1946-1960 Sealed Bid X 5 league thread Topic

First, a rules reminder:

In each round of player selection in which you still need at least five players, you'll have $100 to spend.  You'll send me five player names (keeping in mind that only seasons from 1946-1960 can be used) and how much you are bidding on each player; all five bids must be positive integers, and they must sum to $100.  So, for example, you could try this:

$96 Mickey Mantle
$1 Yogi Berra
$1 Jackie Robinson
$1 Ernie Banks
$1 Al Rosen

Or this:

$35 Mickey Mantle
$20 Yogi Berra
$20 Jackie Robinson
$14 Ernie Banks
$11 Al Rosen

I'll send my picks for the round to the first two owners who send me their picks, before I have opened them.

After I have received all lists for a round, players will be awarded.  High bidder for any listed player gets that player; obviously, the most you could bid on a single player is $96.  If two owners are tied for the highest bid on a player, the player is thrown back into the draft pool for future rounds; any owner who has bid on such a player CANNOT bid for him in ANY subsequent round.

In the late rounds when you need fewer than five players to fill out your roster, bidding cash available is the number of players you need multiplied by $20.  (You'll only send a number of names equivalent to how many open slots you have at that point.)

I'm going to limit this to 16 owners, since I am not sure how much work it will be to process the rounds.

Other particulars: no salary cap, no to AAA, waivers, clones, trades, and DH.  Stadiums are not exclusive, and you can use any stadium that was used during any year in the 1946-1960 timeframe.

Mailing list: davis; dorkster; rback; cholatse; pmars2001; calhoop; slowmoe; bargearse; tkcronin; talismen25; marlowe; grayfoxx; rejay; go_pre; brocktoon93; nocomm999

1/17/2013 10:30 AM (edited)

