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So lets go with the perfect burger joint meal...

Double whopper
McDonalds fries
Wendy chili
Sonic Classic limeade
1/30/2013 3:27 PM

Steak 'N' Shake Double w/ Cheese (or a Taco Bell Double-Beef Burrito Supreme w/ Lava Sauce)
Sonic Tater Tots w/ chili, cheese and onions
A & W Root Beer in a frosted mug

with a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato to top it off!

Just thinking about this meal makes me feel about 10 pounds heavier...

1/30/2013 6:27 PM
Good alternative.

Do you get chopped onions on your CC Tots?
1/30/2013 6:58 PM
Absolutely - and if they had them, I'd get jalapeno's on the side.
1/30/2013 11:11 PM
One thing that Churchs does that no other Chicken place does is cut their pieces so that the wing gets part of the breast and becomes and equal piece. This makes splitting up the food easier.
2/1/2013 12:48 AM
2/1/2013 3:12 AM

A few things that are making my day lately...

1 Arizonia "Golden Bear" mango lemonade. I know it is just flavored sugar water, but it is good flavored sugar water and only .99 cents.

2 Smoking Sausage at Checkers...Another $1 item and they taste great.

3 There is a Polish Market near me and heave been getting some Polish Duck Soup, mostly to gross out my coworkers as it looks and smells weird, but also because it reminds me of my grandmother. She actually made it more healthy by using chicken instead of Duck. Makes the chicken have a fascinating flavor.

4 McDonalds Smoothies. Pineapple/Mango and Blueberry/Pomegranite. Both taste great and have a nice texture.

5 Speedway mix and match coffee. Take some of their machine Lattes which are overly sweet and add some Dark Roast and some vanilla creme and Boom! Mix anything with anything and add cream.

6 Fried trays for 2 at some of the local Middle eastern Restaurants. Eating with one of my Uncles they fry up a bunch of different meats and up it on a tray over rice. Some veggies on the side and some soup cap off the meal. Ususally use the soups as a sauce over the rice. yum.

2/1/2013 1:21 PM
There's something about a set of big, veiney **** that just makes me happy to be a man. Has to be a flashback to my ex-girlfriend from my early twenties. Ahh, the mammaries.
2/1/2013 3:53 PM
Swamp...try the "Big Chicken" sandwich at Checkers. Freaking AWESOME, especially when you've got a buy one, get one free coupin.
2/1/2013 3:54 PM
I can't believe someone hasn't come up with a "smoking sausage at Checkers" joke yet...lol.
2/1/2013 4:54 PM
My favorite 1-2 punch is a Big chicken and a deep Sea Double.

The Chicken is great. Really flavorful.
2/1/2013 8:59 PM
So there are something like 5 or 6 shows that deal with ghosts and haunted houses and what not.

With that in mind, and at the threat of lowering my property values I will now list the "Haunted House" aspects of my own house with explainations if found...

1 We have a 2nd bath with a shower in it. Sometimes in the morning I will not turn on the lights and shower by a small light that is also in the bathroom. In the spring you may see "Ghosts" running in front of the bathroom. (Spoiler alert....In the right time of year the light from the sun goes through the neighbors tree and into the hall of the bathroom and makes the illusion of people running past the bathroom)

2 Sometimes when you use the 2nd bathroom, which is next to the basement stairs, you will hear someone running up the stairs. (Spoiler alert....Something to do with the water getting backed up in the drain and making a knocking noise)

3 Sometimes when you are in the basement you will hear someone walking upstairs and there is no one home. (Never found a solution to this, but it has happened to other people)

4 Sometimes in the laundry room you can hear voices mumbling. (Spoiler alert.....The fridge is on the opposite wall and when running makes a weird noise that sounds like people mumbling)

5 Side drive that runs next to the house with 3 cement grids. 1st one will melt snow faster than the others. If you get a light snow it will be clear and the others will still have some snow. (No answer)

6 Was using my laptop in the family room in total darkness. Turned it off and as I was setting it down the mouse gave off a red light that lit a corner and I saw a zombie coming out of the floor vent. (Spoiler alert....was just a small vacuum cord and the small vacuum and the vent was pulled up to vacuum in it)
2/5/2013 3:04 PM
So now McDonalds has come out with Fish nuggets. White Castle has had them for a long time, and Checkers/Rallys came out with them a few years ago.


White Castle. They taste great. Fish is good and breading isnt too heavy. They do cook in an oil that is high in Transfats so that is a minus.

Checkers/Rallys. Taste good. Dont know if they dont cook them right as I only got them a few times, but they were a little crispy. Get more for the money than the other places.

McDonalds. Mediocre taste. More like no taste. Or you might say a delicate taste, if you were eating at La Bernardin. Tarter sauce is also not great. Think this is the same sauce as on the Filet-o-fish but I never tried it straight.

So to sum up...

McDonalds is the worst.

White Castle tastes best but is high in transfat and cost.

Checkers and Rallys are almost as good in taste and low in transfat and cost.
2/6/2013 2:59 PM
2/7/2013 6:03 PM
So I know winter is winding down but some better late than never tips...

Always keep some gloves in your car in case you need them.

Wear a hat. Keeps a lot of warmth in and isnt as bulky as a heavier jacket.

If you want to keep the thermostat down to save $$ use a light blanket when you are watching tv. It makes a huge difference.

Dont do a lot of outside work all at once. Shovel in segments. Winter heart attacks are a real threat.

And last but never least...

2/11/2013 4:02 PM
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