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Yep .. Ivy will take it on the chin in the beginning, but hopefully will start to hold our own in years 3 & 4, when the new guys programs are taking shape.
2/16/2013 3:30 PM
Just tell me who I need to schedule each season, and it shall be done!!
2/16/2013 11:27 PM
Same here...I am ready for the challenge.  Just let me know when we will start!
2/17/2013 7:52 AM
Posted by gvsujulius on 2/12/2013 11:05:00 PM (view original):
Boston U is in for the challenge
Yale too
2/17/2013 5:49 PM
I don't like St Joes matchup. We have never been the best team in the A10 but after the season if we're there then I would agree. That is why I rather pick the match ups after the season is over but like that we're projected for a good season. That is good.
2/18/2013 11:03 PM
TCU 86 vs SJU 78
2/19/2013 10:51 AM
Wyoming 63 LaSalle 57
2/20/2013 8:43 AM
Posted by iwanturmind2 on 1/16/2013 9:16:00 AM (view original):
Here is where we will post updates, games and schedules.  The Challenge will be one game every season.  I would like the Challenge to be for game 5 if possible but if not the Home coach just have to post the game here so we can keep track.  The Challenges will be for two seasons.  Home and Away and after the 2nd season the matchups will be evaulated just in case the A10 fills up or more coaches want to participate.  Since we have more MWC coaches interested than the A10 and to keep it fair I decided that there will be only 6 games the first couple of seasons unless another A10 coach wants to participate then I will try to make a exception.  I will try to be fair with the matchups and try to have them matchup by prestige and recent success as even as possible.

The MWC will have the Home Field Advantage next season and the A10 will have the Home Field the following season.  That means that the MWC has to challenge the A10 this season and next season the roles will be reversed.  Good luck to all teams.

Hear are the Matchups for the first two seasons.

Utah vs. Dayton
San Diego St. vs. Charlotte
Wyoming vs. La Salle
Texas Christian vs. St. Josephs
New Mexico vs. George Washington
Colorado St. vs. UMass
BYU vs. Xaiver
North Texas vs. Temple
Air Force vs. Richmond

If there is any questions, concerns or debate please use this form to post.  Thanks for your support.
Here are the (MWC at Home) results, looks likes some bulletin board material for the A10 for next sesaon's matchups:

Dayton 43
Utah     81

Charlotte 51
SDSU      67

La Salle 57
Wyoming 63

St. Joes 78
TCU       86

GWU               57
New Mexico  80

UMass         66
Colorado St. 73

Xavier     47
BYU        64

Temple  62
N.Texas 68

Richmond  57
Air Force     62

2/20/2013 9:22 AM
Good lord, you guys whooped us.  Congrats, MWC. 
2/20/2013 3:57 PM
Here are the new match ups for the new A10/MWC/Ivy League Challenge. The home and away is as follows: MWC home vs A10, A10 Home vs Ivy and Ivy home vs MWC. The Home Field changes the following season so this years Away teams will be Home teams the following season. The Match ups are as follows:

You schedule both teams in your Seating. Match ups were determined by prestige. Also match ups will change after two seasons. Good luck to all teams.

1. Charlotte 1. Utah. 1. Princeton
2. Dayton 2. SDSU. 2. Harvard
3. Xavier. 3. Colorado St. 3. Brown
4. Richmond. 4. BYU. 4. Cornell
5. St. Joes. 5. Air Force. 5. Boston U
6. Temple. 6. North Texas. 6. Bucknell
7. UMass. 7. TCU. 7. Columbia
8. St. Louis. 8. New Mexico. 8. Yale
9. GW. 9. Wyoming. 9. Duquesne
10 La Salle. 10 Denver 10. Fordham

Since Denver is a Sim both La Salle and Fordham will have to play Denver at Home both seasons unless a Human Coach takes over then hopefully they will join if not it will be La Salle vs Fordham only in the second season.
3/14/2013 8:51 AM (edited)
Looks good to me!

3/13/2013 2:30 PM
Great job iwant. Get ready for some MWC whup ***!
3/13/2013 11:28 PM
Great job iwant in setting this up. Looking forward to Xavier and Colorado St ... hoping to split :)
3/17/2013 5:46 AM
This year it looks like the MWC stayed steady, the A10 improved some, and the IVY made a huge leap forward. Average Conference sRPIs are:  MWC: 230.563;    A10: 222.692;    and Ivy: 218.336. 

Projected RPI TEAM                                      sRPI   
12 Utah 256.25
19 New Mexico 248.12
26 Charlotte 245.18
37 BYU 238.14
40 Princeton 236.59
44 Colorado State 235.39
45 UNLV 235.28
49 Texas Southern 234.59
59 Xavier 231.88
65 Air Force 230.73
69 St. Joseph's (PA) 229.83
70 Cornell 229.69
72 St. Louis 228.67
74 Boston U. 228.51
75 Temple 228.51
82 Texas Christian 227.12
83 Pennsylvania 227.1
92 N.Texas 224.87
96 Dayton 224.32
101 Brown 223.17
104 Harvard 222.75
109 SDSU 221.69
121 George Washington 219.84
123 Wyoming 219.42
127 Richmond 218.83
131 UMass 218.24
135 Yale 217.86
163 Duquesne 211.86
168 St. Bonaventure 211.25
169 Columbia 211.12
175 Dartmouth 210.83
193 La Salle 208.52
205 Rhode Island 207.43
262 Fordham 201.12
282 Bucknell 199.43
310 Denver 195.15

3/20/2013 12:17 PM
We've got some work to do. But thanks for posting, shqitpa
3/20/2013 2:42 PM
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