Master List of Players Already Rostered


aaron, hank courtney, clint hamner, granny lehman, ken nieman, bob shantz, bobby
acker, tom covington, wes hansen, andy lemon, bob noren, irv shea, spec
adams, bobby craig, roger hanson, ron leonard, dutch northey, ron sherry, larry
adcock, joe crandall, del harshman, jack liddle, don o'connell, danny sherry, norm
aguirre, hank crone, ray hatton, grady lillis, bob o'dell, billy sievers, roy
aloma, luis crowe, george hazle, bob lindell, johnny ostrowski, joe simmons, curt
antonelli, johnny cullenbine, roy hearn, jim lipon, johnny pafko, andy sisler, dave
aparicio, luis cunningham, joe heath, jeff littlefield, dick page, joe sisti, sibby
appling, luke daley, bud held, woodie logan, johnny paige, satchel skinner, bob
arroyo, luis dark, alvin hemus, solly lohrke, jack pappas, milt skowron, bill
ashburn, richie davis, willie henrich, tommy lollar, sherm parnell, mel slaughter, enos
atwell, toby dickson, murry henry, bill long, dale pascual, camilo smith, al
avila, bobby dimaggio, dom herman, billy lopat, ed perry, jim smith, hal w.
bailey, ed dimaggio, joe hermanski, gene lopata, stan pesky, johnny snider, duke
baker, bill ditmar, art hillman, dave lumpe, jerry pierce, billy spahn, warren
baker, floyd dobson, joe hoak, don lyons, ted piersall, jim spence, stan
banks, ernie doby, larry hodges, gil maglie, sal pinson, vada spencer, george
batts, matt doerr, bobby hoeft, billy majeski, hank podres, johnny spooner, karl
baumann, frank donovan, dick holmes, tommy maltzberger, gordon pollet, howie stafford, bill
bearden, gene dorish, harry hopp, johnny malzone, frank porterfield, bob staley, gerry
beggs, joe drews, karl house, frank mantle, mickey portocarrero, arnie stanford, jack
bell, gary dropo, walt howard, elston marichal, juan post, wally stanky, eddie
bell, gus drysdale, don hughson, tex marion, marty potter, nels stephens, vern
berberet, lou duren, ryne hurd, tom maris, roger power, vic stickland, george
berra, yogi edwards, bruce hutchinson, fred marshall, willard priddy, jerry stobbs, chuck
bessent, don edwards, hank hyde, dick martin, billy raffensberger, ken stuart, dick
bevens, bill elliott, bob irvin, monte martin, fred ramsdell, willie sullivan, frank
black, joe elston, don jackson, larry martin, morrie raschi, vic tebbetts, birdie
blackwell, ewell ennis, del jansen, larry masi, phil reese, pee wee temple, johnny
blasingame, don erskine, carl jay, joey masterson, walt reiser, pete terwilliger, wayne
boone, ray evers, hoot jensen, jackie mathews, eddie reynolds, allie thomas, frank
borowy, hank face, roy jethro, sam maxwell, charlie rhodes, dusty thompson, hank
boudreau, lou fain, ferris johnson, connie mayo, eddie rigney, bill thompson, junior
boyd, bob farrell, turk johnson, ernie mays, willie rivera, jim thomson, bobby
boyer, ken feller, bob jones, gordon mccormick, frank rizzuto, phil torgeson, earl
branca, ralph ferrick, tom jones, sam mccormick, mike roach, mel triandos, gus
brazle, al fletcher, elbie jones, willie mccoskey, barney roberts, robin trout, dizzy
brecheen, harry ford, whitey joost, eddie mccovey, willie robinson, aaron trucks, virgil
bressoud, eddie fornieles, mike kaline, al mccullough, clyde robinson, brooks tucker, thurman
brewer, tom fox, nellie kasko, eddie mcdaniel, lindy robinson, frank turley, bob
bridges, marshall foytack, paul keegan, bob mcdougald, gil robinson, humberto tuttle, bill
broglio, ernie francona, tito kell, george mcmahon, don robinson, jackie valo, elmer
brosnan, jim friend, bob keller, charlie mcmillan, roy roe, preacher vaughn, arky
brown, hal furillo, carl kellner, alex mcquinn, george roebuck, ed vernon, mickey
brown, tommy galan, augie keltner, ken mele, sam rogovin, saul virdon, bill
bruton, bill garagiola, joe kennedy, bob meyer, jack romano, johnny wagner, leon
bunning, jim garcia, mike kiely, leo michaels, cass rosen, al walker, harry
burdette, lew gardner, billy killebrew, harmon miller, bob rosen, goody wertz, vic
burgess, smokey garver, ned kinder, ellis miller, stu rowe, schoolboy westlake, wally
busby, jim gernert, dick kiner, ralph milliken, bob ruffing, red westrum, wes
caldwell, earl gilliam, jim kluszewski, ted minoso, minnie runnels, pete wilhelm, hoyt
campanella, roy goodman, billy konstanty, jim mitchell, dale rush, bob wilks, ted
carey, andy gordon, joe koslo, dave mize, johnny saffell, tom willey, carl
carrasquel, chico gordon, sid koufax, sandy moon, wally sain, johnny williams, dick
cash, norm gorman, tom kubek, tony moore, ray salkeld, bill williams, stan
cavaretta, phil green, gene kuenn, harvey moss, les sauer, hank williams, ted
cepeda, orlando greenberg, hank kurowski, whitey mossi, don sawatski, carl willis, jim
cerv, bob greengrass, jim labine, clem muffett, billy schaffernoth, joe wilson, red
chandler, spud grissom, marv lake, eddie murphy, johnny schmidt, willard witt, george
clark, allie groat, dick landis, jim musial, stan schmitz, johnny woodling, gene
clark, mel gromek, steve lanier, max naragon, hal schoendienst, red wynn, early
colavito, rocky gumpert, randy lapalme, paul narleski, ray schofield, dick yost, eddie
conley, gene hack, stan larsen, don neal, charlie schultz, joe zarilla, al
consuegra, sandy hacker, warren lary, frank newcombe, don score, herb zernial, gus
cooper, mort haddix, harvey latman, barry newhouser, hal seminick, andy zuber, bill
cooper, walker hallett, jack law, vern niarhos, gus serena, bill  


1/25/2013 11:18 AM (edited)
1/17/2013 8:02 AM
1/17/2013 8:02 AM
Current Rosters

bargearse brocktoon93 calhoop cholatse
adcock, joe brewer, tom appling, luke aloma, luis
arroyo, luis cerv, bob cash, norm bailey, ed
bessent, don covington, wes consuegra, sandy berra, yogi
bevens, bill doby, larry cooper, walker blasingame, don
brown, tommy duren, ryne daley, bud dark, alvin
conley, gene evers, hoot drews, karl elliott, bob
cullenbine, roy held, woodie ennis, del haddix, harvey
dobson, joe hyde, dick galan, augie heath, jeff
garagiola, joe kell, george gordon, sid hemus, solly
hanson, ron larsen, don green, gene henrich, tommy
keegan, bob lopata, stan greengrass, jim jethro, sam
kubek, tony mccovey, willie hillman, dave kaline, al
lapalme, paul moss, les johnson, connie kiely, leo
littlefield, dick murphy, johnny killebrew, harmon lehman, ken
lombardi, ernie o'connell, danny lipon, johnny lopat, ed
maxwell, charlie pascual, camilo paige, satchel mele, sam
roe, preacher perry, jim portocarrero, arnie miller, stu
rogovin, saul rush, bob power, vic mize, johnny
rosen, al sain, johnny roach, mel pappas, milt
ruffing, red schoendienst, red spahn, warren parnell, mel
runnels, pete serena, bill sullivan, frank porterfield, bob
schaffernoth, joe sievers, roy temple, johnny potter, nels
slaughter, enos smith, hal w. thompson, hank spence, stan
spencer, george stickland, george vaughn, arky stephens, vern
thomson, bobby witt, george walker, harry trucks, virgil

