closer with at least 10 saves.
Finish in the Top 5 in Rookie of the Year.

American League Central
Detroit Duo - A team with two great starting pitchers and 2 great position players.
Cap: $80 million, Park: Tiger Stadium, Projected Wins: 90
Have at least 2 pitchers with 20 wins and an ERA of under 4.00.
Have at least 2 position players with a .300 batting average, 20 homeruns, and 20 stolen bases.
Be in the Top 5 in doubles.

Cincinnati Classics - A regular team with regular stats.
Cap: $60 million, Park: 3Com Park, Projected Wins: 70
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
No position players can bat over .330 with 300+ at-bats or hit 40+ homeruns.
4 SP with 35+ starts, no one else with more than 5
At least 1 all-star.

Dallas Double Plays - An average team with great middle infielders.
Cap: $60 million, Park: Shibe Park, Projected Wins: 70
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Make no more than 10 errors with a middle infielder.
Both starting middle infielders must have 500+ at-bats
Both starting middle infielders must have 20+ homeruns, 120+ RBI or hit .300+.
Note: MIF must play at least 90% of their innings at 2B or SS

Louisville Live - An exciting, average payroll team built around the manager's style.
Cap: $60 million, Park: Exhibition Stadium, Projected Wins: 70
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Finish in the Top 4 in Live Games Played.
Finish in the Top 5 in Live Wins
Finish in the Top 10 in team home runs.

American League West
Portland Power - A slugging homerun offense with power pitching.
Cap: $80 million, Park: Sicks' Stadium, Projected Wins: 90
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Have 2 batters with 30+ homeruns and 1 with 40+.
Have three pitchers with 200+ K.
Be in the Top 5 in Strikeouts and Homeruns.

Sante Fe Small Slammers - A small cap team with poor pitching but good power hitting.
Cap: $40 million, Park: Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, Projected Wins: 50
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Have four players with 20+ homeruns.
Have at least one hitter with 100+ RBIs.
Have one position player all-star.

Phoenix Pitchers - A team focused on pitching with an average market.
Cap: $60 million, Park: Safeco Field, Projected Wins: 70
Have 2 all-star pitchers.
Have 2 AAA pitchers with 20 starts.
Have two closers with 20+ saves.

Los Angeles AAA - A rebuilding franchise with many AAA players.
Cap: $30 million , Park: Hilltop Park, Projected Wins: 40
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
AAA player Top 5 in Rookie of the Year voting or on all-star team
Have a AAA player with 400+ at-bats and a .300 average or 20 HR.
Have a AAA player with 150+ IP and an ERA under 5.00.

You must follow the cap, park, AAA limitation, and team name or you will be disqualified from the playoffs. You must also follow the spirit of the goals: to meet SP goals, pitchers must be used as realistic starters, not frequently starting a game and pulled after an inning; if you have a middle-infield defensive goal, your middle infielders must play the majority of their innings at middle infield; etc.

FREE AGENT RULE: A little more help to the small markets. You are allowed to sign free agents and get up to the cap after 140 games. These players may not be used until after you have played 157 games. It is acceptable for teams to try arranging their schedule so games they need to win are the ones they play after the WW callups can be used.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD: Teams with an objective of having a player in the top five in voting for Rookie of the Year can meet that goal only with a AAA Prospect. The list of awards on the league page will include drafted players who have not appeared in the league since it was set up as a continuing league, but only the AAA Prospects will be eligible for purposes of meeting the goal. I will obtain a list of the top 5 ROY who are AAA Prospects from support if it will affect playoff berths.

$100 million salary cap
Random AAA 12/10
Trades Allowed
No Waiver Wire allowed, until after Game 140, when it is used to sign players to get up to $100 Million. Any player claimed on the Waiver Wire cannot be used until Game 158.
No Clones, No DH
60 Games Live Minimum

