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Posted by chaneyj2 on 1/17/2013 11:12:00 AM (view original):
You forgot to mention you played a schedule of all SIMs (up until playoff time) and that you run an all pass offense (nobody at the D-3 level knows how to stop that whether you have an input or not). I don't see much of an issue here.
I didn't schedule anything -- would it have made a difference anyways?  The talent differential is not that great among the top 20 teams.  You would think that gameplanning would matter more than it does.
1/18/2013 2:11 AM
WOW!!! thats all I have to do to win a championship??? Abandon my team and let it ride..............??  sign me up :P
1/18/2013 9:46 AM
Posted by agers on 1/16/2013 4:26:00 PM (view original):
The good news:  Just won a D3 Championship in Dobie at Colorado.

The bad news:  I abandoned this team 2 seasons ago.  I did not recruit, set lineups, nor gameplan for 2 entire seasons.

This has got to be a major strike against WIS and the engine if i can abandon a team 2 seasons ago and still win a NC.  No way that should happen right?  No less a record setting season in a few offensive statistical catagories.  I realize that its D3, and that the world is only 20% populated, but come on WIS ; how should this be possible?

Well it is
1/18/2013 11:29 AM
Posted by ginobili04 on 1/17/2013 4:43:00 PM (view original):
I never set gameplans nor depth charts mostly all the time. I didnt even know I have been in at Army for i think 4 seasons now and never set a depth chart. Motly all my gameplans are default gameplans wil thrips and proset as the formations and default defense with 3-4 and nickel formations there. I dont spend much time in it at all. However I got an all run team going opn right now that is doing pretty damn well. But like someone said I wont get them out of the first round if I even make the playoffs.
Now you tell me this game hasn't got a fix to it.

I just made this statement last night and I'll be damn if I didnt lose to a 30 season sim team 21-7.
My team was ranked 8th in the GUESS and they were 51 in GUESS and I get beat 21-7 to a 30 season sim team.


I was averaging almost 350 Rush yards per game and today I barely got 220.

Don't sit there and tell me there aint a ******* fix to this game and just because I ran my mouth I was payed back by Norbert and WIS

**** you all if you can't see it, I'm about done here and putting my time in Bowl Bound now.
1/18/2013 8:50 PM
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