1/25/2013 3:05 PM (edited)

davis dorkster go_pre grayfoxx
aguirre, hank boyer, ken aaron, hank brown, hal
black, joe bridges, marshall aparicio, luis bunning, jim
boone, ray courtney, clint boyd, bob carrasquel, chico
clark, mel crone, ray branca, ralph drysdale, don
elston, don francona, tito campanella, roy fain, ferris
farrell, turk gilliam, jim dropo, walt fornieles, mike
ford, whitey goodman, billy edwards, hank hamner, granny
keller, charlie gorman, tom gordon, joe koufax, sandy
kennedy, bob hazle, bob hallett, jack kurowski, whitey
logan, johnny hopp, johnny house, frank lary, frank
lohrke, jack howard, elston jones, sam marichal, juan
lollar, sherm irvin, monte kasko, eddie martin, billy
maglie, sal jones, gordon kinder, ellis narleski, ray
mantle, mickey joost, eddie lanier, max podres, johnny
maris, roger kuenn, harvey leonard, dutch post, wally
meyer, jack labine, clem majeski, hank raffensberger, ken
naragon, hal latman, barry mays, willie ramsdell, willie
neal, charlie lemon, bob mccormick, mike romano, johnny
reynolds, allie lillis, bob mcmahon, don skowron, bill
robinson, humberto mccoskey, barney musial, stan triandos, gus
sawatski, carl mossi, don simmons, curt valo, elmer
spooner, karl raschi, vic thompson, junior williams, stan
stafford, bill schmitz, johnny trout, dizzy williams, ted
vernon, mickey willis, jim tucker, thurman woodling, gene
wagner, leon wynn, early westlake, wally zernial, gus

1/25/2013 11:19 AM (edited)

marlowe nocomm99 pmars2001 rback
adams, bobby baker, bill bearden, gene acker, tom
baker, floyd chandler, spud bell, gus ashburn, richie
beggs, joe cooper, mort bressoud, eddie atwell, toby
blackwell, ewell dimaggio, dom caldwell, earl boudreau, lou
borowy, hank dimaggio, joe carey, andy cunningham, joe
brosnan, jim doerr, bobby crowe, george ditmar, art
burgess, smokey donovan, dick garcia, mike gromek, steve
feller, bob erskine, carl hermanski, gene hack, stan
garver, ned friend, bob jensen, jackie hacker, warren
hurd, tom greenberg, hank kluszewski, ted hearn, jim
hutchinson, fred grissom, marv lake, eddie henry, bill
mccullough, clyde hansen, andy martin, fred herman, billy
moon, wally keltner, ken masterson, walt hoeft, billy
northey, ron konstanty, jim mathews, eddie jay, joey
ostrowski, joe lyons, ted miller, bob johnson, ernie
pafko, andy maltzberger, gordon page, joe koslo, dave
priddy, jerry marion, marty pollet, howie mccormick, frank
rizzuto, phil mcmillan, roy reese, pee wee milliken, bob
robinson, brooks mcquinn, george robinson, jackie nieman, bob
robinson, frank mitchell, dale saffell, tom o'dell, billy
roebuck, ed niarhos, gus shantz, bobby schultz, joe
sisler, dave rosen, goody sherry, norm stanky, eddie
sisti, sibby rowe, schoolboy snider, duke tuttle, bill
stuart, dick tebbetts, birdie westrum, wes virdon, bill
torgeson, earl terwilliger, wayne wilks, ted wilson, red

1/25/2013 11:19 AM (edited)

rejay slowmoe talismen25 tkcronin
bell, gary avila, bobby antonelli, johnny baumann, frank
cepeda, orlando batts, matt banks, ernie berberet, lou
dickson, murry brazle, al broglio, ernie burdette, lew
face, roy brecheen, harry bruton, bill crandall, del
foytack, paul busby, jim clark, allie dorish, harry
gumpert, randy cavaretta, phil colavito, rocky gardner, billy
jansen, larry edwards, bruce craig, roger groat, dick
jones, willie ferrick, tom davis, willie hatton, grady
loes, billy fletcher, elbie hoak, don hodges, gil
michaels, cass fox, nellie landis, jim hughson, tex
newcombe, don furillo, carl liddle, don jackson, larry
pesky, johnny gernert, dick lumpe, jerry kellner, alex
reiser, pete harshman, jack martin, morrie kiner, ralph
roberts, robin holmes, tommy masi, phil law, vern
salkeld, bill mauney, dick mcdougald, gil lindell, johnny
sauer, hank moore, ray minoso, minnie long, dale
seminick, andy muffett, billy noren, irv malzone, frank
spencer, daryl newhouser, hal pierce, billy marshall, willard
stanford, jack rhodes, dusty robinson, aaron mayo, eddie
thomas, frank rivera, jim schmidt, willard mcdaniel, lindy
waitkus, eddie schofield, dick shea, spec piersall, jim
wertz, vic score, herb sherry, larry pinson, vada
willey, carl turley, bob skinner, bob rigney, bill
williams, dick yost, eddie smith, al staley, gerry
zarilla, al zuber, bill wilhelm, hoyt stobbs, chuck