Playoffs will be decided by the following formula: Wins - Projected Wins + 20 wins per objective completed. Tiebreakers: 1. one-game playoff if needed to break eighth seed tie; 2. lower cap; 3. head-to-head; 4. head-to-head run differential.
3/30/2013 11:07 PM (edited)
A few changes were made to goals, mostly eliminating AAA restrictions (except for the Puffs) and adjusting individual ERA targets based on results the past few seasons. I also added a goal for Chicago, to sweep all 14 games with the Cream Puffs. Another change will be that all-star goals can only be met when the all-star team is first announced. I will not request an end-of-season all-star team. The purpose of this change is to boost/reward live play, since teams with more games played are much more likely to have all-stars. The all-star team is generated roughly when half of the league's total games have been played. Don't take a team with an all-star goal if you don't plan to play lots of games.
1/7/2013 2:05 PM

Owner signup
1 Yaz_Benders
2 sczubelek
3 cstrohmier
4 ace1430
5 joshkvt
6 11kwyetman28
7 ratedpg_13
8 wisgod25
9 BastanRedsox
10 stroh23
11 vinman300
12 jocrane14
13 nickrbalz127
14 lloyd1955
15 besterateam
16 bringinsxybc
17 eman7400
18 donaldjtrump
19 tato526
20 besterateam (2)
21 nickrbalz127 (2)
22 11kwyetman28 (2)
23 Yaz_Benders (2)
24 joshkvt (2)

szczubelek; cstrohmier; ratedpg_13; wisgod25; stroh23; vinman300; jocrane14; nickrbalz127; lloyd1955; besterateam; bringinsxybc; tato526; joshkvt; BastanRedsox; donaldjtrump; eman7400; 11kwyetman28; Yaz_Benders; ace1430

2/25/2013 1:36 PM (edited)

If you missed the minimum in Season 19 (staindman, chris_son, ConansDad, The Taint, topgun11, eman7400) and want to play, you must send me a team as collateral. If you make the minimum, it will be returned to you. If you do not, it will be awarded to a randomly selected team that made the minimum. It's difficult for some goals to be met without lots of live play, and I'd rather have the league not fill than see nine teams miss the minimum again.

Franchise draft wll be in reverse order from Season 19 draft for those returning. New owners will be inserted into the draft order using
1/7/2013 2:15 PM

Times are for Saturday, March 2
1 BastanRedsox — Portland Power

2 donaldjtrump — NY Bombers

3 eman7400 — Philadelphia Platoon

4 vinman300 — St. Louis Superstars

5 tato526 — Chicago Competitors

6 wisgod25 — Detroit Duo

7 jocrane14 — Atlanta Speed

8 ratedpg_13 —Louisville Live

9 szczubelek — Los Angeles AAA

10 11kwyetman28 — Cheyenne Clutch

11 Yaz_Benders — Oregon Open

12 joshkvt — Pittsburgh Prospects

13 nickrbalz127 — Dallas Double Plays

14 besterateam — Anaheim Ace
15 bringinsxybc — Sacramento Sluggers
16 cstrohmier — Boston Beaters

17 lloyd1955 ace1430 — Pittsburgh Prospects
18 stroh23 — Baltimore Bunters

19 ace1430 — Santa Fe Small Slammers

20 The Taint — Rhode Island

21 kneeneighbor — Phoenix Pitchers

2nd Teams

nickrbalz127 (Needs NL team)
 Yaz_Benders (Cincinatti Classics)

joshkvt (Massachusetts Mediocre)

NL (last 1 for nickerbalz)
Cream Puffs

*** if anyone wants Pittsburgh, you can have them. Just post and sitemail me ***

3/6/2013 9:56 PM (edited)
We'll go on the clock Saturday. Teams not entered by Sunday Tuesday night will be opened up.
3/2/2013 5:10 PM (edited)
1/7/2013 2:16 PM
Oh Yeah, I'm in with at least one team...
1/15/2013 5:00 PM (edited)
I'll play
1/7/2013 6:48 PM
I'll play
1/7/2013 11:08 PM
You know I'm all in with payback on my mind.  Question about draft order I had 2 tms in last season, Am I correct in assuming that reverse order from last season
I will get the lower pick of my 2 tms?
1/8/2013 8:04 AM (edited)
2nd teams are ignored for draft-order purposes, since they are all picked after everyone has a first team.
1/8/2013 11:40 AM
Yes, yes and yes.  I'm in
1/9/2013 12:18 AM
I will gladly join this league. Put me down.
1/9/2013 12:30 AM
Mine as well.
1/9/2013 1:28 PM
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