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Not trying to step on your toes, go_pre, but I think I can answer this question:

You will be drafting lots of scrubs and only a limited number of players at the minimum salaries. You will also be drafting a total of 18 Above average AAA players that will be renamed (you can do the renaming manually after the league begins) to characters in the movie you have chosen. Therefor an example roster may look like:

18 scrubs @ 200K = 3.6 mil (to be replaced with renamed AA AAA)
4 SP @ 10 MIL = 40 mil
3 hitters @ 12 MIL = 36 mil
That total 25 players at 79.6 mil.

16 scrubs @ 200K = 3.2 MIL (to be replaced with renamed AA AAA)
2 SP @ 13 MIL = 26 mil
2 RP @ 3 MIL = 6 mil
5 hitters @ 9 MIL = 45 mil
That totals 25 players at 80.2 mil. Tweak a little and you are under the cap.

Each manager has the opportunity to devise their own strategy when filling their roster.

The fun of this league comes when the boxscore describes a game in which Will Bill Kelso beaned Elwood Blues, or Carl Spackler took out Doug Neidermeyer in a collision at the plate, or Bobby Boucher hit the game winning homerun off  Sgt. Hulka.

If these names don't seem familiar, perhaps you should spend less time outside.

The recent "Mel Brooks Tribute League" ( I believe that was also run by go_pre) was set up similarly and was quite enjoyable and competitive.
There are numerous strategies that can be employed when drafting which leads to a wide variety of players and rosters, not to mention the uniqueness of each managers renamed players.

The Delta's are planning their strategy as you debate entering. You may want to select your funnyman and movie quickly and start planning your approach.

D-Day just lit the blowtorch!

1/25/2013 1:19 PM
Thanks dodgebob, I didnt think my explanation (in the rules) was THAT complicated?

YES, that was my Mel Brooks league (Im glad you remembered & enjoyed it) - but MEL is not the only KING of comedy! It's GOOD to be da KING!

Toes are ment to be stepped on, that is why they are on your FEET, instead of your EARS? No prob.
1/25/2013 1:36 PM (edited)
Is there any interest in this league, we only have 4 teams signed up?
1/31/2013 11:27 AM
I advertized in all of my current leagues...?
2/1/2013 8:36 AM
I will start the Adam Sandler division with The Waterboy
2/1/2013 12:58 PM
Adam Sandler: Billy Madison 
2/2/2013 12:27 PM
Dan Akroyd with GhostBusters
2/2/2013 6:06 PM
Thanks for joining guys, we are up to 7 teams!
2/4/2013 8:36 AM
I'm a sucker for pick your own AAA leagues.... 
2/4/2013 9:45 PM
2/11/2013 3:44 PM
No go? 
2/20/2013 11:23 PM
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SNL Alum-Movies League (Closed) No Interest? Topic

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