1/25/2013 3:05 PM (edited)

If a player you chose is listed in black ink next to your name, he is yours.
If a player you chose is listed in red ink next to your name, then someone outbid you for him.
If a player you chose is listed in blue ink, then there was a tie for the high bid.  He is still available, but you CANNOT list him in any subsequent round.

Player Bid   Owner
antonelli, johnny 16   talismen25
aparicio, luis 3   go_pre
ashburn, richie 29   rback
black, joe 1   davis
boudreau, lou 29   rback
boudreau, lou 20   rejay
boudreau, lou 20   tkcronin
brecheen, harry 41   slowmoe
brecheen, harry 32   nocomm99
brecheen, harry 27   brocktoon93
brecheen, harry 20   rejay
burgess, smokey 22   marlowe
burgess, smokey 1   grayfoxx
campanella, roy 3   go_pre
chandler, spud 22   nocomm99
chandler, spud 6   bargearse
cooper, walker 3   calhoop
dimaggio, dom 2   nocomm99
dimaggio, joe 22   nocomm99
ditmar, art 6   rback
doby, larry 7   brocktoon93
doby, larry 3   bargearse
fain, ferris 1   grayfoxx
feller, bob 35   marlowe
fox, nellie 2   slowmoe
garcia, mike 20   pmars2001
garcia, mike 16   talismen25
gilliam, jim 1   dorkster
hearn, jim 6   rback
hearn, jim 1   davis
hughson, tex 6   tkcronin
joost, eddie 24   dorkster
kaline, al 16   cholatse
kiner, ralph 52   tkcronin
kiner, ralph 1   grayfoxx
lemon, bob 41   dorkster
lemon, bob 31   calhoop
lemon, bob 20   rejay
lollar, sherm 1   davis
lopat, ed 13   cholatse
mantle, mickey 96   davis
mathews, eddie 15   pmars2001
mays, willie 21   go_pre
mcdaniel, lindy 2   tkcronin
musial, stan 71   go_pre
newcombe, don 20   rejay
newhouser, hal 41   slowmoe
newhouser, hal 36   bargearse
newhouser, hal 32   calhoop
pascual, camilo 26   brocktoon93
pesky, johnny 22   marlowe
pesky, johnny 22   nocomm99
pesky, johnny 6   talismen25
pesky, johnny 5   slowmoe
pierce, billy 46   talismen25
pierce, billy 22   cholatse
rosen, al 52   bargearse
rosen, al 20   rejay
runnels, pete 3   bargearse
sain, johnny 26   brocktoon93
sain, johnny 2   go_pre
schmitz, johnny 10   dorkster
schoendienst, red 14   brocktoon93
score, herb 11   slowmoe
shantz, bobby 5   pmars2001
snider, duke 30   pmars2001
snider, duke 6   marlowe
spahn, warren 30   pmars2001
spahn, warren 30   rback
spahn, warren 20   tkcronin
stephens, vern 26   cholatse
stephens, vern 1   grayfoxx
sullivan, frank 31   calhoop
trucks, virgil 23   cholatse
trucks, virgil 15   marlowe
vernon, mickey 1   davis
walker, harry 3   calhoop
wilhelm, hoyt 16   talismen25
williams, ted 96   grayfoxx
wynn, early 24   dorkster
1/17/2013 10:17 AM (edited)
Looks like Grayfoxx and I overspent a little on our top choices that time around!
1/17/2013 10:34 AM
This is a hell of a lot of work that you are doing. Nice job & thanks
1/17/2013 1:41 PM
I am really pleased that I can now use "A Dollar For Lollar" as my team name, that makes up for any work that I am doing.  :)
1/17/2013 1:58 PM
Posted by davis on 1/17/2013 10:34:00 AM (view original):
Looks like Grayfoxx and I overspent a little on our top choices that time around!
I dont know which is more amazing, (1) we each spent the max bid on someone, or (2) NOBODY else bid on Mantle or Williams!!!!!
1/17/2013 2:11 PM
This is a great idea for a league that I hope sticks around for while.
1/17/2013 5:47 PM
Love this format & it could be run in historical increments for example the time between the 2 world wars or the steriod era or ????
1/17/2013 9:21 PM
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