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I am now into my third season of underachieving. Every season it is something. This season it is hitting versus lefties. I can pretty much assume a loss versus a lefty starter. I have three guys who should crush them (Reid, Cammack, Wallace) but end up hitting worse against them than righties. Things just haven't been adding up for me. Before this bad stretch, I put together back to back division titles with teams that I honestly didn't think were that good. Now I have teams that are underachieving in my opinion. Is there a secret to success that I am oblivious to? If it is patience, I might be screwed.
1/18/2013 9:56 PM
Chill just a bit.  All three will hit.

Reid has all of 31 AB's vs. lefties.  A VERY small sample. 

Cammack is still at .295-.395 vs. lefties.  He's still pretty good...and he will bequite good...although his 23 Speed will lower his performance a bit..

Wallace is near the bottom of his expected pereformance, but not completely out of whact for 99 AB's.

They will all be fine.  Take a deep breath and call me in the morning.

BTW:  Mostly your starting pitching isn't very good.  Sutton has only two decent pitches and crappy control. He's a 4.2-4.5 ERA guy.  Roundtree has 50/62 splits.  Allen has only one decent pitch. Those guys Health inflates their overall. Masset is OK and Ueno is underperforming so far this season.

And you're a bit unlucky.  You've scored more runs than you've given up.  You should be 41-38 or so.  You're OK.  Don't panic

1/19/2013 1:24 AM (edited)
Haha just need to vent. I feel like I put good teams together, but  they can't even put together an extended winning streak. If they win a few in a row it is usually followed up in short time by an even longer losing streak.  I have had to be patient for too long. A guy like Garcia is finally putting together an all-star type season. The past couple he needed a late season push just to get him to his underachieving final statistics. Seriously, the guy was a .240 hitter for the better parts of two seasons. I realize I don't have great pitching, but I think it is good enough to keep me in games for my offense to win more than I lose. In season 21 I won 100 games. I am not expecting 100 wins with this team, but I think it is better than that team.
1/19/2013 2:09 AM (edited)
If you worry about anything, it should be your bullpen.  Your lineup and starting pitching look solid to me.  Your bullpen looks very weak.  
1/19/2013 11:07 AM
Garcia's .295-.355-.450 type of guy.  That's almost exactly what he's produced over the last three seasons, until this one.  This season is the one way out of whack.
1/21/2013 9:43 AM
I will disagree with you on that. Guys in this world with similar ratings are consistently better than that. The fact he hit between .240-.260 for the most part the last two seasons is underachieving to me. Like I said it was late season pushes that got him to even his final numbers. 
1/21/2013 12:08 PM (edited)
Take a look at the two division title winners, something about them made them a good squad and got that title, assuming the others in your division don't completely suck.  Look hard enough and you will start to see what the differences are...and you will be on your way to being decent every season.  There are certain things about a team in HBD that help you win but are not readily apparent in the ratings.  Once you know these, you will have a leg up on other players.

One of them is switch hitting.  A SW hitter with splits of 60/60 is just as good as, if not better, than a comparable non SW guy with splits of 75/75.  But most owners will see the splits and undervalue him.

1/21/2013 12:09 PM
Ratings overrated? Topic

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