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We will!  Your feedback will be a big part of this.  We are going to have a lot for you to look at very soon!
6/4/2013 4:19 PM
FWIW... My day job is running a growing $30m eCommerce Site (B2B in aerospace, no competition with WIS or Fox),   my background is in web business analysis and I've managed a web testing team (both QA and UAT) for a Fortune 50 company... If you'd like me to review your design documents and test plans for playability and ease of use, I'm very qualified to do that.  Since I'm recently separated from my wife & kids, I even have the time in the evenings to do that. 

Gratis, of course.

6/11/2013 9:54 AM
When, when, when????
7/2/2013 11:31 AM
Can we get a definition of "short term" please?
7/10/2013 4:13 AM
This year?  This decade?
8/1/2013 1:19 PM
Rumored to exist, but unproven: Bigfoot. Loch Ness Monster. Extraterrestial life. Next WIS engine update.
8/7/2013 8:53 AM
C'mon now, we all know the 2012 Redesign is actually coming in 2014.
8/7/2013 10:01 AM
Here are a few stat features I'd like to see added (some I've posted before in the Suggestions thread):

1. Team Rankings by real life stats.
- Especially useful in one-season progs.

2. League Leaders by real life stats.
- See above.

3. In progs and multi-season themes, Team Rankings by all seasons (a feature already available in League Leaders).
- Check to see which team in a multi-season league hit the most home runs, had the best ERA, etc., in a single season. 

4. Team Rankings and League Leaders for single games.
- Which team hit the most doubles in a game, or stole the most bases? Which pitcher had the most strikeouts in a game, or pitched the most innings? 

5. League Leaders/Career Totals for the playoffs.
- Let's see who the top hitters/pitchers are in the post-season, and for progs/multi-season leagues, which players have the best career playoff stats.

6. Sortable stats for AAA players only.

7.  Allow us to sort League Leaders by worst (not just best).

8. View Entire Schedule (with results) for every other team (not just your own).

9. In User Profiles, show users' W-L records in their most recent 162 games simmed.

8/13/2013 11:19 AM
Copying off crazy- 

7. Allow us to sort League Leaders by worst (not just best).
     and allow us to set more advanced criteria...I.E. PA/IP requirements, sort by best BA with a minimum of X homeruns...etc...

10. Allow owner/team rankings for INDIVIDUAL teams.
     a lot of progressive/multi season leagues have owners running multiple teams and currently wins/losses, winning %, and titles won are counted together.  It'd be nice, and helpful for keeping track of stats (and handing out rewards that include "most wins" if those stats were separated by team, not just owner.  

8/13/2013 2:47 PM
One quick one: When you're in the Draft Center and you click Min. Games at "All" "0" it should include DH players.  All should be all, not "all except DH players."
8/20/2013 12:46 PM
Posted by mwelch on 6/4/2013 4:19:00 PM (view original):
We will!  Your feedback will be a big part of this.  We are going to have a lot for you to look at very soon!
"Very soon" has now been 2.5 months with no communication from you.  Can we get SOME kind of update here?
8/20/2013 5:30 PM

over a year and a half to develop anything seems one of three things....1:  not really ready to start when it was first announced;  2:  lack of focus or skill;  or 3:  the age-old corporation gimmick to focus shareholders and patrons on the future when down economic period was beginning to effect profit margin.

I hope some of the delay has been a result of the immediate outrage by patrons caused by the original presented changes being visual and not effectual.

a monthly update really isn't an unrealistic expectation!

8/21/2013 5:58 PM
I'd also like to see a Sortable Stats page for owners/managers (i.e. us), something like what b-r.com has for managers:


Let us sort the stats by Games, Wins, Losses, Win % and Championships, and for regular season, playoffs and TOC.
8/21/2013 7:40 PM
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One more idea: When you click on the schedule dates (the ones that let you see the scores for all the games that cycle), you should be able to see the standings as of that date, too.  So even if it's the playoffs, we would still be able to view what the standings looked like after Game 40, Game 81, Game 120, whatever.
9/10/2013 3:06 PM
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1/14/2013 Blog Update - Suggestion Thread Topic

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