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Thanks for all the input in my last thread. I think I'm really starting to get a handle on the sim. Now, I'm working on my next team, with the most help posts, here and here as my guide. I'm about halfway done, and would love see what you guys think about my reasoning so far and maybe get some advice on filling out my roster. Here's the team so far.

SG - 83-84 Bernard King. My favorite player and a pretty good season i think. High usage and an eFG of over 57% should make him a solid centerpiece to my offense. I'm not sure how the sim handle fouling, but he averaged almost 7 free throw attempts per game (assuming he played 82 games), which would be top 10 in the league in almost any season. I understand he doesn't rebound well enough to play SF, so I'll play him at SG (even though it kills me to do it). His defense is terrible, so I'll need to keep that in mind going forward.

C - 92-93 Shaquille O'Neal. A beast. The other half of my offense. 56% eFG with high usage. Excellent rebounding and defense. And a decent FT shooting season for him.

PF - 93-95 Dennis Rodman. Brings no offense (which is ok with King and Shaq on board), but ridiculous rebounding and good defense. It seems like you can get really good value for very specialized players like Rodman for rebounding (and you can probably put King for scoring in that category)

PG - 09-10 Jason Kidd. So far I have zero perimeter offense, so I add Kidd to change that. 62% Perimeter and 42% from 3? I'll take it. He also brings a massive assist % which I have hardly any of so far and good defense against PG or SG to cover for King. This seems like a player I'll be looking at a lot (unless my analysis is way off)

That's what I have so far. Almost $30MM spent, so about $11M left for a small forward and 4 backups (assuming 3 min scrubs to get dropped for rookies). Is that enough? Or did I spend too much on my starters?

SF - Comparing what I have to what ncm recommends in his newbie post, I'm pretty close to almost everything with only 4 guys. I think my offense is still weak in perimeter shooting, so I think I'm looking for a 3 point shooting small forward. With 3 80+ defenders already (Kidd to cover the 1 or 2, Rodman for the 3 or 4 and Shaq for the center), I think I can afford an average or subpar defender, while more rebounding would be useful. I think a PF/SF type would be better than a SG/SF type, but I'm not sure. Usage wise, I'm not sure if I should be looking for a 1 point guy (taking my starters to 12) or a 2 point guy (taking them to 13). Either way, I haven't found a guy that jumps out at me. Any suggestions?

Backups - if I go by ncm "guide" I need 4 guys to backup 5 positions. I don't see an "easy" double backup spot, since my guys are all so different. I think the best might to get a good rebounder to backup SF and PF and sacrifice the offense my SF will bring. Since King is a low minute starter, I need a good backup for him. It's tough to find a 6 usage point guy with a good eFG who only players ~800 minutes in a season. Maybe 88-89 Dell Curry? To backup Shaq, I was thinking 79-80 Bill Walton. To backup Kidd, maybe 95-96 Cory Alexander?

Adding in those backups I suggested leaves %8.7MM to get 3300 SF minutes (assuming Curry or King play about 100 SF minutes combined) plus 400 PF minutes when Rodman sits. Is that enough? Suggestions

First off, thanks for reading this far. :) Basically, I'd to leave to hear 1) analysis of my analysis 2) suggestions on a complementary SF 3) suggestions on backups.

1/14/2013 8:45 AM
The 2 important backups on ur team would be the backups for Shaq and BK -make sure the usage stays consistent-. Remember, because of the OL rookies, u don't have to draft a backup for every position. That Kidd season is quite popular in OL.
1/14/2013 9:56 AM (edited)
I'm confused. '79-'80 Bill Walton had just 337 minutes. That's 4.1 per over 82 games. How is that good to backup Shaq's 37?
2/2/2013 9:52 AM
Help me build a team Topic

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